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There is no doubt that Hillary’s campaign has had an enormous impact on girls and young women across the country.  Girls in a summer writing program in her hometown have shared their thoughts on her potential role as POTUS.  Their essays appear in the local magazine, Inside Chappaqua/New Castle/Millwood.  Many thanks to founder and editor-in-chief, Grace Bennett, for sharing this!

“If Our Neighbor Becomes President” Girls from the Chappaqua Summer Writing Program Weigh In!

Editor’s Note: For our cover story, we asked Keri Walsh, Ph.D., director of the Chappaqua Summer Writing Program for Girls, to ask her participants in a summer workshop inside the Greeley House to ponder the Election, and specifically for their thoughts on the impact of the possibility of their neighbor Hillary Clinton becoming a first Woman President. Most of the girls and their families preferred a first name only attached to their submissions. Special thanks to contributing editor Beth Besen in Chappaqua for editing assistance, too. Here’s what the girls wrote and shared!

Read their ideas here >>>>

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Hillary has a corps of dedicated neighbors in Chappaqua, New York who energetically support her every day they can in every way they can. The Chappaqua  Friends of Hill and Tim have organized local events to raise voter awareness and funds for the campaign. They diligently register voters, canvass, and phone bank both from home and at campaign headquarters in Brooklyn.  For them, distance is no obstacle so it was no surprise that they organized a field trip to Philadelphia where they attended the convention to see Hillary make history.

Here’s how the hometown magazine, Inside Chappaqua/Inside Armonk, reports their story.

Joy-Filled Members Celebrate Hillary Clinton’s Historic Nomination

By Susan Youngwood

It started with a single Facebook post, on April 12, 2015, the day Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy for president of the United States.

Dawn Evans Greenberg invited her friends in Chappaqua to join her for a drink to celebrate. A small group gathered, and decided they wanted to help the campaign. The group mushroomed, and now has 750 members ages 16 to 69. A satellite group in Rivertown has 200 participants.

Fifteen months later, after hours of making phone calls, knocking on doors and registering voters, ten members of Chappaqua Friends of Hill and Tim (the name officially changed last week) attended the Democratic National Convention to watch Clinton accept the nomination.

Chappaqua Friends of Hill and Tim arrive for their first night in the arena on Wednesday. (L–R): Beth Sauerhaft (in orange), Julie Gaughran, Jason Lichtenthal, Dawn Evans Greenberg, Iris Weintraub Lachaud and (front, center) Randee Kessler Glazer

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They will continue to work hard for Hillary and Tim through the general election cycle. Who knows?  One day you might pick up the phone and one of them might be at the other end of the line encouraging you to volunteer or to vote for Hillary!

You can help too!


phone calls (2)

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When Hillary Clinton marches down the street on Memorial Day, the crowd explodes with enthusiasm.  Hillary has a world of support in her own hometown.  Grace Bennett’s Inside Chappaqua Inside Armonk, a local magazine, spotlights the movers and shakers in this article by Stacy Pfeffer.  Thank you, Grace and Stacy!

#WithHer! … For Hillary Clinton: Passionate Hometown Support

Key Chappaqua supporters explain why they’re working hard to help elect hometown candidate Hillary Clinton as first woman POTUS.

By Stacey Pfeffer

It’s been a momentous few weeks here in the hamlet of New Castle. At the annual Chappaqua Memorial Day Parade, Hillary Rodham Clinton marched and waved to residents–many of whom were hoping to see her become the official Democratic presidential nominee in early June. Then just over a week later, a bus full of residents were thrilled to travel to the Booklyn Navy Yard to lend their support and bask in the history of her officially clinching the Democratic nomination; a group of New Castle supporters celebrated at Mario’s Restaurant on lower King Street.

Now that Clinton is the official Democratic candidate, the Inside Press had the opportunity to interview key supporters who have been staying near and dear to her campaign and/or working constructively on “Get Out the Vote,” referred to commonly as GOTV. We heard firsthand their reflections on what it means to have one of our most famous neighbors as the potential next President.

Hillary Clinton stepped off the parade route this year to take a few moments to say hello and express her appreciation to the Chappaqua Friends of Hill grassroots group.

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Not everyone in town loves Hillary, though. There’s this guy.  When your teenage son refuses to drive the family car, you know you have a problem.



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It has been quite a week!  The YUUUGEST collective Democratic gasp escaped when the Republican front-runner said women should be punished for seeking abortions. More shockingly (if possible), he went on to assert that the male partner should not be held accountable.

Hillary Clinton fired back.

The worst lesson we learned from this segment is that Trump must have cut school the day they taught separation of powers.  The guy running for CEO of the executive branch of the most important and powerful government on the planet has no idea who legislates or exactly what the judicial branch does.  Listen to him here.

In a damage control effort, the campaign threw water on a grease fire.

His spokeswoman, Hope Hicks, said Trump meant that abortion laws won’t change until he’s president. “Then he will change the law through his judicial appointments and allow the states to protect the unborn,” she said.

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If ever there was a moment for Democrats to assess the gravity of the 2016 election, now is the time.

Not only is the White House at stake, and the Supreme Court (as Hillary has eloquently asserted), but we need to break up the legislative gridlock.  The best way to do that is to elect Hillary Clinton our nominee.  She has the better chance of bringing down-ticket Dems into Congress on her coattails. She is also the only one committed to raising funds for down-ticket Dems as Bernie Sanders told Rachel Maddow this week that he has not decided to do so.  He said “We’ll see.”

(On a side note, has anybody noticed the similarities between Bernie’s rhetoric and Trump’s?  While “I don’t know” and “We don’t know” dominate Trump’s verbiage to the point that his supporter who punched and then threatened to kill a protester parroted those words,  there is also a heavy dose of “We’ll see” and “We have to see” in there.  Bernie uses the same dodges.)

We need all three branches working together.  We have an advantage among Democrats since Hillary has a strong history of working across the aisle and of getting things done, and her endorsements by Super Delegates speak for themselves.

On Hillary’s side of the fence, the campaign came home to New York , and the Sanders camp, out of the box, demanded a New York debate and then pretended Hillary didn’t want to debate him there.

So much for that one.

When you have a singularly qualified, experienced, and prepared candidate running a campaign filled with policy speeches, you would expect the media to notice the positions the candidate is taking on the issues and the rationale behind each position.

Since Hillary so overwhelms the media with her flowing stream of policies (two major policy speeches¹ this week while the others simply stump), they appear to have chosen to focus exclusively upon the briefest and least representative moments in her day and amplify them.

 ¹ Major policy speeches this week: the SCOTUS speech and yesterday’s “Make it in America” speech at Syracuse University.

Hillary’s loyal neighbors in Chappaqua take exception to this unfortunate habit.

How Some Coverage of Hillary Clinton Lacks Basic Respect

By Bobbi M. Bittker
Photos by Grace Bennett

I realized there was a problem when my husband said, ‘how was your rally? I heard on the news Bernie supporters interrupted it.’ What? That’s what was reported?! Read on…

Commentary on yesterday’s Hillary rally at SUNY Purchase from someone who was actually there:

Why am I reading myriad articles reporting on the 40 minute speech with headlines, ‘Hillary Clinton rally interrupted by 20 Bernie supporters’ as if this is THE story? It’s not even A story.

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In Madison WI after delivering her SCOTUS speech, we saw Hillary do a little shopping. (Oh yeah!  The other Hillary scandal this week was that while home in NY she stopped off at Bergdorf’s for a really nice cut by master hair designer,  John Barrettwhom she has visited in the past.)

When this photo was taken, Hillary had a clear rationale and plan for the necklace.  She knew where she was going and why she needed this piece.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton purchases a necklace in a store in Madison, Wis., Monday, March 28, 2016. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton purchases a necklace in a store in Madison, Wis., Monday, March 28, 2016. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

Syracuse fans, down to the tiniest, appreciated the team spirit.

Photographer Barbara Kinney offers this awesome behind-the-scenes glimpse at Hillary’s week.

A behind-the-scenes look at March on the campaign trail with Hillary Clinton

The busiest month of the Democratic primary (so far), in photos

Historian, blogger, friend of Hillary and pal of her late mom Dorothy, Carl Anthony offered this gem to begin April.  Here’s a little teaser.

Hollywood For Trump Committee Announced Today

In seeking a response to the news, the national media caught up with the leading Democratic presidential candidate in New York, where she is spending three hours delivering speeches on foreign trade, gender equality protection, ensuring voting rights, climate change regulations, the prime lending rate, education investment, and encapsulation her eleven straight hours of congressional testimony of four months ago in ten minutes, an appearance which led Trump to characterize her as “lacking stamina.”

In her statement about the Hollywood for Trump Committee announcement, Hillary Clinton simply remarked, “Another cultural watershed.”

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So!  It has been quite a week as we gear up for Wisconsin, Wyoming, and the big one in New York.

Here’s a little of what’s ahead: Hillary will appear Tuesday April 5th at 11am on The View, and at 8pm that night, when the Wisconsin projections get suspenseful and your nerves can’t take it, she will join Black Girls Rock on BET.

Hillary Clinton made a surprise appearance Friday at the taping of Black Entertainment Television’s “Black Girls Rock” show in Newark, New Jersey.

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March went out like a lion this time.  Happy April to all!



phone calls

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Grace Bennett, founder and editor-in-chief at Inside Chappaqua Magazine,  reports on the swearing in of local officials which she covered and in which Hillary participated.

One For The Books

Gathering for coffee and conversation at Chappaqua’s Le Jardin du Roi: Team New Castle with IC intern Zarah Kavarana and myself.

Gathering for coffee and conversation at Chappaqua’s Le Jardin du Roi: Team New Castle with IC intern Zarah Kavarana and myself.

Just between us, indeed. This column was on a whole ‘nother topic while Inside Chappaqua patiently waited for “the word” from Town Supervisor Rob Greenstein for a date for Team New Castle’s swearing in ceremony. He and the team were busy coordinating with Secretary Clinton and Congresswoman Nita Lowey so they could preside.

So in the ‘nth hour before IC was off to press–with Team New Castle election victory coverage already slated as the cover story–I was thrilled to work in some images from Town Hall’s Jan. 22 swearing in, and managed to post some video right away.  Pictures by the fabulous Carolyn Simpson, www.doublevisionphotographers.com, followed to inform and entertain a social media audience, primarily. I also very much appreciated a wonderful “reunion” moment I shared with Secretary Clinton–making this whole event another one for the IC books.

You can find our story as it ran that night by clicking on the “New Castle News” link or look under “Cover Stories” on our home page here for expanded coverage.
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Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton swearing in Town Supervisor Robert Greenstein.  Photo by Carolyn Simpson, www.doublevisionphotographers.com

The Hillary Touch at Town Hall Swearing In Ceremony

By Grace Bennett Take a former Secretary of State and two time Senator who happens to be a long time, community minded resident of this town. Add … [Read More…]

Our new Town Board! On the eve of a swearing in ceremony at Town Hall, Sec. Hillary Rodham Clinton joins Team New Castle’s (L-R): Councilman Adam Brodsky, Deputy Supervisor Lisa Katz, Supervisor Robert Greenstein, Councilwoman Elise Mottel and Councilman Jason Chapin.

Newly Sworn in by Hillary Clinton, “Team New Castle” Rolls up its Sleeves

By Grace Bennett with Zarah Kavarana Editor’s Note:  On what they touted as an Independent ticket challenging an all Democrat one, Team New Castle persevered this fall. A month post victory, Zarah … [Read More…]

You can download the entire issue by clicking on the magazine cover above and  here >>>>

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Hillary Clinton Steals The Show At New Castle Inauguration Ceremonies

Hillary Clinton and Congresswoman Nita Lowey spoke at inauguration ceremonies at New Castle Town Hall. Photo Credit: Sam Barron

CHAPPAQUA, N.Y. — Former Secretary of State, U.S. Senator and First Lady Hillary Clinton joined the Town of New Castle in swearing its newest municipal officials on Wednesday.

Clinton, who purchased a home in Chappaqua with her husband, former President Bill Clinton, in 1999, swore in Supervisor Robert Greenstein, Council members Adam Brodsky and Lisa Katz and Justice Noah Sorkin.

At the event, Clinton was kidded about a potential run for president in 2016. She told The Daily Voice when asked that she was not ready to make an announcement.

“Not at the moment,” she said.

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More photos and videos can be found at the Inside Chappaqua Facebook page thanks to Grace Bennett and company!  More below.  Thank you, Grace!

Go here to see >>>>

The Hillary Touch at Town Hall Swearing In Ceremony

January 22, 2014 By

Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton swearing in Town Supervisor Robert Greenstein.  Photo by Carolyn Simpson, www.doublevisionphotographers.com

Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton swearing in Town Supervisor Robert Greenstein. Photo by Carolyn Simpson, http://www.doublevisionphotographers.com

By Grace Bennett

Take a former Secretary of State and two time Senator who happens to be a long time, community minded resident of this town. Add three new inductees to town government and a town justice, who has already served six years. Pack in persons, Democrats and Republicans alike, from in and around town. And what do you get?  A swearing in ceremony for the history books!

Tonight, about 5:30 p.m.:  Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton Town Hall swore in Robert Greenstein as Town Supervisor, Lisa Katz as Deputy Supervisor, Adam Brodsky as Town Councilman and Noah Sorkin as Town Justice. The ceremony was also presided over by Congresswoman Nita Lowey and Susan Spear, a representative for Senator Kristin Gillebrand.

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Awesome sauce!!!!

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Hillary Clinton sent out her second tweet around 9 a.m. EDT today.

Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton@HillaryClinton 

What an incredible Twitter welcome! In my hometown Chicago for #CGIAmerica. 11amET I’ll talk about my #BHCCF work http://bit.ly/CGIa13


Last night, folks in her new hometown were following her through Africa on her final tour there as secretary of  state. Grace Bennett, of Inside Chappaqua Magazine, accompanied Secretary Clinton on that trip and shared her experience as a member of the travelling press corps with an auditorium full of her neighbors at the Chappaqua Library. Titled “Travelling with Hillary Clinton,” the event drew an audience of well over 100 causing the library parking lot to fill to capacity and overflow to a nearby lot.

Photo credit:  Amy Kerwin Dragonfly Photography

Photo credit: Amy Kerwin Dragonfly Photography

Introduced by Chappaqua Library’s Program Coordinator Joan Kuhn, Grace provided some background on how this bit of personal history came about, explaining that she believes in listening to the inner voice that told her to start Inside Chappaqua ten years ago. She said that when she subtitled it The Magazine for New Castle and Beyond, she was thinking of beyond more as White Plains than Africa.

Photo credit: Amy Kerwin Dragonfly Photography

Photo credit: Amy Kerwin Dragonfly Photography

Like many Chappaqua residents, she encountered her senator, who later became our secretary of state, from time to time in town and requested an interview often. Hillary told her that she really did not have time, and Grace said. “Well, you’ll just have to take me along on a trip!” That remark set off a series of events that ultimately put Grace in one of the press seats on Air Mission 757 – Hillary’s Big Blue Bird.

Photo credit: Grace Bennett

Photo credit: Grace Bennett

Grace showed about 30 slides of the trip in no particular order explaining the significance of each and identifying the principals.   Criss-crossing Africa from Senegal to Somalia and South Africa to Benin, the journey included stops in 10 African countries before the last stop in Istanbul where Hillary attended a meeting on Syria. Grace mentioned that in just about every African country, Hillary was greeted by dancers which she thoroughly enjoyed and sometimes danced along and asked for encores.

Photo credit: Grace Bennett

Photo credit: Grace Bennett

She showed photos of dignitaries in dazzling  traditional dress.  Here, Hillary is with Joyce Banda, first woman president of Malawi where Hillary had a lot of fun at a dairy cooperative and made a gft, via USAID, of a dairy bull named Emanuel.

Photo credit: Grace Bennett

Photo credit: Grace Bennett

Here, she is with President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria and other Nigerian officials.  Nigeria was added late in the tour while security issues were being addressed.  The Nigerians badly wanted her to visit since they knew she would not be returning to the continent as SOS.

Photo credit: Grace Bennett

Photo credit: Grace Bennett

Recounting her favorite moment of the trip, Grace recalled a 45 minute “drinks with the secretary” event with press and staff. When a staffer and reporter began debating who had a harder job and life, Grace suggested they trade places as in the movie “The Parent Trap.” Hillary loved the suggestion.

Ending her talk by reading the congratulatory letter Hillary had delivered to Grace’s 10th anniversary party in March, she then took questions from the audience. Yours truly, remembering that, while in South Africa. Hillary was given an African name, “Nimkita,”  asked if she knew what it meant. Grace was very happy to answer that since, as a sort of outlier among the more travel-seasoned press, it was the one piece of information she had gotten that none of the others had, so they all had to go to Grace for the information. She said that the full name, correctly, is Namkita Nolegua which is Zulu for “She who shines light on all who follow.” We who follow agree, and especially enjoyed following her last night!

Thank you, Grace, for a terrific presentation!


Archives for the Africa tour begin here.

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Many thanks to Ronni Diamondstein for this lovely article in the June issue of Inside Chappaqua Magazine.  Thanks as well to the awesome Grace Bennett, founder and publisher of the magazine and recently celebrated its 10th anniversary.

It is so nice to see Hillary Clinton’s important work and this blog  promoted this way.


Blogging for the former First Lady, Senator, Secretary of State and…

by Ronni Diamondstein

There’s no doubt from the media buzz around Hillary Clinton’s future since she left the office of Secretary of State that many people, not only in Chappaqua, but across the nation and world, have not given up hope that she will fulfill what many see as her destiny.

Numerous websites and blogs have followed Clinton since she lost the presidential nomination in 2008, and more are sprouting up now that her future political plans remain a mystery. You can find them on the web, on Facebook and Twitter. Still4Hill continues to be one of the most prominent.

Read more >>>>


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It was a perfectly beautiful day,  and I was lucky enough this year to meet up with a group of Hillary friends for the Memorial Day parade and ceremonies.  In addition to the pictures I took myself, I have some shared by friends.

There were wonderful pipes and drums, and the Horace Greeley High School band played flawlessly.  Girl Scouts of Troop 120 placed the wreath.  It was great to see girls doing it.  There were many,  many dogs, some with flag bandanas, and all were well-behaved throughout.

One special  doggie I finally got to meet was Maggie Mae, Pup Reporter, who writes a pet column for Grace Bennett’s Inside Chappaqua Magazine.  Maggie’s mom, Ronni Diamondstein,  has written an article featuring this blog for the June issue.

Ronni and her canine cub reporter had their picture taken with Hillary.  It was very hard to get close, but I cropped a few where you can see Ronni and Hillary.  In one shot,  you can also see Maggie Mae.

I want to thank especially Rumana Alvi, Sharon Yarborough, and Rosemary Rowlands (who had her picture taken with Hillary) for sharing their images with me.  It was a wonderful day, and yes, I did get to talk with Hillary.   No, it was not about 2016.  Sorry, but as I have said here often, that is the best way to waste your two minutes with Hillary Rodham Clinton.  What a beautiful day with a beautiful lady and her loyalists in her hometown!

I would like to thank Mme. Secretary for her kindness and patience taking time to meet me. She is most gracious and generous. One thing I forgot to ask – I was so blown away by her kind attention – was how I could get her press releases.

On with the show!

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Ten years ago, a brilliant and savvy young woman began a local magazine to cover events and promote businesses in the New Castle, NY area.  Grace Bennett’s Inside Chappaqua Magazine gained a following, succeeded immensely, and last night Grace celebrated that success with a grand soiree shared by family, friends, and business associates.


In the course of the evening, County Legislator Mike Kaplowitz presented Grace with a proclamation that today, March 15, is “Inside Chappaqua Day” in Westchester County.   She looked like a movie star receiving the document!


Of course readers here know that Chappaqua is where Bill and Hillary Clinton live.  Grace was able to accompany Hillary on her final official trip to Africa as Secretary of State last summer, and Hillary acknowledged Grace’s accomplishment.


So we congratulate Grace on the 10th anniversary of Inside Chappaqua Magazine and on the special day of county-wide celebration.

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