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File this under “never a dull moment,”  never,  where Hillary Clinton is concerned.  The Secretary of State has been on a little vacation since her awesome Syria statement on August 18, dubbed “presidential” by Sarah Palin and Greta Van Susteren.

As we might have predicted, however, that little Carney-Kinsolving exchange I posted from yesterday’s White House press briefing has garnered a small bouquet of opinions on the matter in the media – along with a weed or two.

From the LA Times

She’s baack! Hillary Clinton questions return to Obama White House

Political commentary from Andrew Malcolm

August 30, 2011 |  9:02 am
They’ve started again — the Hillary questions.

Will the once-vanquished first lady, who’s been the solid voice of administration foreign policy since Day One, challenge White House incumbent Barack Obama for the Democrats’ presidential nomination a year from now in Charlotte, N.C.?

Of course, she and everyone will say no, no, no — until the day they might say, well, actually, yes.

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From Newsmax

Pressure Grows on Hillary to Challenge Sinking Obama

Tuesday, 30 Aug 2011 03:56 PM

By Martin Gould

Will Hillary Clinton challenge Barack Obama for the Democratic presidential nomination?

She says no, that she never wants to run for office again. But the pressure is growing on her to change her mind as Obama continues to slide in the polls — and as the left bloc of the party and Latino and black voters become more vocal in their disapproval of the president.

From Fox News

Hillary On the Horizon as Obama Challenger?


Published August 30, 2011

| FoxNews.com
Lyndon Johnson won one of history’s biggest landslides in 1964, but four years later he dropped out of the race for the Democratic presidential nomination.

The hand-writing was on the wall for LBJ, facing an unpopular war in Vietnam, domestic unrest at home, and discontent among fellow Democrats, who saw him as an albatross around their necks.

Will 2012 be President Obama’s déjà vu? Will it be 1968 all over again? After all, our current president is entangled in not one, but two unpopular wars, domestic unrest about the continuing high jobless rates, uncontrollable budget deficit and soaring debt ceiling, and plummeting approval ratings.

Then party-pooper,  David Weigel , strides in and dumps a whole bucket of water over the floral arrangement.

The Wrong Way to Do Mindless Hillary Clinton Speculation

By David Weigel

| Posted Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2011, at 2:56 PM EDT

Les Kinsolving asks Jay Carney if Hillary Clinton will primary Barack Obama. “You’d have to ask her,” says Carney. That’s our cue for pages of baseless speculation about whether or not Hillary Clinton could primary Barack Obama. (My favorite offering in the genre — Andrew Malcolm’s long take that consults the sources in his mind, who are easier to get on the phone than real sources.)

If we’re going to be this lazy, we need some insta-data. We need someone to do a poll testing Clinton against the Republican candidates. One poll showing her doing better than him against Romney, or beating Palin by such a large margin that we need to invent another number to describe it, and we can engage in some seriously baseless speculation. But who can do it?

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You, of course, can  and may discuss this amongst yourselves.  The telling thing, though, is that we are not alone!

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Here is an interesting portion of today’s White House press briefing  with video released by Real Clear Politics.

Carney Grilled Over Potential Hillary Primary Challenge: “You’ll Have To Ask Her”

At today’s White House press briefing WorldNetDaily White House correspondent Lester Kinsolving asked Jay Carney if President Obama is “certain” that Hillary Clinton won’t primary him. This comes after Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) said Obama has moved to the right because he has no primary opponent.

Carney said the White House is pretty certain Clinton won’t challenge Obama, however he tells Kinsolving “you’ll have to ask her.

See the video >>>>

Here is the portion of the transcript released a little while ago by the White House.

The White House

Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release
August 29, 2011

Press Briefing by Press Secretary Jay Carney and FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate, 8/29/2011

James S. Brady Press Briefing Room

2:21 P.M. EDT

Q Just one. Just one. Just one. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders said — and this is a quote — “One of the reasons the President has moved so far to the right is there is no primary opposition to him.” And my question: Why is the President certain that Hillary won’t run against him? (Laughter.)

MR. CARNEY: You win the award for originality today.

Q Thank you very much.

MR. CARNEY: The President is focused not on any election — he’s focused right now on doing his job to grow the economy, create jobs, ensure that Americans who are in the path of this hurricane are taken care of. That’s what he’s focused on.

Q I understand. You’re running away from this question. I mean, can you guarantee that — are you sure that —

MR. CARNEY: You’d have to ask —

Q — Hillary is not going to run?

MR. CARNEY: You’d have to ask her. We’re fairly confident —

Q That she won’t?

MR. CARNEY: — that we need to focus on the task at hand.

Q All right, thank you.

I see Governors Cuomo and Christie out touring the damage from Irene. Any credit for how well the NY metro area survived this storm goes to the governors and to Mayor Mike. What damage has Obama toured? Certainly that would make a great campaign photo-op. But then again he is busy growing the economy, etc. etc. etc.

Many cannot fathom a challenge, and it will take a strong stomach to do it.  I would prefer to see Obama admit his resounding failure of leadership and step aside so that the best leader can step in and start turning this country around. We are way off course and Hillary Rodham Clinton is the best captain to correct it.

I hope beyond hope that Secretary Clinton is giving this very serious consideration.  We are all still here, Mme. Secretary.  We never left your side and are more than ready to work our hearts out for you!

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