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Whatever you thought of him, and there is a lot of thinking about him going on just about now,  he was a democratically elected president for three terms.  Our Hillary respected that fact and knew how to relate to him.  So, President Chavez, you have met your maker (as we all will sooner or later), and we hope you have made your peace.

We hope Joe Kennedy’s wonderful heating initiative survives despite the loss of this leader.

Here are some pictures of Hillary with the deceased.  This one is from OAS in 2009.


These are from the inauguration of Dilma Rouseff, President of Brazil, January 1, 2011.

Hilllary Clinton, Hugo Chavez Hilllary Clinton, Hugo Chavez, Juam Manuel Santos, Sebastian Pinera U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks with presidents Santos, Chavez and Pinera in Brasilia U.S. Secretary of State Clinton talks with Venezuela's President Chavez during a reception for the newly inaugurated Brazilian President Rousseff in Brasilia U.S. Secretary of State Clinton gestures as Colombia's President Santos points to Clinton and Venezuela's President Chavez laughs during a reception in Brasilia

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