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Vanity Fair‘s June issue contains a new profile of Hillary Clinton by Jonathan Alter.  It is, like the various feature articles we have seen about HRC since she has been Secretary of State,  part behind-the-scenes information, and part explanation and admiration of the job she is doing.  As with the other feature articles about Hillary, the fact that I read this online will not prevent me from hopping the highway to Barnes and Noble to purchase my collector’s copy.   Thank you, Mr. Alter!  Nice article!


Woman of the World

In her ninth year as America’s most admired woman, Hillary Clinton is dealing with radical change across the globe, as well as trying to transform U.S. diplomacy on the nuts-and-coffee level. But despite the secretary of state’s punishing pace—half a million miles in her Boeing 757—and the complex relationship between her and President Obama, Clinton seems clear about what she can (and can’t) accomplish, and, as Jonathan Alter reports, her friends are clear about something else: Madam Secretary is in her element.

Illustration by Edward Sorel
June 2011

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