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Hillary’s neighbors in Chappaqua, NY are so fired up that they threw a party in her honor!  Dawn Evans Greenberg began drumming up enthusiasm for this idea back around Memorial Day.  At least 100 Hillary supporters attended and are ready to trek to Pennsylvania and knock on doors for Hillary.

Geri Shapiro, who works with Senator Kirsten Gillbrand, was there, and Hillary sent a lovely note of thanks.

Julie Gaughran hosted the BBQ at her beautifully decorated home.  Thanks to Dawn, Angela Campigotto-Harrison‎, Francesca Hagadus‎, Carol Evans, Jason Lichtenthal, ‎ and Holly Anne Fusco McCall for sharing these great photos from the Hillapalooza Weekend of Action in Chappaqua!  ‎(I hope I didn’t leave anybody out!)

08-06-16-Hillapalooza-01 08-06-16-Hillapalooza-02a 08-06-16-Hillapalooza-03 08-06-16-Hillapalooza-04 08-06-16-Hillapalooza-05 08-06-16-Hillapalooza-06 08-06-16-Hillapalooza-07 08-06-16-Hillapalooza-08 08-06-16-Hillapalooza-09


Dawn Evans Greenberg addressing the gathering.

08-06-16-Hillapalooza-11 08-06-16-Hillapalooza-12 08-06-16-Hillapalooza-13


Geri Shapiro and Dawn Evans Greenberg


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