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At a sold out event studded with powerhouse names, Hillary Clinton took the stage this afternoon to outline her latest Clinton Foundation initiative entitled “No Ceilings.”  Originally announced at the Clinton Global Initiative in September,  the project is intended to examine the progress of women in all sectors of society since Hillary’s landmark speech as First Lady in Beijing in 1996.  Results are expected by 2016 for the 20th anniversary of that address.  She presented the rationale and details at the 10th Pennsylvania Conference for Women held today at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

As at the State Department, she was preceded on the stage today by Madeleine Albright who was interviewed in the morning keynote by Karen Tumulty.  New to Twitter, Madeleine tweeted a few photos (as did Ms. Tumulty).  One twitpic she shared showed the “pinwomen” she sported on her jacket, a play on the hashtag for the event,  #pennwomen.  As many know, Secretary Albright was noted for her variety of brooches during her days at State.

Getting ready to go on stage at . or ?


Introduced by former PA  governor and friend, Ed Rendell,  Hillary enumerated the many ceilings standing in the way of women’s full participation in society in her afternoon keynote,  a challenge she routinely refers to as the unfinished work of the 21st century,  and alluded as well to recent cuts to social safety networks here in the US as the removal of the floor beneath the feet of struggling women – especially single moms.

Speaking, as has become her signature style, sans podium, notes, and teleprompter, she ended her remarks by exhorting the audience of more than 7,000 to “get cracking.”

Not to be outdone by Twitter newbie, Madeleine,  Hillary also tweeted out a message.

No Ceilings: The Full Participation Project. Our new BHCCF initiative to accelerate progress for all women and girls.

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