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We figured Secretary Clinton probably knew about the viral Tumblr meme initiated and moderated by Adam Smith and Stacy Lambe and based on a photo of her on a C-17 texting in sunglasses.   We also figured she was finding it funny.  Today she verified that speculation by submitting her own Tumblr Text.  Adam and Stacy posted proof positive here, at I’m With Kanye

She also treated them to a meet-up and a photo shoot posted at the Tumblr Texts from Hillary.

If you have not been over there in a few days, go take a look.  The fun continues!


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Nothing here sprouts from primary, official sources, but HRC has been making her rounds in the news aside from the official duties, statements, and events regularly reported on this page.  Here are some of the stories from the sublime (she will not be appearing at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte) to the ridiculous (leave Hillary’s scrunchies alone!), culminating in a viral Tumblr that (dayyam!) would have guaranteed her the nomination had she been running in a Dem primary.  It’s genius!

Hillary Clinton, citing her job, will skip DNC in Charlotte

Bill Clinton, however, plans to attend the convention

Posted: Friday, Apr. 06, 2012
0406 Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

At the Democratic convention four years ago, her spirited speech helped unite the party behind Barack Obama. And four years from now, many Democrats hope she’ll be the White House nominee delegates rally around.

But as for the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte – Hillary Clinton won’t be coming.

This year, she’s secretary of State. And as the country’s chief diplomat, she’s expected to stay above all things partisan.

So that is relatively serious to many, as opposed to this which addresses an issue always of major concern to Hillary watchers:  her hair.   She is known for this quote.

Yes, there was a bit of concern when, last September, she was spotted buying scrunchies in Rite Aid the weekend UNGA was beginning!  Oh, NO!!!  The issue of the scrunchies arose in the Elle article (see previous post) that surfaced yesterday.   Here is one reaction that we can only applaud!

Leave Hillary’s Scrunchies Alone

I’m just going to cut to the chase: Hillary Clinton is a noted scrunchie-wearer, but according to a recent profile in Elle, some of her handlers are looking to ban her from rocking them:

When she’s on the road, she often has [her hair] pulled back in a simple chignon or ponytail, a look that causes Hillary Hair Watchers much chagrin but merely means she’s pressed for time, as a State Department official told me: “As a chick, it’s a big pain in the butt”…The official added, because, it seems, no American alive can resist critiquing Clinton’s hair: “But some of us are looking to ban the scrunchies.”


Read more (You really should.  It gets better!) >>>>

Alas!  Could there possibly be any other Hillary content on the loose out there on the interwebs?  Aha!  Perhaps the best self-perpetuating publicity page ever  is dedicated to our hard-working, smart, organized, efficient, adorable Secretary of State.  Myriad news articles are covering this, but I choose to lead you to the actual site (to which I have subscribed).  These are such clever tributes to her, and they grow hourly.   Some people are very clever, funny, and photoshop-gifted.   You will remember the photos from her Libya trip last October, but did you know whom she was texting and what she was saying?  Here is the Tumblr that tells it all!  Do not miss this one!

Texts from Hillary

Here is just one. It is one of my favs because it explains the glasses.

Hope everyone is having a Happy Passover, easy last day of Lent, and will have a  Happy Easter.

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