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ICYMI: Hillary Clinton Appears on “The Steve Harvey Morning Show”

Today, Hillary Clinton appeared on Steve Harvey’s morning show to discuss her campaign built on the belief that we are stronger together when we are inclusive. Clinton laid out her plans to help African American families by building an economy for all, make college affordable and supporting Historically Black Colleges and Universities.  Clinton also addressed the death of Terence Crutcher and said, “…this is just unbearable, and it needs to be intolerable.”

Listen to the interview here.



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Sooner or later it was going to happen.  There would come a Sunday when Hillary would have to go into the Foxhole.  Today was that day and she did very well.  Even in interviews it is hard to defend yourself when the host controls the content.  Here are her full remarks at the transfer of remains ceremony at Andrews and she absolutely did use the word terror.

I think she did a beautiful job here, and Chris Wallace did not make it easy.  For those who say she is not warm and not “human” watch her talking about that speech and her daughter.  Also watch her reaction to the question about Pat Smith in comparison to how Donald Trump is tweeting about the Khans today. 


DSCN7569 (2)























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On the eve of the opening gavel of the Democratic National Convention, Hillary and Senator Kaine sat down with Scott Pelley for a joint interview on Sunday Evening’s 60 Minutes.

DSCN7210 DSCN7212 DSCN7213 DSCN7215 DSCN7217


Go here to see some great behind-the-scenes photos of their first day on the trail together >>>>

Give the ticket a boost! Donate if you can.



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When Hillary sat down with Huffington Post‘s Sam Stein, she turned the tables and started by asking him a question.  He concluded by thanking her for not blacklisting HuffPo.


Transcript: Hillary Clinton’s Interview With The Huffington Post

The presumptive Democratic nominee addressed a number of foreign and domestic topics.


Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic nominee, spoke with The Huffington Post by phone for roughly 10 minutes on Wednesday, discussing everything from gun control and drone policy to campus rape and women in the military. 

Below is the full transcript from the interview. It has been edited for clarity.

*     *     *     *     *

Hillary Clinton: Great to talk to you, Sam. Aren’t you from one of the [Trump-]banned publications?

The Huffington Post: Yes, and our group is growing bigger. We have a real crew now.

I think there should be some kind of badge of honor that you all put on.

Read more >>>>





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The day after claiming the Democratic nomination for president, Hillary was all over the TV networks tonight. She appeared with Anderson Cooper on CNN discussing such topics as party unity, Bill Clinton’s possible role in her administration, and her pick for Veep.

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In the post mortem, Jeffrey Toobin said what someone should have long ago: that there is a word for what happened to Bernie Sanders – he lost and needs to get over it.  Toobin said the party has coddled Sanders long enough, and it is time for him to get in line.  He said Hillary cannot tell Bernie this, but President Obama can and, he supposes, probably will at their meeting tomorrow. He backed up his statement by arguing that Hillary got the most votes, the most delegates, and the most states.  Case closed as far as he is concerned.

Hillary also spent some time last night before her big speech last night with ABC’s David Muir. The segment aired on World News Tonight.

The video and transcript are here >>>>

DSCN6612 DSCN6613 DSCN6614 DSCN6615 DSCN6616 DSCN6617 DSCN6618 DSCN6619 DSCN6620 DSCN6621 DSCN6622 DSCN6623 DSCN6624 DSCN6625 DSCN6626 DSCN6627 DSCN6628 DSCN6629 DSCN6630 DSCN6636

Before Hillary left the west coast, she also sat down with Mario Lopez, and that segment aired tonight as well.  It was very short and focused on the history of the moment.

DSCN6638 DSCN6640

Finally, Lester Holt interviewed Hillary for the Nightly News.  She rejected the notion that Bernie Sanders brought any new ideas to the table but praised the passion he inspired.  Lawrence O’Donnell replayed this at 10 EDT on MSNBC.

DSCN6655 DSCN6659 DSCN6663 DSCN6667 DSCN6671 DSCN6679

Lawrence O’Donnell  ended his hour recalling that other California primary. The 1968 one. I did not cry last night when Hillary claimed the nomination. I knew she was going to do it, and thank God. She is healthy and fine. But 1968….. I woke up early in the morning and the TV was on. I asked my husband – “Why are they talking about JFK?” He said, “They are talking about his brother.”

The cortege went through NJ by train on the way to D.C. People lined the tracks the whole way. It still hurts after all these years. Eight years ago, after suspending her campaign, Hillary Clinton went to the fields of California and began campaigning for the Obama/Biden ticket. She had, long before that, filled the Bobby space in my heart along with his Senate seat. Where she went and what she did after accepting defeat was so much like Bobby as were her visions and plans as laid out in her campaign that year. There is a grace in what she did.  There was a grace in Bobby.

Chip in something if you can and continue to help make history!



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Hillary Clinton, despite all the crazy fluff,  campaigned as hard as ever in Los Angeles on Monday.

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We are not there yet!  Please!  Vote this morning!



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So meanwhile, back at the ranch,  this interview with Rachel Maddow preceded the AP call.  Everyone who can should vote tomorrow! I apologize for this not being better organized. It has been a crazy night!

Hillary expressed confidence and said everyone was working hard. She has a wide lead. She would not affirm what kind of speech she would give in Brooklyn, but hinted it would be a victory speech.

DSCN6441 DSCN6443 DSCN6444 DSCN6445


She noted that she suspended eight years ago Tuesday and endorsed the Obama/Biden ticket to unify the party. Hillary is perplexed by Bernie’s insistence that she does not have the lead. She thinks he is suggesting that Super Ds can overturn the will of the people.

DSCN6451 DSCN6452 DSCN6454 DSCN6457


Hillary was very firm that special delegates (Super Ds) do not go against the will of the people as represented by hard popular votes and delegates accrued.

Hillary said the sooner we unify against Donald Trump the better.  Hillary does not understand the argument the Sanders camp lodges.Rachel asked how unity happens.  Hillary can’t answer.  Said the campaigns are talking. Then she unloaded on Trump.

DSCN6458 DSCN6460 DSCN6461 DSCN6466 DSCN6467

He is the threat that will unite the party.  Trump impervious to the values of America. Dangerous nonsense.  No respect for fellow Americans and disqualified for the presidency.  His attacks are racist.  Re: Trump and the judge and possible racial conflagration:  Hillary will work against that and will call him out on statements that are racist, divisive, and dangerous.

DSCN6473 DSCN6474 DSCN6475 DSCN6477 DSCN6478

Those comments must be repudiated.  Hillary called it a terrible precedent to say a judge by way of heritage cannot rule fairly on a case where Americans have been defrauded. Trump is dangerous, undermines the rule of law. He is divisive and disqualified from being president. It is a racist attack. What else can you call these attacks?

DSCN6468 DSCN6469 DSCN6470DSCN6482

Why 240 years to get here?  Hillary is aware of the history but does not want to get ahead of herself. Wants people to vote tomorrow.  Is running to be president for every single American.

I think this is my day and time to say this.  If you supported her some time in the past and either “cannot” or do not today, you never were in this camp.  Go follow Donald or Bernie into iniquity. Do not come back here like you are all over Hillary and have her BFF’s cell number. We, the anonymous, have stayed the course.  We will carry Hillary in – on Teddy Roosevelt’s chair.


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