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When March arrived, Hillary continued recuperating out of the public eye while the 2016 speculation continued to spread over the web and media.  Polls aboundedand Super PACs sprang up.     We knew she would be writing another book, and the topics to be covered aroused much curiousity, as well.

Meanwhile,  Hillary’s few actual outings in March were social events.  Early in the month she and Bill Clinton were spotted holding hands while strolling  in New York City.

The Clintons were rumored to have dined with the Obamas at an unspecified time and place.  That story was never verified.  The Clintons took in Holland Taylor’s Ann at the Vivian Beaumont Theatre,  meeting up with Meryl Streep, Gabby Giffords, and Mark Kelly in the process.

She was unable to attend the ten-year anniversary of Grace Bennett’s Inside Chappaqua magazine, but sent Grace her best wishes nonetheless.

On the 18th she released a video in support of marriage equality and made headlines.

March ended with the announcement of her first speaking engagement and of her transition office in Washington, D.C.


The archives for March 2013 can be accessed here.

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According to a New York Times article today,  Hillary Clinton has not only an office but also an initial paid speaking engagement lined up.  Jim Rutenberg reports that the recently retired Secretary of State will make her paid speaking debut on April 24 in Dallas. Her office, located on Connecticut Avenue in DC,  is dealing with,  as Rutenberg puts it “the considerable business of being Hillary Clinton.”

Operating with a small staff, the clear voice of the “transition office,” as it is being called, remains her longtime spokesman Philippe Reines.   Responding to rumors that insiders have leaked that she is running again in 2016,  Reines  stated,  “Everyone’s gotten way ahead of themselves, and most importantly, they have gotten way ahead of her.”

Rutenberg goes on to offer this.

Those who are most connected to her exhaustive network of political financiers — some of whom remained in her orbit with plum invitations to official diplomatic soirees — say its most important members will make no move until she gives the signal.

Yes, there are those insisting that they know she is running. Clearly, according to the above, these folks would not be among the “most important members” and “have gotten way ahead of her,” as Reines put it.

So what is Hillary Clinton doing now with this mysterious little office?

These days, Mrs. Clinton is devoting much of her time to her next book, about her years in the State Department. She is also debating how best to continue her work on women’s issues, which she could do either through her husband’s foundation or one she may start on her own.

It is no secret that many would love to see her make the run, but that is her decision to make, and she has not made it.  If anyone assures you that he or she knows for certain that her hat is in the ring, that person is talking through his or her hat!

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Read the article here and Happy Easter, all!

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Well, the nets are abuzz, off course, about Hillary’s new website.  Speculation ranges from damn certain she is going to run in 2016 to pretty sure this means she is running.  Just about everyone agrees it is a beautiful picture of her, and if the website serves no other purpose than to be bookmarked and clicked on when you need a Hillary-fix, that’s fine,  too.


The Gazette announces that Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney will host a special dinner at her home to honor Hillary’s public service.

Congressmember Carolyn Maloney has announced that she will be holding a dinner at her home in honor of former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton who ended her term on February 1. The event was announced at the United Community Civic Association’s (UCCA) Legislative/Executive Breakfast. The dinner will be offered to the first 100 persons who RSVP to Congressmember Carolyn Maloney’s office.

Maloney stated that the event is to be held in honor of the accomplishments of the former first lady and U.S. Senator of New York. She stressed that a thank you is in order for Clinton who has served the people of the United States and New York with distinction and honor.

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A little bird told me that the Clinton motorcade was spotted early this morning headed toward the Saw Mill River Parkway. Speculation was that the Clintons were headed to DC for John Kerry’s swearing-in.  Sure enough, Hillary is there.  The moment John Kerry finished his speech a few seconds ago, he bounded across the Benjamin Franklin Room to greet Hillary – very tiny and blonde, lost in the crowd, but I did catch a glimpse of her bright smile.

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