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When the temperatures are just right overnight, you can wake up one morning after a dense dew or rain and see a plethora of mushrooms, some quite healthy and large, where the day before there were none.  If the first two weeks of 2014 are any indication, we are likely to see a literary metaphor of this phenomenon around Hillary Clinton.

Last week in Politico, Maggie Haberman laced together a series of her 2013 articles and fashioned them into a heavily-laden “shadow campaign” which, of course, does not exist in actuality.  When that canvas broke open,  a mass of articles erupted based on her article or on portions of it just like mushrooms after an April shower.

This week, Politico unleashed what is fast becoming a torrent with an article by Amie Parnes and Jonathan Allen (in advance of their book, of course) about what they have dubbed a “hit list” despite the only quote from an unnamed Clinton insider calling it a a reward list (put together by staffers not by Hillary).  The title alone betrays an attitude toward Hillary, and the mushrooms are sprouting.

What the meme will be next week or the week after  is anyone’s guess save those who are planning it right now, but it appears that for the better part of 2014 there will be rains and ensuing mushrooms that feed on the moisture because there are some who cannot be satisfied with watching Hillary doing her splendid work in the here and now and seek somehow to part the cloak of invisibility she has drawn around her plans for the future.

US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Cli

I intentionally have not linked to these articles.  If you want to see them, you will have to do your own search.  Until Hillary is ready to make a statement about 2016, I continue to do what Hillary told us to years ago: watch and wait.  If she wants mists and clouds around her agenda,  I will not be seeding them for rain.

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