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Thanks to Lilly, who contributed these on another thread, we have some video clips of Hillary’s visit to Australia.

Here she is landing to wild applause!

Here is a local news report.

I want to take this opportunity to give a special shoutout to my readers and commentators here.  You are all special and very generous in sharing what you find, and your contributions add a special depth to the archive here of great works by a great lady.  This blog is her history … Herstory!  I am appreciative from the bottom of my heart!

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Earlier today I posted some lovely images of Secretary Clinton arriving in Hanoi wearing this fabulous gold silk jacket. In case you wondered where she went from there, the story unfolds thus.

Accompanied by U.S. Ambassador to Vietnam Michael Michalak, she walked past an honor guard at the airport and was transported to an ASEAN Summit dinner party.

There, as expected, she encountered Indian PM Singh.

She posed with Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung and his wife Tran Thanh Kiem.

And greeted Australian PM Julia Gillard.

She always seems to have some little secret to whisper to South Korea’s President Lee.


I know I am shamelessly biased, but it looks to me like she was the Belle of the Ball!

She also participated in a conference with PM Nguyen.

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