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Some Ready for Hillary Super PAC events and milestones have been reported here along with some critiques.  The Facebook page, begun in November 2012,  uses memes heavily, and I registered here a personal objection to one of those which immediately struck me as sexist on a few levels.

More than a few times, the negative comments on that page have caused friends and readers to contact me.  I have no control over how that page is moderated, but the way it is moderated implies that the page administrators are more concerned with being able to boast growth in the number of  “likes” it receives than with the sincerity of those “likes.”    Rapidly headed toward 150,000 compared to Chelsea Clinton’s page,  begun in September 2011, with just under 130,000,   inarguably,  the page is being “talked about” (in Facebook terms), but is this the kind of talk Hillary supporters want to see?

Clearly, a good number of those “likers” are actually haters who come onto the page to make nasty and  disparaging comments about Hillary.    These hateful comments, rather than being deleted and their authors banned, are allowed to sit on the page,  perhaps because banning the authors would reduce the numbers?  You do not see that at Chelsea’s well-moderated page.

There are some aspects of Ready for Hillary, both the Facebook page and the website, that have caused some of us a certain reluctance to go full speed ahead on their train.

While my friends here and on Facebook represent the outer circle  of  the Hillary movement, my friend Ruby Cramer at Buzzfeed investigated attitudes within Hillary’s inner circle and found similar hesitations.

Clinton Loyalists Watch Ready For Hillary PAC Warily

Some former Clinton aides and fundraisers deride Ready for Hillary as an amateurish group of posers, but the PAC is gaining steam. “What, who are these people? These people are untested.” posted on May 13, 2013 at 9:06am EDT

This about says it all.

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