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Another unnamed State Department official has provided a bit more information on Mme. Secretary’s progress.  I am happy to see that she did have exactly the kind of attention we all had hoped for.   Here is a snip.

Hillary Clinton Recovering at Home

By Dana Hughes | ABC OTUS News – 4 hrs ago

A U.S. official tells ABC News that Clinton is feeling more “like herself” and would like to go back to work, but doctors have advised it may take several weeks and want the secretary to rest. That is standard for concussion treatment.

Clinton originally fell ill from a stomach virus following a whirlwind trip to Europe at the beginning of the month, which caused such severe dehydration that she fainted and fell at home, said the State Department. According to the official, the secretary had two teams of doctors, including specialists, examine her. They also ran tests to rule out more serious ailments beyond the virus and the concussion. During the course of the week, Clinton was on an IV drip and being monitored by a nurse, while also recovering from the pain caused by the fall.

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It is always a little dicey when a patient who is accustomed to being active begins to feel better and wants to put those skates back on.  When she broke her elbow in 2009, our Hillary was an excellent patient who did everything her doctors told her to do,  so we all hope that she continues to rest and mend this time as well.

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12-12-12-Y-03If you look to Philippe Reines for your information, you get short and sometimes not so sweet.  His concise press release yesterday provided no details and had Mme. Secretary working from home over the coming week.  We know Philippe would walk through fire to protect her,  but the truth is that there are readers out here who love her just as fiercely as he does and are hungry for details and reassurances that our “prized political buttercup,”  as Perez Hilton calls her, is recovering and doing just fine.   So the updates today emanate from several sources.

We found the following details in today’s New York Times.

The fainting episode occurred after Mrs. Clinton, who is being widely discussed as a possible presidential candidate in 2016, became dehydrated because of a stomach virus she contracted during a trip to Europe, according to statements released by a close adviser and her doctors.

One State Department official said Mrs. Clinton fainted when she was alone at her home in Washington but added that the concussion was not diagnosed until Thursday. He said the concussion was not severe.


Acting on the advice of her doctors, Mrs. Clinton will not go to the State Department this week but will work from home, the State Department said.

“Secretary Clinton developed a stomach virus, leading to extreme dehydration, and subsequently fainted,” her doctors, Dr. Lisa Bardack of the Mount Kisco Medical Group and Dr. Gigi El-Bayoumi of George Washington University, said on Saturday.

In contrast to this, Dr. Sanjay Gupta reported last night on CNN that the SOS has been forbidden to work in the coming week and has been ordered on “brain rest.”   He elaborated that this means no work and no newspapers.  No one, hearing this, can actually imagine Hillary Clinton able to follow that particular order.

We all hope Mme. Secretary is resting  and  are sure she is receiving the best of care.  We wish her a speedy and complete recovery and see no reason why she should be returning to work until after the first of the year.

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