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A voice was stilled this morning,  a voice that spoke up for disenfranchised voters, a voice that spoke her mind and the minds of others.

Harriet Christian was irrepressible, dedicated, driven.  She stood up for her rights and those of the voiceless.  Always ready for a good time, she loved and was rollicking fun.  This photo is from her Facebook page thanks to Deborah Schutt, and she was, of course, speaking – the way we will always remember her.

All St. Peter has to do is to click on the Youtube above to learn who is at the gate and where she is from since she spells it all out very clearly.   My guess is that she is hanging out at that gate having a cigarette, giving him an earful, and making him laugh.

Bye, Harriet.  We will miss you!  Thank you for all you did.  (((HUGS)))

(You may leave memories and condolences for family and friends at her Facebook page.)

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