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Onward Together!

Before you sit down and share a meal with loved ones today, I’d like to ask you to consider making a donation that will be evenly split among 12 groups working to protect children and families who have been affected by the administrations cruel border policies.

More than a year after the first reports of children being taken away from their parents at the border, there is still so much work to do, from reuniting families to making sure that those seeking asylum have the resources they need to navigate a complicated system.Too often, it feels as though all we can do is read the news and be heartbroken. I’m grateful that, over and over again, this team has chosen to take action.

This Thanksgiving, please make a contribution to support 12 groups working on protecting and reuniting families at the border:


Thank you — I hope your holiday is warm and wonderful,


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Happy Thanksgiving, Hillary, to you and your lovely family and to everyone here.

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Wishing the Clinton family a Happy Thanksgiving in return.  You can make a donation here.



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Friend —

There’s a story I tell in my book What Happened that I’ve been thinking about this week. A short while after last November’s election, I attended a dance recital for my granddaughter Charlotte. Now, Charlotte was only two at the time, and as you might expect, she and her friends hadn’t quite mastered their performances.

As I watched Charlotte and her friends laugh and fall down and get up again, I thought about how glad I was to be there, watching my granddaughter have the time of her life on stage.

In a hard year, it can seem impossible to take the time to be grateful. But even as we’re doubling down in the fight to defend our shared values, there is so much to be thankful for. Time with our loved ones. The victories we’ve seen recently. A resistance that is refusing to be silenced by hateful, divisive rhetoric.

And I’m grateful for you.

This warm, smart, big-hearted team has given me so much — from your support during my last campaign to your kind notes, hugs, and well-wishes. Now I’m asking you for one more thing: not to give up.

If you’re with me, add your name right now.

May your holiday be warm and full of love,


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From the Super Volunteers:

Hillary: “I will be thankful for the opportunity to continue my service on behalf of the causes and values that are important to me. I will be thankful that many people across our country are assuming an active role as being citizens and speaking out and standing up, which is in the best tradition of America. So I will be thankful, as always, for our country. I am fundamentally optimistic and confident, and despite what I see as some very big flashing warning lights going off, I believe in our resilience, and I hope that you know, we will have a very happy and successful new year.”

Thanks to Hillary in Pictures for this.

I am thankful for being on earth contemporaneously with Hillary Clinton who continues to lead, to lend her wisdom, and to stand as a role model for us all.

We are thankful for the history you made and your courage both in the fight and afterwards sharing your story.

Happy Thanksgiving, Mme. Secretary from all of us here!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

(I am thankful for our Constitution and for term limits. Trump cannot last forever.)

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Hillary was out and about in Chappaqua doing last minute Thanksgiving shopping today. She was greeted by signs of support and friendly neighbors, and she tweeted her holiday greetings to all.

Dear Hillary,

Thank you for all you have done!  We all hope you had a wonderful and warm Thanksgiving!


Apparently the mystery has been solved. According to this in the New York Daily News,  the signs were the project of a six-year old named Liam who cried when Hillary lost and wanted to see lots of signs to cheer her up.


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For her heroic run, for her dedication to her hometown and to American values, for her courage and service, Hillary Clinton’s hometown has gathered round her in pride and gratitude this Thanksgiving.

Hillary Clinton’s Hometown Rallies Around to Give Her Holiday Cheer

At the Chase bank in Hillary and Bill Clinton‘s hometown of Chappaqua, New York, the spirited former president was holding court with a handful of locals.

“And he was pretty much talking about the how disappointed he and she were, how he feels she completely got railroaded by (FBI director) Comey,” says Richard “Zippy” Zimmerman, a Chappaqua chiropractor who was part of the 15-minute conversation on Monday.

“He said he wished he didn’t know Hillary so he could really go to town on the people persecuting her so he could really speak his mind,” says Zimmerman.  “He felt he was held back because he couldn’t defend her the way he wanted to defend her.”

This outpouring of sentiment for Hillary runs far beyond her husband in this hamlet north of New York City of some 1,400 residents, locals tell PEOPLE.

Following the shock and the tears of her unexpected loss, locals mobilized. Signs were put up in lawns and roadway medians thanking lawn care twin falls id for a decade of service. The board of directors of the Chappaqua Farmers Market made a 50-pound basket of locally-sourced goodies for Hillary: chicken pot pies, carrots, meats, cheeses, vegetables and yoghurt, says Emily Haft Bloom, of Chappaqua.

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Among Hillary’s most dedicated supporters from the start have been her neighbors.

Wishing Hillary and her family and all the wonderful Still4Hillers here a warm, safe, and peaceful Thanksgiving. We are family!

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Happy Thanksgiving to Hillary Clinton and her family.  We are thankful that you are fighting for us!   We are also thankful to you for providing us with talking points so that we can fight for you when we need to.


How to win a Thanksgiving debate with Republicans: Tips from Hillary Clinton’s communications team

Nov 25, 2015 by Kat Kane

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone here. Have a wonderful, peaceful day!




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Today I’m thankful for the new addition to our family & thinking about little ones everywhere. Happy cc:


Happy Thanksgiving to you, too, Mme. Secretary!

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Happy Thanksgiving, Mme. Secretary, to you and your beautiful, growing family.   Thank you all for everything you do.  Wishing you all a lovely day together!



Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends here, too.  All the best to you and yours.

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