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What the connection could possibly be between Bill Clinton delivering a commencement address and our esteemed Hillary making a run for the White House in 2016 is no clearer in this article than it is in the header.  It seems that anything Bill Clinton does lately is caught on the Hillary 2016 watch seismograph and must mean something!  But what?   Seismologists at the Columbia University Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory  in Palisades NY may not be paying attention,  but clearly the Clinton-watchers are.


10:19pm March 26, 2013

Hillary Running? Bill Clinton to Deliver Howard Commencement on May 11

Former President Bill Clinton will deliver the commencement address at Howard University on Saturday, May 11.
Does the former President’s speech indicate the slow but steady ramp up to a 2016 presidential run for his wife, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton? last week, Hillary Clinton announced her support of gay marriage in a video announcement.

It makes you wonder whether logic is still part of the curriculum at any level  anywhere.  The connection between the commencement address and any clue of Hillary making a run in 2016 is comedic enough to generate some humorous fake-headers from our Jen the Michigander.

Future headlines:

“Bill Clinton buys blue tie with white stripes. Hillary 2016 announcement expected soon.”

“Bill Clinton sends birthday card to Bruce Springsteen. Could this mean the E Street Band will play at Hillary inauguration?”

“Bill Clinton courting Hispanic vote for Hillary 2016 by eating burrito.”

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