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I really feel ridiculous putting her last name on all these posts – as if there were any other Hillary this could possibly refer to,  but if I don’t, this will not come up on search engines and Twitter.  H/t to Mom4Hill for finding this one!

Capital Eye Opener, March 7: Hillary’s Third Super PAC

By Janie Boschma on March 7, 2013 8:00 AM
REALLY READY FOR HILLARY: A HillaryClinton.jpgthird super PAC has registered with the Federal Election Commission, supposedly on behalf of Hillary Clinton‘s anticipated 2016 presidential campaign. The latest is HillaryFTW (an Internet abbreviation for “For The Win”), which lists Hector Pacheco of Los Angeles as its treasurer, according to its FEC report.

As we have previously reported, the other two super PACs, Ready for Hillary PAC and HillaryClintonSuperPAC, registered with the FEC in January. Since then, Ready for Hillary has been busy hiring up Clinton’s former staffers to prepare for a potential 2016 run, The Hill reports — and to convince Hillary to go all in.

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There is also this – just to keep things in perspective.

2016 Democratic Field May Not Wait for Clinton

By Scott Conroy – March 7, 2013

She is not an incumbent president — or even currently employed — but the deference fellow Democrats have afforded Hillary Clinton regarding a potential 2016 White House run has been something to behold.

With the official start of the next presidential campaign still three years away, friends and potential Democratic foes alike have bent over backwards to praise Clinton and talk up her chances of finishing what she started in her 2008 campaign — and for good reason.

After all, Clinton’s resume arguably is as diverse and extensive as that of any White House hopeful in the history of American politics. No introductions would be necessary for the former first lady, U.S. senator, secretary of state and almost president, as everyone well knows her name and her story.

In an interview with Don Imus in December, longtime Clinton family confidant and adviser James Carville suggested that the campaign for the Democratic nomination would be little more than a formality en route to Clinton’s coronation.

The word “inevitable” likely will come up even more than it did during the early stages of her 2008 run, when it appeared to most observers that the Democratic nomination was all but assured her.

But as was the case then, there will almost certainly be a contested Democratic primary in 2016, despite the assumption of Carville and others.

And though she will have a major say as to when that contest begins in earnest, Clinton is not necessarily in a position to wave the checkered flag.

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