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Hillary Clinton was in Oslo, Norway today, International Women’s Day, to receive an honorary doctorate at the BI Business School.

Our best compliments, Mme. Secretary!

Look for Hillary around the 38:33 minute mark.

OSLO, NORWAY – MARCH 08: Hillary Clinton attends the Gender Equality Conference at BI Business School on March 8, 2019 in Oslo, Norway. (Photo by Rune Hellestad/Getty Images)

OSLO, NORWAY – MARCH 08: Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton attends the BI Business School on The International Women’s Day on March 8, 2019 in Oslo, Norway. (Photo by Rune Hellestad – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images)

OSLO, NORWAY – MARCH 08: Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton attends the BI Business School on The International Women’s Day on March 8, 2019 in Oslo, Norway. (Photo by Rune Hellestad – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images)

Just a personal note from me:  She always shines in these interviews and did so again today. I particularly liked this interviewer. There was something very simpatico about him. I liked his organization of the questions. Very pleasant. She was at ease. It was all around a nice atmosphere.




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Happy International Women’s Day Mme. Secretary and all who are Still for Hill!


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Vital Voices, which Hillary Clinton was instrumental in founding in 1997, held its 16th Annual Global Leadership Awards event on Wednesday evening, and Hillary was there, in red and fierce, for International Women’s Day 2017. The event was held at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC.


Thank God for the Kennedys, the Clintons, and the Democrats in general for their support of the performing arts. We are going to have to fight for them. Certain parties think reality TV qualifies as performing arts. There may be performance there, arguably, but the artfulness is in question.



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Not everyone is able to participate in Day Without A Woman. If you can, go for it!  Strike! If you are not in a position to, you can wear red in solidarity.


1. No paid/unpaid labor

2. No purchases

3. Wear red



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Hillary Clinton’s sweep of yesterday’s primaries was breathtaking. Many of us were up until the wee hours waiting for the last projections … and celebrating, judiciously, this lovely scene.


Just as many awakened to this morning’s social media filled with assurances that Hillary has already won the nomination and demands that Bernie Sanders withdraw now.  Time for a reality check.   There are 25 primaries still ahead.  In 2008 Hillary stayed into June.  We are not there yet!

Some may remember that in celebration of International Women’s Day 2015, along with Melinda Gates, Hillary and Chelsea released  the No Ceilings Full Participation Report and launched NoCeilings.org.  The tag for the day was NOT THERE.

Screenshot 2015-03-09 11.37.09

We are in this for the long haul – to break that glass ceiling and be there! Hillary has always told us that this would be a lengthy, difficult process.  We knew she would and should be primaried. The path so far has been intense, every delegate hard-won.  We are on track for victory, but we are not there yet.

So pipe down, buckle down, and let’s keep working.  If it was easy, everyone would do it!

Make calls for Hillary >>>>

Chip in a few dollars if you can >>>>



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Hillary Clinton Statement on International Women’s Day


Hillary Clinton released the following statement on International Women’s Day:


“On International Women’s Day, we celebrate women around the world, in all stations of life — mothers, daughters, grandmothers, teachers, doctors, soldiers, artists, workers, employers, leaders of all kinds.  We celebrate their achievements and their humanity.  We celebrate the progress we’ve made to advance the full participation of women in economies and societies.  And most importantly, we recommit to finishing the unfinished work that remains, and ensuring that women and girls are treated as the full and equal human beings they are.


“Advancing the status of women is not just the right thing to do; it’s the smart thing to do.  When women and girls participate fully, economies grow and nations are more secure.  When their rights are denied, the opposite happens. No country can get ahead if half its people are left behind.


“I’ve spent my career working to break down barriers that hold back women here at home and around the world.  As President, I will keep up the fight.  I’ll fight to close the pay gap; make paid family leave a reality; ensure families have access to quality, affordable child care; increase the minimum wage; protect women’s health and reproductive rights; confront violence against women; and promote women’s rights around the globe.  These issues ought to be core priorities of our government. They are not just “women’s issues”—they are family issues, economic issues, and they’re crucial to America’s competitiveness and security.


“This International Women’s Day, let’s take a page from the generations of women leaders around the world who never stopped working to make our world a better, more equitable place.  And let’s always remember that women’s rights are human rights, and human rights are women’s rights, once and for all.”





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In honor of International Women’s Day, we will be hosting a call tomorrow at 4pm EST to celebrate the achievements of women around the world. We have two very special guests joining us to spotlight Hillary’s record of breaking down barriers for women and girls. Please register for the call here.
Melanne Verveer

Ambassador Verveer is the Executive Director of the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security. She most recently served as the first U.S. Ambassador for Global Women’s Issues, a position to which she was nominated by President Obama in 2009. She coordinated foreign policy issues and  activities relating to the political, economic and social advancement of women, traveling to nearly sixty countries. She worked to ensure that women’s participation and rights are fully integrated into U.S. foreign policy, and she played a leadership role in the Administration’s development of the U.S. National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security. President Obama also appointed her to serve as the U.S. Representative to the UN Commission on the Status of Women.

Feminista Jones
Feminista Jones is the Love & Sex section editor at BlogHer and is the primary blogger at FeministaJones.com, a blog devoted to promoting sex-positive discussions on social media, deconstruction of social norms/restrictions, challenging standard feminist theory (and making feminism accessible to more women in the process), giving voice to man-loving feminist women, exploring alternative sexual identities through a feminist lens, teaching and advising, and all around fun. By day, she is a mental health social work administrator in NYC. By night she is a freelance writer and editor, whose work has appeared in TIME, EBONY, Washington Post, Mashable, Salon, and more.

Women’s History Month House Parties

Throughout Women’s History Month this March, we encourage all of our Women for Hillary volunteers to host house parties in your communities to showcase the impact that Hillary Clinton has had on women and girls throughout her career. We can provide you with talking points, as well as work with you to provide a surrogate for a conference call during your party.
Check out our digital organizing resources here!
When you’re ready, set up your official event link here.

LAST DAY Before Michigan Primary – Help Us Make Calls

Finally, an important ask before the primaries tomorrowplease help make calls into Michigan and other states by clicking here. You can make calls every day from 9:00am – 9:00pm local time. The Michigan primary is a crucial contest, and mobilizing voters before tomorrow is critical.
Please reach out to womensoutreach@hillaryclinton.com with any questions.



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Wishing a Happy International Women’s Day to Hillary Clinton, who inspires all of us every day, and to all the supportive women and men who visit this blog.

Thank you, Hillary, for all you do!

Emily’s list invites all of us to thank Hillary!

Today is International Women’s Day.

On March 8, people all around the world celebrate the political, social and economic achievements of women — past, present and future.

To EMILY’s List, no person better embodies the spirit of this day than our friend Hillary Clinton. As first lady, senator, and secretary of state, Hillary’s leadership has inspired millions of women of all ages to keep striving for a more equal world.

Please join EMILY’s List in thanking Hillary Clinton for her fearless, tireless work on behalf of women and families.

Take care,

EMILY’s List

Hillary sent this email out so that you can thank the women who inspire you and invite them to join her initiative, No Ceilings: The Full Participation Project.

Clinton Foundation

International Women’s Day is an opportunity to take a step back and reflect on all the gains women and girls have made around the world, even as we forge ahead to address the gaps that remain.

Almost 20 years ago, the world came together at the Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing to declare with one voice that “human rights are women’s rights and women’s rights are human rights, once and for all.” That was more than a declaration of principles – it was a platform for action.

Because of the hard work and courage of women and men all over the world, we’ve made important progress to achieve the full and equal participation of women and girls in every aspect of our societies, from education to the economy to government.

On this International Women’s Day, take a moment to celebrate someone who has helped you make progress by sending a message to a woman who inspires you.

Send a message

More girls are in school than at any time in history and many discriminatory laws have been repealed.

Yet, no country in the world – including the United States – has achieved full participation. Women and girls still comprise the majority of the world’s unhealthy, unfed, and unpaid.

I believe that helping more women in more places achieve their God-given potential is the great unfinished business of the 21st century – and none of us can afford to sit on the sidelines.

Send a message to a woman who inspires you and invite her to be a part of No Ceilings: The Full Participation Project.

Through No Ceilings: The Full Participation Project, we are collecting data and stories from women and girls around the world to measure the progress we’ve made and the challenges ahead. We’re also working on a 21st century agenda for full participation that will build on the gains of the past 20 years and pave the way for new breakthroughs.

To celebrate this International Women’s Day, I hope you will join us and be a part of the conversation about full participation as we work together to set the agenda for the future.

Send a message to a woman who inspires you and invite her to be a part of No Ceilings: The Full Participation Project.

If we get this right, if we learn from the past and plan for the future, we can put the world on a path toward less poverty and more prosperity, less inequality and more opportunity – and we can only do it together. I hope you will join me.


Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary’s tweet on this occasion.


For , I celebrate the work of Eleanor Roosevelt, a courageous advocate for human rights. Her work continues to inspire.

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It is an honor to have been selected to initiate the blog tour for this beautiful book  from Viva Editions.  Co-authored by Mary Anne Radmacher and Liz Kalloch,  SHE (She Harnesses Everything) celebrates, as the cover states, “the greatness in every woman.”


Filled with inspirational quotations from women in all walks of life, it is elegantly illustrated, a lovely integration of literary and fine art.   These excerpts, with a spotlight on words from our Hillary,  exemplify the richness of the text and illustrations.

She Excerpt_p_30

She Excerpt_p_31

She Excerpt_p_32

SHE pg 33


Here are the bios of the authors along with their message to readers.

SHE pg 113SHE pg 114

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