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The Human Rights Campaign has released a video by Hillary Clinton in support of marriage equality. In part, the HRC states:

We are honored to have Secretary Clinton’s moving statement as part of our Americans for Marriage Equality series.  Now that she has left office and can speak publicly about the issue that is so important to all of us, Hillary shares her experience as Secretary and what she learned while representing our country around the world, and what she has come to believe.

A little over a year ago in Geneva. I told the nations of the world that gay rights are human rights and human rights are gay rights. And that the United States would be a leader in defending those rights.

Now there were some countries that did not want to hear that. But I believe America is at its best when — — the freedom and dignity of every human being. That’s who we are it’s in our DNA.

And as secretary of state. I had the privilege to represent. That America.

I will never forget the young Tunisian who asked me after the revolution in his country. How America could teach his new democracy. To protect the rights of its LG BT citizens.

He saw America. As an example for the world and as a beacon of hope. That’s what was in my mind as I engaged in some pretty tough conversations with foreign leaders.

Who did not accept that human rights apply to everyone. Gay and straight. When I directed our diplomats around the world.

To combat — — — laws and reach out to the brave activists fighting on the front lines. And when I changed State Department policy to ensure that our LG BT families are treated more fairly. Traveling the world these past four years reaffirmed and — my pride in our country in the ideals we stand for.

It also inspired and challenged to me. To — — — about who we are in the values we represented the world. Now having left public office I want to share some of what I’ve learned.

And what I’ve come to believe. For America to continue leading in the world there is work we must do here at home. That means investing in our people our economy our national security.

It also means working every day as citizens. As communities as — country. To live up to our highest ideals and continue.

Our long march to a more perfect union. LG BT Americans. Our our colleagues.

Our teachers our soldiers our friends. Our — ones. And they are full and equal citizens and deserve the rights of citizenship.

That includes marriage. That’s why I support marriage for lesbian and gay couples. I supported personally and as a matter of policy and law.

Imbedded in a broader effort to advance equality and opportunity for LG BT Americans and all Americans. Like so many others my personal views have been shaped over time by people I have known and loved. By my experience representing our nation on the world stage.

My devotion to law and human rights and the guiding principles of my faith. Marriage after all is a fundamental. Building block of our society.

A great joy and yes a great responsibility. A few years ago bill and I celebrated as our own daughter married the love of her life and I wish every parent that same joy. To deny the opportunity to any of our daughters and sons solely on the basis of who they are and who they love.

Is to deny them the chance. To live up to their own god given potential. Throughout our history as our nation has become even more dedicated.

To the protection of liberty and justice for all. More open to the contributions of all our citizens. It has also become stronger.

More competitive. More ready for the future. It benefits every American.

When we continue on that path. I know that many in our country still struggle to reconcile. The teachings of their religion the poll of their conscience.

The personal experiences they have in their families and communities. And people of goodwill and good faith will continue to view this issue differently. So I hope that as we discuss and debate whether it’s around — kitchen table or in the public square.

We do so in a spirit respect. And understanding. Conversations with our friends our families our congregations.

Our coworkers. Are opportunities to share our own reflections. And to invite others to share there’s.

They give us a chance to find that common ground. And a path forward. For those of us who lived through the long years of the civil rights and women’s rights movements.

The speed with which more and more people have come to embrace the dignity and equality. — LG BT Americans has banned breath taking. And inspiring.

We see — all around us every day in major cultural statements. And in quiet family moments. But the journey is far from over and therefore we must keep working to make our country freer and — And to continue to inspire the — the world puts in — leadership. In doing so we will keep moving closer and closer to that more perfect union promised to us all. Thank you.

The transcript comes compliments of ABC News to which the web administration at HRC kindly pointed us.

The Human Rights Day speech of December 6, 2011 to which she refers can be viewed and read here:   Video: Secretary Clinton’s Human Rights Day Speech, December 6, 2011

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Did I have any intention of mounting a slideshow tonight?  Not really, but when I finished gathering the pics of the day, I realized that these cry out to be shared.  Mme. Secretary began the day in Geneva and continued her busy schedule in Brussels.  The pics are in no particular order.    We see her surrounded by admiring gents (as usual), but then there is this mysterious frock!

Back in early 2009 when she made her first trip as Secretary of State and disembarked in Japan wearing that coat (see sidebar) we called it her “Rainbow Tour.”   I called another trip “The Rainbow Tour II”   That appears to be Ambassador Scobey in the sidebar where HRC is wearing the beautiful technicolor coat,  so that must have been a trip that included Egypt.    Well, to quote Tim Rice, “Lookout mighty Europe!”   The Rainbow is back!  This definitely qualifies as III!

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Kudos to our resident hunter-gatherer of articles, Jen, for finding this one from Global Security Newswire.  I have a few cents to add on the subject.

Clinton Moves to Inject New Urgency into Bioweapon Concerns at Geneva Event

Friday, Dec. 2, 2011

By Elaine M. Grossman

Global Security Newswire

WASHINGTON — In a surprise announcement, a senior State Department official said on Thursday that Hillary Clinton would appear next week at an international conference on biological warfare prevention and preparedness — an event that even policy wonks had previously grumbled would likely prove dull and inconsequential (see GSN, Aug. 2).


Speaking at a Thursday press conference, he said Clinton would offer “specific proposals” in three areas: increasing world capacity to detect and respond to disease outbreaks; working with the scientific and industrial communities to ensure that life-science technologies and materials are not misused; and “strengthening the implementation” of the 1975 agreement.


“It’s a shock,” Barry Kellman, head of the International Weapons Control Center at DePaul University’s College of Law in Chicago, said after learning of the announcement. “I hope what she puts on the table is worthy of her appearance.”

Amy Smithson, a senior fellow at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies in Washington, sounded a similar note.

Clinton’s upcoming appearance “is a most welcome indication of high-level political attention being paid to the bioweapons ban,” she said in an e-mail response to questions on Thursday. “But the proof will be in whether she introduces significant new proposals to strengthen the treaty’s compliance provisions or continues a regrettable, multiyear trend of more rhetoric about the severity of the bioweapons problem than action to reduce that threat.

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I do not  make a lot of predictions, but I will say this:  If  HRC  has decided to fly to Geneva for a short stop to address this conference, she has something concrete to offer.  Clearly these people do not know our girl.  It is not her nature to go around spouting rhetoric.  When HRC speaks, either take notes,  get the transcript, or come here and read it since I will have posted it.  You are certain to hear practical solutions to a problem and learn at least one new thing to boot!

So the awesome HRC has taken note of a previously obscure conference and wishes to deliver an address.  Believe me, that is not a move to boost the BWC’s profile.  She has something to say, ideas  and solutions to offer, and probably a thing or three to teach us all!   Go Hillary!

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As you have seen, the Secretary of State spent a very busy day in Geneva making two speeches, giving two interviews (that I know of), a press conference, and likely some bilaterals. I managed to post the texts and a few pictures in the course of the day, but there were many pictures I could not take the time to put up, so here they are in a slideshow.  Enjoy!

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Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Travel to Geneva

Press Statement

Philip J. Crowley
Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Public Affairs
Washington, DC
February 24, 2011

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton will travel to Geneva February 27 to 28.

While in Geneva, she will hold consultations with her counterparts on the situation in Libya, and events and trends in the broader Middle East. She will also address the high-level segment of the 16th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council.


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