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You all know that I eschew secondary sources, but lacking a primary source at the moment, in order to keep on bringing you Hillary news, I am forced to depend on secondary sources that are credible enough or ask salient questions.  Such posts will appear under the rubric above, and below are some interesting entries.

Hillary Clinton Just Quietly Disbanded Her Presidential Committee

By Adam Clark Estes | The Atlantic Wire

Don’t read too far into this, but Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign organization, Hillary Clinton for President, has finally paid its debts and closed its doors. Documents filed with the Federal Election Committee (FEC) on Monday confirm as much, and the transfer of the old organization’s leftover cash to a new organization, Friends of Hillary, make the transaction complete. At $102,797, the surplus funds are nothing to scoff at, but they’re certainly a long ways off from the billion or so dollars Hillary would need for a full fledged presidential campaign in 2016. But please, before we go any further, let us remind you once again: Don’t read too far into this. The fabled Hillary 2016 campaign is still a fable at this point and a fable without an ending at that.

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Well, we already knew this, but it is a good question, and we cannot get enough of that picture!!!!

Hillary Clinton Launches A New Website, But What Is It For?

Alex Kantrowitz

Alex Kantrowitz, Contributor

hillary clinton website

Hillary Clinton has launched a semi-mysterious new website now that she’s returned to life as a private citizen. The site, hillaryclintonoffice.com, contains nothing but a big picture of Clinton in front of a blue background and an expandable contact form allowing site visitors to reach out to Clinton for scheduling requests, media inquiries and whatever else they might want to speak to her about.

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