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Is it November yet?  Could this election get smarmier? There are live wires lying all over the place, so be careful where you step.  There is the serious.


Trump Tax Records Obtained by The Times Reveal He Could Have Avoided Paying Taxes for Nearly Two Decades


HFA Statement on Report That Donald Trump Used Business Failures to Avoid Paying Taxes

After a New York Times report that Donald Trump may have avoided paying taxes for nearly two decades, Hillary for America Campaign Manager Robby Mook released the following statement:

“There it is. This bombshell report reveals the colossal nature of Donald Trump’s past business failures and just how long he may have avoided paying any federal income taxes whatsoever. In one year, Donald Trump lost nearly a billion dollars. A billion. He stiffed small businesses, laid off workers, and walked away from hardworking communities. And how did it work out for him? He apparently got to avoid paying taxes for nearly two decades – while tens of millions of working families paid theirs. He calls that ‘smart.’ Now that the gig is up, why doesn’t he go ahead and release his returns to show us all how ‘smart’ he really is?”


Go to the profile of Judd Legum
Screenshot via New York Times

Someone sent an envelope to the New York Times with the key pages of one year of Trump’s tax returns, 1995. The pages revealed that, that year, Trump claimed over $900 million in losses.

That means Trump could have made over $50 million a year for nearly two decades and paid nothing in federal taxes. (The I.R.S. lets taxpayers apply loses for up to 18 years to offset future and past income.)

The losses stem from “a dizzying array of deduction, business expenses, real estate depreciation, losses from the sale of business assets and event operating lawsuits” that flow from various entities control by Trump to his “personal tax returns.”

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There is the satirical.

S.N.L.’ Begins a New Season With Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump

And there is the patently ridiculous.  Donald Trump tells an audience that Hillary is not loyal to the husband she almost has to bite her tongue to keep from mentioning in every speech she makes.

And that she can’t walk 15 feet to her car without stumbling – as he stoops to the lowest form of comedy onstage.  But this is not a comedy club.  It is our presidential election.


Then there is the purloined comment supposedly hacked at a fundraiser that generated yesterday’s #basementdwellers hashtag on Twitter.  Only thing about that one is that Hillary said the same thing, out loud, to a whole rally audience in Raleigh in June.  It was not a scandal then and reflects what she has been told by those young voters.

I’m sure we all have stories. I’ve met so many who told me they can’t start a business. They can’t even move out of their parent’s basement because of all the student debt holding them back.

In the face of every serious allegation, Trump ups the sleaze factor.  It’s enough to make your eyes and ears bleed and precipitate hives, migraines, acid reflux, nausea, and ulcers to mention just a few ways Hillary supporters have told me they are sick this election season.   Trump has taken this way personal and beyond the pale. Deplorable!



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Donald Trump is running for the office of chief executive of the United States.  Executives must make decisions.  Some are difficult.  Hillary Clinton wrote a whole book on that subject.


The problem for Donald Trump is that he just cannot decide.  First there was the VP announcement fiasco.  It was going to be Pence, all the pundits predicted, as the Indiana governor landed at Teterboro in N.J. Holed up at a hotel and awaiting further instruction from the Trump team, Pence was thrown a curve when the Donald decided that he was not so sure about his decision.  Hillary for America unveiled a new ad targeting Trump’s vacillation on the matter.


NEW HFA Web Video: Indecisive Donald

Following Donald Trump’s announcement that Governor Mike Pence is his running mate, Hillary for America is releasing a new web video, “Indecisive Donald,” raising the question of how Donald Trump will run the country if this is how he makes a decision selecting a Vice President. Yesterday, Donald Trump received widespread criticism for his erratic and indecisive handling of the VP nominating process.

WATCH: Indecisive Donald


But at least you can say that once he announced the decision it was with resolve and a foot forward … or can you?

Trump-Pence campaign unveils new logo

© Provided by The Hill Trump-Pence campaign unveils new logo

  Donald Trump and Mike Pence’s campaign unveiled their new logo on Saturday, one day after a logo for the campaign was widely mocked on social media for appearing to be sexually suggestive.

Read more and see the original logo and some funny tweets >>>>

In the run-up to the nominating convention, Trump’s equivocation is two for two, and that is not counting past flip-flops and waffles.  A woman should be punished for an abortion, or, wait, maybe it should be the doctor.  No matter what, I am keeping Corey Lewandowski on … until I don’t. Then there is the matter of people who performed work for him that he decided was good until it came time to pay them, and then he didn’t like it that much and decided not to pay them, and then he hired the same people for more work that maybe he wasn’t going to like.

It is not just that Americans deserve a POTUS who doesn’t shuffle and shift.   It’s that the finger hovering over the button cannot afford to be jumpy.  Once they are launched, you cannot get the missiles back.




phone calls (2)

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Every time I hear Carly Fiorina or Donald Trump talk about Hillary as secretary of state I think they have never read Hard Choices.  Seems Hillary had the same thought and also the wherewithal to do something about it!

Hillary Clinton Sends Republican Candidates Copies of Her Book

Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks at a town hall event at Manchester Community College October 5, 2015 in Manchester, New Hampshire.
Darren McCollester—2015 Getty Images Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks at a town hall event at Manchester Community College October 5, 2015 in Manchester, New Hampshire.

“There are so many of them they could start a book club.”

“You know, I hear the Republicans talking from time to time in their debates and elsewhere and they say things like, ‘Oh, I don’t know what she accomplished as Secretary of State. She didn’t accomplish anything,’” she said at Strawberry Farm Bed and Breakfast in Muscatine, Iowa. “I listened to that for a while. And then I thought maybe they just don’t know, so I have now sent each of them a copy of my book, Hard Choices, about what we did during those four years.”

A campaign aide said the idea for the book distribution came after the Republican debate last month, when Clinton was discussing with aides between events in Maine and New Hampshire the Republican focus on her accomplishments as Secretary of State. She proposed sending her book to the candidates, along with a letter introducing them to her record. Her campaign followed through with her suggestion, sending the following letter to 14 candidates.

I understand that you and your fellow Republican candidates for president were questioning my record of accomplishments at your last debate, so I thought you might enjoy reading my book, Hard Choices.

From working to restore America’s standing in the world to bringing crippling sanctions to Iran to negotiating a ceasefire in Gaza, please enjoy all 596 pages of my time as secretary of state. With 15 candidates in the race, you’ve got enough people for a book club!

With best wishes, I am

Sincerely yours,

Hillary Rodham Clinton

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It reminded me of this.


Hillary Clinton Had The Perfect Response For The Republican Squirrel That’s Been Stalking Her

Business Insider

Hillary Clinton Had The Perfect Response For The Republican Squirrel That's Been Stalking Her

Office of Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton with the RNC squirrel.



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Hillary has penned a revised epilogue for the paperback edition of Hard Choices.  Here is an excerpt.


Becoming a grandmother has made me think deeply about the responsibility we all share as stewards of the world we inherit and will one day pass on. Rather than make me want to slow down, it has spurred me to speed up. As Margaret Mead said, children keep our imaginations fresh and our hearts young, and they drive us to work for a better future. I’ve also returned again and again to this question of universality – how much we all have in common even if the circumstances of our lives may be different. As you’ve seen throughout this book, one of the defining themes of my time as Secretary of State was our increasing global interdependence. Despite all the division and discord in the world, which sometimes can seem overwhelming, the basic fact of the 21st century is that we’re more connected than ever. If the United States continues to lead the world in the years ahead, as I believe it can and must, it will be because we have learned how to define the terms of our interdependence to promote more cooperation and shared prosperity and less conflict and inequality. As we’ve seen since the first edition of this book was published in June 2014, the negative side of interdependence remains potent — whether it was the spread of virulent new strands of extremism in the Middle East or old-style nationalism in Europe or a deadly epidemic in Africa. Our job is to build up the positive side. The United States and the other great democracies have to redouble our efforts to empower moderates and marginalize extremists everywhere, and to stand firmly and united in pursuit of a more just, free, and peaceful world. That’s the world I want for Charlotte and for all our kids.

Among all the gifts and cards that arrived not long after Charlotte did was a package from a woman who had watched her 83-year old mother stitch together beautiful quilts for many years and wanted to give it a shot. “This is my first and only attempt to sew a memory quilt for anyone,” she explained. Inside I found a red, white, and black patchwork that included panels with inspiring inscriptions and famous photos of Chelsea through the years. I held it up to the light and had to smile at the familiar images. A “memory quilt” was a good name for it. It was hard to believe that the baby girl I was holding in one photo could be the same poised and lovely woman being married in another. Yet there she was. I wondered for a moment what a quilt of my own life would look like. There were so many people who had taught me so much. And now I had one more. In just a few months, Charlotte had already helped me see the world in new ways. There was so much more to do. So many more panels waiting to be filled in. I folded up the quilt and got back to work.

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Within days of the birth of her first grandchild Hillary was back campaigning  for Democrats, making speeches,  and collecting honors and awards as well.

New York NY
Stella 34 (Macy’s)
TAPS.org Lifetime Service Award


Coral Gables FL
Books & Books
Book signing

10-02-14-Y-03 10-02-14-Y-04 10-02-14-Y-07 10-02-14-Y-10 10-02-14-Y-09 10-02-14-Y-08

Miami Beach FL
Loew’s Miami Beach Hotel
Keynote at CREW Convention

Miami FL
Miami Biltmore
Fundraiser for Charlie Crist

Ottawa ON
Ottawa Convention Centre
Canada 2020 Special Event Keynote

10-06-14-TW-03 10-06-14-TW-02 10-06-14-TW-01 10-06-14-Y-03 10-06-14-Y-02

Chicago IL
Economic Club of Chicago
Campaign for Pat Quinn

10-08-14-Y-08 10-08-14-Y-09 10-08-14-Y-04 10-08-14-Y-03 10-08-14-Y-01

Chicago IL
Barnes & Noble
Book signing

Chicago IL
McCormick Place
AdvaMed 2014 Keynote Speech at Plenary Session

10-08-14-Y-15 10-08-14-Y-14 10-08-14-Y-13 10-08-14-Y-12 10-08-14-Y-11

Philadelphia PA
National Constitution Center
Campaign rally for Tom Wolfe

10-09-14-Y-03 10-09-14-Y-04 10-09-14-Y-07

San Diego CA
San Diego Convention Center
Speech American Academy of Pediatrics

10-12-14-abc-01 10-12-14-abc-02

Denver CO
The Brown Palace
CO Senate Fundraiser

These were not at the Brown Palace.  They were at Union Station – an unannounced stop.

10-13-14-Y-07 10-13-14-Y-09 10-13-14-Y-10 10-13-14-Y-02 10-13-14-Y-01 10-13-14-Y-04

Las Vegas NV
Bellagio Resort
UNLV Foundation Annual Dinner Keynote Speech

10-13-14-OZ-02 10-13-14-OZ-03 10-13-14-OZ-04 10-13-14-OZ-05 10-13-14-OZ-10 10-13-14-OZ-14 10-13-14-OZ-15 10-13-14-OZ-22

San Francisco CA
Keynote: Dreamforce

10-14-14-Y-07 10-14-14-OZ-16 10-14-14-OZ-14 10-14-14-OZ-15 10-14-14-OZ-13 10-14-14-Y-03 10-14-14-Y-01

Louisville KY
A convention center & Dem HQ
Campaign event for Alison Lundergan Grimes

10-15-14-Z-10 10-15-14-Z-09 10-15-14-Z-08 10-15-14-Z-07 10-15-14-Z-04 10-15-14-Y-12 10-15-14-Y-15

Auburn Hills MI
Oakland University
Campaign event for Gary Peters and Mark Schnauer

10-16-14-DMT-10 10-16-14-DMT-08 10-16-14-DMT-06 10-16-14-DMT-05 10-16-14-Y-06 10-16-14-Y-04

San Francisco CA
Fairmont Hotel
DCCC Fundraiser luncheon w/ Nancy Pelosi

10-20-14-Y-08 10-20-14-Y-07 10-20-14-Y-06 10-20-14-Y-02 10-20-14-Y-03

Brentwood CA
DCCC Fundraiser w/ Jeffrey Katzenberg

Aurora CO
Radisson Denver Southeast
Campaign Event for Mark Udall

10-21-14-Z-13 10-21-14-Z-11 10-21-14-Z-07 10-21-14-Z-05 10-21-14-Z-04 10-21-14-Z-02

New York NY
Women’s Equality Party Rally for Andrew Cuomo

10-23-14-Y-01 10-23-14-Y-03 10-23-14-Y-04 10-23-14-Y-07 10-23-14-OZ-05 10-23-14-OZ-06 10-23-14-OZ-07

St. Paul MN
Macalester College Leonard Center Fieldhouse
Free rally for Mark Dayton

10-23-14-Y-14 10-23-14-Y-13 10-23-14-Y-04 10-23-14-Y-02 10-23-14-Y-03

St. Paul MN
St. Paul River Centre
Fund raiser for Gov. Mark Dayton

Providence RI
Rhode Island College Recreation Center
Campaign for Gina Raimundo

10-24-14-Y-01 10-24-14-Y-05 10-24-14-TW-19 10-24-14-TW-18 10-24-14-TW-16

Boston MA
Boston Park Plaza Hotel
Campaign event for Martha Coakley

10-24-14-Y-09 10-24-14-Y-08 10-24-14-Y-07 10-24-14-Y-02 10-24-14-Y-01 10-24-14-TW-21

Scarborough ME
Scarborough HS
Campaign event for Mike Michaud
10-24-14-Y-05 10-24-14-Y-04 10-24-14-Y-03 10-24-14-Y-02

Charlotte NC
Charlotte Convention Center
Campaign event for Kay Hagan

Somers NY
Pinnacle at Heritage Hills country club
Campaign event for Sean Patrick Maloney (running against Nan Hayworth)

10-27-14-Y-02 10-27-14-Y-01

Cedar Rapids IA
Union Hall
Grassroots Campaign event for Bruce Braley

Daverport IA
Rally for Bruce Braley

10-20-14-TW-09 10-20-14-TW-03 10-20-14-TW-02 10-20-14-TW-01 10-20-14-Y-03 10-20-14-Y-06

Washington DC
Georgetown University
Speech: Women’s Economic Participation

College Park MD
Rally for Anthony Brown

10-30-14-12 10-30-14-09 10-30-14-07 10-30-14-06 10-30-14-05 10-30-14-03 10-30-14-01

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August is the month when Hillary tries to take what passes for a vacation in her world.   As Secretary of State,  she took a break in August despite Henry Kissinger’s warning not to make such an attempt.  Several times in those years, we saw her meager respite disturbed by world events or the call of duty.  This year, even as a private citizen, Hillary Clinton proved that she just cannot quite disconnect herself.  She did spend time relaxing in Amagansett, but not without interruptions to sign some books.

She began the month home in Chappaqua congratulating students.
Chappaqua NY
New Castle Community Center
Spoke to graduates of the Chappaqua Summer Scholarship Program


On August 5, Hillary TeleBombed Stephen Colbert.

Huntington, NY
Book Revue
Book signing

The slideshow begins here >>>>

Vineyard Haven, MA
Bunch of Grapes
Book signing

08-13-14-Y-01 08-13-14-Y-02 08-13-14-Y-09 08-13-14-Y-13 08-13-14-Y-11 08-13-14-Y-16

East Hampton, NY
Book signing


Hillary Cllinton in the Hampton’s photo by ElizaBeth Taylor

Hillary Cllinton in the Hampton’s photo by ElizaBeth Taylor

Westhampton NY
Book signing

San Francisco CA
Nexenta‘s OpenSDx Summit


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July began with the book tour crossing the pond to Europe for a bit.

London UK
Waterstones Piccadilly
Book signing

07-03-14-Z-25 07-03-14-Z-21 07-03-14-Z-17 07-03-14-Z-14 07-03-14-Z-10

London UK


Berlin GER
Public Event Hosted by ZIET with Chrisopher Amend

07-06-14-Z-01 07-06-14-Z-04 07-06-14-Z-03 07-06-14-Z-06 07-06-14-Z-08 07-06-14-Z-10 07-06-14-Z-19 07-06-14-Z-22

Paris FR
Élysée Palace
Meeting with President François Hollande

07-08-14-Y-14 07-08-14-Y-13 07-08-14-Y-10 07-08-14-Y-07 07-08-14-Y-03 07-08-14-Y-02 07-08-14-Y-01

On the 15th Hillary appeared on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

07-16-14-Y-01 07-16-14-Y-02 07-16-14-Y-03 07-16-14-Y-05

Ridgewood NJ
Book signing

I was at this one.
07-17-14-Y-04 07-17-14-Y-03 07-17-14-Y-01 07-17-14-Z-11 07-17-14-02

Madison CT
R.J. Julia Bookstore
Book signing

07-19-14-NHR-08 07-19-14-NHR-05 07-19-14-NHR-04 07-19-14-NHR-02 07-19-14-NHR-01

St. Paul MN
Common Good Books
Book signing

07-20-14-Y-01 07-20-14-Y-02 07-20-14-Y-03

St.Paul MN
St. Paul River Centre
Starkey Hearing Foundation Gala

I have to say, I love this gown on her!

07-20-14-Y-06 07-20-14-S-01 07-20-14-S-02 07-20-14-Y-05 07-20-14-Z-01 07-20-14-Z-10 07-20-14-Z-11 07-20-14-Z-12

Menlo Park CA
San Francisco CA
Facebook and Twitter HQ
Online Q&A Sessions

07-21-14-TW-06 07-21-14-TW-04 07-21-14-TW-03 07-21-14-TW-05 07-21-14-TW-02

Oakland CA
Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute (CHORI)
Launch of Bay Area Too Small to Fail campaign

07-23-14-Z-10 07-23-14-Z-09 07-23-14-Z-08 07-23-14-Z-03 07-23-14-Z-02 07-23-14-Y-17 07-23-14-Y-16 07-23-14-Y-15
Bronx NY
Lehman College
“Dream Big Day” with Sonia Sotomayor and Sonia Manzano (Maria on Sesame Street)

07-25-14-Y-06 07-25-14-Y-05 07-25-14-Y-04 07-25-14-Y-03 07-25-14-Y-02 07-25-14-Z-04

On July 27, Hillary appeared on GPS with Fareed Zakaria.

Seekonk MA
Sam’s Club
Book signing

Saratoga Springs, NY
Northshire Bookstore
Book signing

07-29-14-Y-04 07-29-14-Y-03 07-29-14-S-08 07-29-14-Y-01



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Hillary’s long-anticipated memoir, Hard Choices, was released on June 10 and with it came long summer weeks of appearances and book-signings.  In some cases, speaking events were paired with book sales: attendees received a signed copy at the event.   The enviable “selfie” of the summer, if not with Hillary herself,  was the photo of the wristband.


The status symbol was the autographed copy of the book.


Hillary graced the cover of People Magazine and toured the talk show circuit to promote the book.


Denver CO
Intertech Plastics Tour

06-02-14-Y-08 06-02-14-Y-07 06-02-14-Y-06 06-02-14-Y-04

Broomfield CO
1st Bank Center
Keynote: Unique Lives and Experiences

06-02-14-TW-01 Screenshot 2014-06-02 22.49.52c Screenshot 2014-06-02 23.01.41 Screenshot 2014-06-02 22.58.01

NBC Studios
Taping of interview with Cynthia McFadden NBC News

New York NY
ABC Studios
Appearance: Primetime Special with Diane Sawyer

06-08-14-Y-01 06-08-14-Y-05

New York NY
ABC Studios
Appearance: GMA with Robin Roberts

New York NY
Union Square Barnes & Noble
Book signing

The first of many….

hard_choices_06-10-14-Z-14 06-10-14-Z-13 06-10-14-Z-11 06-10-14-Z-09 06-10-14-Z-05 06-10-14-Z-02

Chicago IL
Arie Crown Theater
United Fresh Produce Association and the Food Marketing Institute
Keynote session

Chicago IL
Harris Theater
Chicago Ideas with Mayor Rahm Emmanuel

06-11-14-Y-02 06-11-14-Y-01 06-11-14-CI-01

New York NY
Council on Foreign Relations
Address: Reflects on her career in government

06-12-14-Y-01 06-12-14-Y-06 06-12-14-Y-10
New York NY
World Resources Institute
Courage to Lead Luncheon

New York NY
Bronx Zoo
Wildlife Conservation Society Honor
with Chelsea Clinton

06-12-14-A-07 06-12-14-A-06 06-12-14-A-05 06-12-14-A-03 06-12-14-A-01 06-12-14-Z-12 06-12-14-Z-08

Philadelphia PA
Free Library of Philadelphia
Book signing

Washington DC
George Washington University
Politics and Prose: Talk and book signing

06-13-14-Z-26 06-13-14-Z-23
06-13-14-Z-24 06-13-14-Z-25

Arlington VA
Book signing

hard_choices_06-14-14-Y-01 06-14-14-Y-11 06-14-14-Y-06 06-14-14-Y-04 06-14-14-Y-02

Toronto ON
Sheraton Toronto Centre
Hard Choices : A Conversation/Book Promotion

06-16-14-Y-01 06-16-14-Y-02 06-16-14-Y-03

Toronto ON
Indigo Bay & Bloor (Manulife Centre)
Book signing

Cambridge MA
Harvard Book Store
Book signing

Washington DC
Smithsonian Institution
Hillary awards James Smithson Bicentennial Medal to Ralph Lauren

06-17-14-Z-02 06-17-14-Z-10 06-17-14-Y-03 06-17-14-Y-07 06-17-14-Y-10 06-17-14-Y-12

New York NY
FOX Studios
Prime time interview with Greta Van Susteran and Brett Baier
06-17-14-Y-05 06-17-14-Y-06 06-17-14-Y-07 06-17-14-Y-08 06-17-14-Y-10

Washington DC
CNN Live Town Hall

Edmonton AB
Shaw Conference Centre
Keynote: Hard Choices : A Conversation/Book Promotion


Seattle WA
University bookstore
Book signing

06-18-14-Y-02 06-18-14-Y-03

Los Angeles CA
The Grove Barnes & Noble
Book signing

06-19-14-Y-02 06-19-14-Y-04 06-19-14-Y-08 06-19-14-Y-12 06-19-14-Y-13 06-19-14-LA-17 06-19-14-LA-45

Los Angeles CA
(Century City)
Hyatt Regency Century Plaza
Public Counsel Dinner William O. Douglas Award

06-19-14-Z-39 06-19-14-Z-38 06-19-14-Z-36 06-19-14-Z-20 06-19-14-Z-14 06-19-14-Z-11 06-19-14-Z-01

Austin TX
Book People
Book signing

Austin TX
Long Center
Hard Choices : A Conversation/Book Promotion Hard Choices

06-20-14-Y-01 06-20-14-Y-02 06-20-14-Y-03 06-20-14-Y-04

Kansas City MO
Arvest Bank Theatre at The Midland
Hard Choices : A Conversation/Book Promotion Hard Choices

Denver CO
Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel
CGI America 2014

Screenshot 2014-06-24 14.21.33 Screenshot 2014-06-24 14.22.40 Screenshot 2014-06-24 14.22.43 Screenshot 2014-06-24 14.23.42 Screenshot 2014-06-24 14.27.34 Screenshot 2014-06-24 14.30.19 Screenshot 2014-06-24 14.30.23 Screenshot 2014-06-24 14.30.24 Screenshot 2014-06-24 14.30.31 Screenshot 2014-06-24 14.30.41 Screenshot 2014-06-24 17.55.56 Screenshot 2014-06-24 17.56.01

Denver CO
Tattered Cover Bookstore
Book signing

06-23-14-Y-02 06-23-14-Y-01

La Jolla CA
Warwick’s Books
Book signing

Vcal was there and shared these pics.

06-25-14_SDVCAL-22 06-25-14_SDVCAL-18 06-25-14_SDVCAL-27

San Diego CA
San Diego Convention Center
BIO Convention: Keynote speech


San Francisco CA
SHN Orpheum Theater
Hard Choices : A Conversation/Book Promotion

Hillary with Mark G. Murphy!

San Franciso CA
Book Passage
Book signing

Little Rock AR
Book signing

FLOAR Ginger Beebe welcomed Hillary.

06-27-14-Y-09 06-27-14-Y-08 06-27-14-Y-06 06-27-14-Y-05 06-27-14-Y-03 06-27-14-Y-01

Dayton OH
Books & Co (Books-a-million) The Greene Shopping Center
Book signing

Amy Dugan caught on camera outside the bookstore.


Chappaqua NY
Chappaqua Library
Book signing

Rumana Alvi was there for this one!

06-29-14-R-04 06-29-14-R-05 06-29-14-R-03

Aspen CO
Aspen Ideas Festival
A Conversation live via Facebook

Screenshot 2014-06-30 16.05.01 Screenshot 2014-06-30 16.05.06 Screenshot 2014-06-30 16.07.58 Screenshot 2014-06-30 16.13.52 Screenshot 2014-06-30 16.18.14 Screenshot 2014-06-30 16.21.59 Screenshot 2014-06-30 16.28.20 Screenshot 2014-06-30 16.32.40 Screenshot 2014-06-30 16.33.43 Screenshot 2014-06-30 16.34.47

It was quite a month due to this book with a busy July right on its heels!


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Throughout her tenure as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton advocated for an end to the embargo on Cuba which she regarded as providing the Castro regime with a foil for its domestic failures.

When Alan Gross, a U.S.A.I.D. contractor, was detained in Cuba in December 2009, Hillary commenced a long-term effort to procure his release via direct engagement with Cuban officials as well as third party efforts. In her memoir, Hard Choices, Hillary states, “One of my regrets as Secretary was our failure to bring Alan home.”  Alan Gross left Cuba today, released on humanitarian grounds due to health issues,  accompanied by his wife, Judy,  with whom Secretary Clinton remained in close touch during her tenure.

View image on Twitter

In Hard Choices, Hillary noted that a condition Cuban officials levied on Gross’s release was our release of five convicted Cuban spies.  Three of those individuals have been freed in exchange for Gross’s freedom.  Two others were released earlier upon completing their sentences.

The exchange signals a thaw in U.S. – Cuba relations that will include re-establishment of diplomatic ties.   As Secretary of State, Hillary visited 112 countries.  Cuba was not among them.  Perhaps she will soon have the opportunity to visit as a private citizen.    One of Hillary’s last acts as Secretary was to pen a letter to President Obama containing the recommendation that the Cuban embargo be re-examined.  Today it appears likely that the embargo will be terminated sooner rather than later.

U.S., Cuba Seek To Normalize Relations

Posted: 12/17/2014
WASHINGTON (AP) — The United States and Cuba will start talks on normalizing full diplomatic relations, marking the most significant shift in U.S. policy toward the communist island in decades, American officials said Wednesday. The announcement comes amid a series of new confidence-building measures between the longtime foes, including the release of American Alan Gross and the freeing of three Cubans jailed in the U.S.

Welcome home, Alan!


Given the chapter on Latin America in her memoir (pages 266 – 289), a statement supporting the action she suggested, encouraged, and actively pursued really was not necessary.  Hillary released one nevertheless.  Anyone who has read her book knows that she campaigned for lifting the embargo right from the start and was a major force  in the effort to revise the Cuba policy.

Hillary Clinton backs Obama move on Cuba

WASHINGTON Wed Dec 17, 2014

(Reuters) – Former U.S. Secretary of State and potential presidential contender Hillary Clinton said on Wednesday she supported President Barack Obama’s move to establish diplomatic ties with Cuba after more than 50 years of hostile relations.

“Despite good intentions, our decades-long policy of isolation has only strengthened the Castro regime’s grip on power,” Clinton said in a statement. “As I have said, the best way to bring change to Cuba is to expose its people to the values, information and material comforts of the outside world.”

She added: “I support President Obama’s decision to change course on Cuba policy, while keeping the focus on our principal objective – supporting the aspirations of the Cuban people for freedom.”

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Secretary Kerry’s statement on Cuba policy changes.

Announcement of Cuba Policy Changes

Press Statement

John Kerry
Secretary of State
Washington, DC
December 17, 2014

I was a seventeen year old kid watching on a black and white television set when I first heard an American President talk of Cuba as an “imprisoned island.”

For five and a half decades since, our policy toward Cuba has remained virtually frozen, and done little to promote a prosperous, democratic and stable Cuba. Not only has this policy failed to advance America’s goals, it has actually isolated the United States instead of isolating Cuba.

Since 2009, President Obama has taken steps forward to change our relationship and improve the lives of the Cuban people by easing restrictions on remittances and family travel. With this new opening, the President has committed the United States to begin to chart an even more ambitious course forward.

Beginning more than twenty years ago, I have seen firsthand as three presidents — one Republican and two Democrats — have undertaken a similar effort to change the United States’ relationship with Vietnam. It wasn’t easy. It isn’t complete still today. But it had to start somewhere, and it has worked.

As we did with Vietnam, changing our relationship with Cuba will require an investment of time, energy and resources. Today’s step also reflects our firm belief that the risk and the cost of trying to turn the tide is far lower than the risk and cost of remaining stuck in an ideological cement of our own making.

This new course will not be without challenges, but it is based not on a leap of faith but on a conviction that it’s the best way to help bring freedom and opportunity to the Cuban people, and to promote America’s national security interests in the Americas, including greater regional stability and economic opportunities for American businesses.

In January, as part of the President’s directive to discuss moving toward re-establishment of diplomatic relations, my Assistant Secretary for the Western Hemisphere Roberta Jacobson will travel to Cuba to lead the U.S. Delegation to the next round of U.S.-Cuba Migration Talks. I look forward to being the first Secretary of State in 60 years to visit Cuba. At President Obama’s request, I have also asked my team to initiate a review of Cuba’s designation as a State Sponsor of Terrorism.

Going forward, a critical focus of our increased engagement will continue to be on improving the Cuban Government’s respect for human rights and advocating for democratic reforms within Cuba. Promoting freedom of speech and entrepreneurship and an active civil society will only strengthen Cuban society and help to reintegrate Cuba into the international community.


Other news emanating from the State Department today includes the forthcoming departure of U.S.A.I.D. Administrator, Dr. Rajiv Shah.  Some will remember the “infinite frustration” Hillary expressed early in her term in filling that post.  Dr. Shah has done a magnificent job.  We should all be grateful for his dedicated service.

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For Immediate Release

Wednesday, December 17, 2014
USAID Press Office


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If you are venturing out this Black Friday and would like to give someone a special gift this holiday season,  here are a few ideas.  This weekend, Barnes & Noble will have some signed copies of Hard Choices available.


Go to their link below or click on the image to find a B & N near you.  N.B. Signed copies available only in stores.

Black Friday Weekend


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It is possible that your Hillary friends already have Hard Choices – perhaps even signed.   In that case I strongly recommend another memoir from Hillary’s State Department.  The Dispensable Nation by Vali Nasr is excellent.  An advisor to Richard Holbrooke at the State Department and strong Hillary Clinton ally and supporter, Nasr provides his account of efforts by the Secretary of State and the Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan (SRAP) to bring peace to the region.  It is the book Hillary did not write and serves as an informative backstory to Hard Choices.

The Dispensable Nation: American Foreign Policy in Retreat

In the event you are thinking of something a little pricier, another cool idea would be to get a Nook, Kindle, or other tablet and pre-load it with e-copies of both of these.

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