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These remarks were embedded in the post of the full text of Secretary Clinton’s Remarks with President Fernandez de Kirchner from last night. I am not sure of the extent to which younger people understand just how explosive this sovereignty issue is. I posted something about our position here: In The Bud: Las Islas Malvinas / Falklands and U.S. caught in the middle (again), and as you can see in the comments, there is even a claim that neither the U.K. nor Argentina can claim them since, in the commenter’s view, historically that land belongs to Uruguay.

The dispute erupted into serious armed conflict in 1982 despite valiant efforts by Secretary of State Haig to prevent it. We (the Reagan administration) did nothing to endear ourselves to Argentina by providing limited miltary support once war broke out. Perhaps we did not care so much then since Argentina was under the rule of a military junta (which enjoyed a brief moment of support from the Argentine people, despite its murderous record, at the possibility of regaining the islands). Today is different.

Argentina is a democracy, a neighbor, and a friend. The U.K. is also a very good friend. Based on what my commenter said, Uruguayans, also our friends, may harbor certain proprietary claims on the islands. Of course the first time around, most of us were certain that this dispute was not about wool. It was not and is not. It is about petroleum, of course. But especially now, we do well to remain neutral. Our friends need to work out their differences, and we hope it will be done peacefully. It is never a good idea to get in the middle of an argument between friends.

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