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It is not the first time a publication has approached the topic of a Hillary Clinton Doctrine.  As early as 2009, when she began outlining what she called 21st Century Statecraft, a doctrine began to emerge.   About halfway through her tenure, news sources began exploring the topic.

Newsweek Celebrates Women’s History Month: “The Hillary Doctrine”

March 6, 2011

Economic Statecraft: The New Clinton Doctrine

October 14, 2011

With her service at the State Department behind her and the likelihood of a general election campaign before her, Foreign Policy‘s James Traub offers a thorough analysis of her foreign policy positions and the effects they have rendered.  This is a must-read!  He begins with that speech I have referred to so often here, her Forum for the Future speech in Doha

The Hillary Clinton Doctrine

For four years she was Obama’s loyal secretary of state. Her critics call her an interventionist, her admirers tough-minded. What kind of president will she be?

By James Traub

On Jan. 13, 2011, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave what turned out to be a remarkably prescient speech in Doha, Qatar. “The region’s foundations are sinking into the sand,” she warned. If you do not manage to “build a future that your young people will believe in,” she told the Arab heads of state in the audience, the status quo they had long defended would collapse. The very next day, Tunisia’s dictator was forced to flee the country. Almost two weeks later, hundreds of thousands of Egyptians thronged Cairo’s Tahrir Square demanding that then-President Hosni Mubarak step down. Over the following week, Clinton and her colleagues in the Barack Obama administration engaged in an intense debate over how to respond to this astonishing turn of events. Should they side with the young people in the streets demanding an immediate end to the deadening hand of autocratic rule, or with the rulers whom Clinton had admonished, but who nevertheless represented a stable order underpinned by American power and diplomacy?

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