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Hillary was at the World Trade Center ceremony this morning, but earlier she recorded an interview for CNN’s State of the Union that played this morning while the ceremony was underway.





You probably have heard that Hillary left the ceremony early.  She apparently became overheated and felt faint.  She went to Chelsea’s apartment and is fine.  Actually, this makes me feel a little better since the very same thing happened to me in 2014 standing for hours in the heat and sun waiting to enter her book signing.  The man in front of me caught me and a kind lady gave me a chair and a bottle of water. The Secret Service took me inside immediately to see Hillary.  She did not know why I had a Secret Service escort, and I did not tell her because I was ashamed that I had fainted.  It’s nothing to feel ashamed of. It can happen to anybody. I guess we will start hearing “stamina” comments from the Trump camp now, but Hillary is fine.  She just needs to slow down, rest, and recover.

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This is an update:


Dear Hillary,

Best wishes for a complete and speedy recovery.  Take the time to rest and shake this off.  We love you and need you.  We’ll hold the fort.  Please rest up and get better.  We want you to be POTUS.  You do not have to be Superwoman.

Love from all of us!

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In a one-on-one with Hillary on The Lead today, Jake Tapper went directly to the Clinton/Trump battle.  Sitting with Hillary in Culver City, he asked her about her comment onTrump and the nuclear code.  Hillary explained that the speech was an attempt to shed light on comments Trump has made.


Hillary stood on her experience and said Trump has neither the experience nor the temperament for the presidency.


Hillary condemned all violence in the political arena. Trump created an environment where violence was acceptable.


Hillary doesn’t think any of the violence at the protests are helping anybody.  She wants it to end and said the police have a hard enough job. She said Trump set the bar low and now people are jumping over it.


Jobs report: 75 straight months of jobs creation and unemployment rate did drop again. Hillary wants to push for infrastructure jobs.  We have come a long way, and Trump’s policies will throw us into another recession.  Hillary got very excited talking about how the government can step in and help create jobs through public-private partnerships. You can see that she is raring to go!  She wants to get into the office and start doing these things.


The Sanders challenge: Tapper asked why she is having a tough time closing this up.  Hillary said wait till  Tuesday. She cited shared goals and said they will unify to defeat Trump


Tapper asked about Clinton Foundation donations being compared to Trump U.  She called the comparison absurd.


Just my opinion, Hillary is all cranked up.  She knows that officially this primary season ends on Tuesday and she is more than ready to get started doing the job many believe she was born to do.  DSCN6318

Earlier in the day, at a Women’s Outreach event, Hillary rallied in Culver City with women supporters including Maxine Waters, Karen Bass, Sally Field, Debra Messing, and Elizabeth Banks.

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(Take that, Susan Sarandon!)




phone calls

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Speaking exclusively with Jake Tapper at The Lead, Hillary said she doesn’t consider herself the presumptive nominee but thinks the nomination is in sight.   She emphasized several times that she is going to work together with Bernie Sanders.  She said her connection with her supporters is strong and his with his supporters is also strong.  She is confident that they will bring everyone together.  The intra-party divide is familiar and will play itself out. Everyone is invested in the campaigns. She praised Sanders for bringing people in but said eventually reality has to take over.

Re: Trump taking Sanders supporters: “We are going to be reaching out to them as well.”  She pointed out the issues Trump and Sanders disagree on like the environment, equal pay, getting money out of politics and reminded Tapper that Citizens United was against her.

Hillary said she found Trump’s foreign policy disturbing and lacked specifics on how things would be done.

Attacks from Trump are silly, she said.  Attacks on her are not so important.  She is more concerned about his attacks on groups like women, for example.

Has she learned anything from watching Republicans deal with him?  Hillary said she has a lot of experience dealing with attacks from men. He can continue on his “insult fest.”

As for his attacks on her trade policy history hurting her with blue-collar voters, Hillary pointed out that she won Ohio and his attacks on trade deals will not get in her way.  Hillary has a track record on standing up against China and on the side of working people.  She said we don’t do enough for people who are hurt by trade deals.  On the other hand, she cited a plant in Indiana where they are making Mercedes Benz cars for export to China.

She said the voters will have to determine if Trump is qualified.  She is going to lay out her own qualifications.  It never crossed her mind that she would face Trump in an election.

After the interview re-aired on Sunday’s State of the Union, CNN released the full video.

DSCN5638 DSCN5640 DSCN5641 DSCN5642 DSCN5644 DSCN5645DSCN5639

In the aftermath to this interview, Nina Turner said, speaking “as a historian,” that Hillary Clinton should beg off using “off the reservation.” In Living History Hillary stated of her grandmother who raised her:  “Della Murray, was one of nine children from a family of French-Canadian, Scottish and Native American ancestry.”



phone calls

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Hillary Clinton sat down for an interview with Jake Tapper yesterday that aired on State of the Union this morning. The questions that came up and her responses appear in the banners beneath the photos.

What is probably most striking about the past several days is how Hillary is being closely associated with the legacy of the Clinton Administration.  She revisited both her words from back then and her husband’s legacy by asserting that you do not simply put a policy into practice, turn your back, and walk away.  You go back and assess the effects over time and make changes as necessary.

She pointed out that Senator Sanders regularly faults both the Clinton and the Obama Administrations without ever calling out the George W. Bush Administration.

Hillary explained her $12 federal minimum wage floor by way of local economies.  As a person who was once responsible for payrolls in five different states, I can attest that a single salary base for the same job across the nation actually amounts to unequal pay for equal work. Hillary has long stood for equal pay and said she supports the $12 minimum but encourages a higher minimum where it can be supported, but she also pointed out that, with an eye toward economic stability, the recent increases are being phased in.

Hillary is optimistic about the progress she is making in the primaries and expects to get to the 2383 before the convention.  She steadfastly maintained that she would prefer a Sanders White House to a Trump or Cruz White House, but she does not expect a contest on the convention floor.

Bernie Sanders told Tapper that  he “is not sure what kind of president she [Hillary] would make.”  Dems fightin’ words, Mr. Senator!  He told George Stephanopulos on This Week a little later that he will take the fight to the convention because he brings in many more Independents.  Great!  Not sure Democrats will go for that argument.

On another note, Bernie keeps accusing the Clinton campaign of politicizing the Sandy Hook massacre. Just to be clear on that, it was the families who prevailed upon him for an apology, not Hillary’s campaign.  When he held his line, family member, as voting citizens, their support to Hillary whose agenda more closely exemplifies theirs.  Just saying.  See this.

And the beat goes on.

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phone calls

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Hillary went from a Democratic Dinner podium to a town hall stage in a matter of 15 minutes.
DSCN3766 DSCN3767 DSCN3768 DSCN3769 DSCN3770 DSCN3771 DSCN3773 DSCN3774

I have done my best to summarize her responses below.  In some cases, her Twitter account was there to help out. The questions appear in the text at the bottom of the photos.

Hillary’s questions kicked off with Donald Trump, and she referred to comments made a few minutes earlier at the Ohio Democratic Legacy dinner.   She said Trump bears responsibility for what happens at his events because he not only incites violence, he applauds it.



She responded to the trade union question by saying all of society needs to be opened up, including trade unions.


Steel dumping: She believes it is illegal and would stop that.  Hillary would appoint a trade czar to oversee execution of agreements and prevent violations.


Would she be militarily aggressive?  She would use every diplomatic tool at her disposal.


Death penalty question:  Hillary would like to see states and or SCOTUS rule against it. But terrorist activities under federal laws cause her to want to preserve it for very limited use.


Health insurance costs: Get co-pays, premiums, and costs down and make it possible to find affordable insurance on the available exchanges.  Get non-profits into the competitive mix. HRC will do everything she can to reduce costs and encouraged the woman to keep shopping, that there are more reasonable plans out there.


Incarceration:  She pointed to her complex plan. “Systemic racism is at work in our criminal justice system. We’ve got to stand up and end these inequities; end the school-to-prison pipeline and build a cradle-to-college pipeline. We’ve got to stop building prisons and invest in education.” – Hillary


Fracking: She supports regulation.  States set these laws.  As POTUS she will try to regulate. A federal ban cannot be promised – by anyone!


Defeating Trump:  She has more votes than anybody – the base is there; the Republicans have been after her for 25 years, and she has developed a thick skin and is ready to go against him; is uniquely qualified as former SOS to speak to what his presidency would mean internationally.  “Whoever goes up against Donald Trump better be ready. I am the best prepared candidate to do that.” —Hillary



Gun violence:  It is truly an epidemic; probably cannot prevent all gun deaths but that does not mean doing nothing.  Enforce background checks, close loopholes, and crack down on manufacturers and dealers.  Reverse the immunity law.  She will take on the gun lobby.  “Failing to do anything—which is what we’re doing now—will only lead to more loss of life.” —Hillary on gun violence prevention.  “I am sick and tired of these murders and random acts of gun violence … It’s absolutely unacceptable that the gun industry can’t be held accountable when they endanger Americans” —Hillary

DSCN3798 DSCN3799

She has plans for energy renewal and has plans for jobs in communities that traditionally have depended upon fossil fuels.


I am better when I have a job to do than at trying to get the job.

DSCN3806  DSCN3808




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Hope everyone remembered to turn the clocks ahead!  Check your local listings!

CNN, TV One to host presidential town hall




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With Jake Tapper on CNN’s State of the Union, Hillary discussed, among other things, the water crisis in Flint, Michigan (where she is going today), the Sanders campaign allegations on banking influences, and the “shout out” from male pundits.


  1. She is very well-informed on the subject of lead poisoning from both a medical and an infrastructure point of view.  She knows what needs to be done, medically, for the children exposed to the toxic water, and she also knows what needs to be done to the water lines. Do any other candidates from either party have the battery of information on this subject that Hillary has?DSCN2808 DSCN2809
  2. She explained, once again, how her financial plan is broader than Bernie Sanders’s plan as she also is going after giant corporations that gouge the public and evade taxes. She said she doesn’t understand why he doesn’t join her in this battle. DSCN2820
  3. As to the shouting, she said we all know that we are still dealing with a double standard and that sexism is not a thing of the past. By the way, anyone who listened to her at her Portsmouth event last night must admit that her normal tone at rallies is conversational not the full-volume blast that Bernie continually puts out.DSCN2822 DSCN2823 DSCN2824


Great quote: “Anger’s not a plan and venting’s not a strategy.”

On This Week with George Stephanopoulos, she voiced her appreciation of Bernie’s SNL stint. She also took on the extreme remarks of Marco Rubio on abortion in last night’s GOP debate. There, too,  she took on the spin about the bankruptcy bill – specifically with regard to the effect of the proposals on separated and divorced women and their children. She said she is not going to take the Sanders smears anymore, but largely, she was arguing against comments by Elizabeth Warren there.  As to the Goldman Sachs speeches, she said everyone who has given speeches to private organizations should then release their transcripts and the standard, if this is going to be the new standard, should apply to all.


DSCN2829 DSCN2833 DSCN2835

She also discussed the Flint situation on Meet the Press.  (That repeats later on MSNBC.)  She was on Face the Nation as well.  That repeats later on CBSN.




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