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On Monday she marched in the Memorial Day parade decked out in red, white, and blue, and on Tuesday she addressed the huge global conference, Women Deliver,  in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  Her hubby says she is enjoying her downtime away from public office, but, in retirement,  Hillary Clinton is no slouch.  I do not know how many hands she shook, hugs she gave, or pictures she granted on Monday, but she addressed  the  world on Tuesday, not in her usual way as US secretary of state,  but as Hillary Clinton, private citizen and world leader.

No, she did not fly halfway around the world in less than a day.  It was a pre-recorded message, the kind she frequently provided as SOS when her schedule could not accommodate a gathering she wished to address.   She sent a video (which I have not found yet – and there is no transcript available so far),  but just so you know, Hillary Clinton is keeping on keeping on!


Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks during the Women Deliver 2013 conference via recorded video, in Kuala Lumpur May 28, 2013.

Today is the opening day of the 2013 Women Deliver Global Conference, the largest conference on women’s health, maternal health and maternal mortality in the world.

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Oh how I miss the days when her videos and remarks were so easily available! But she is doing her thing and enjoying it. I guess we can live with that.  You go, girl!  We are watching.   Rock on!  We love you!

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Not much information is coming directly from the State Department about this leg of the trip so far,  but they did send these remarks from the Embassy Meet-and-Greet.   Once again, she is so cute with the children.  She is sorry she missed their Halloween costumes!  (Emphasis below is mine.)

Meets and Greet with Kuala Lumpur Embassy Staff and Their Families

Hillary Rodham Clinton
Secretary of State
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
November 2, 2010

Well, it is really a great treat to be here. I learned that we haven’t had a Secretary of State at Embassy KL since 1995. So I’m making up for lost time to be here, to thank you for the work that you do every single day. It is a real treat for me to be able to come to Malaysia on behalf of President Obama and our country and know as Paul just said, that we have such a hard-working, dedicated world-class team here at this Embassy.

I want to also thank Paul. I know he’s only been here for about 10 weeks. He and Catherine arrived and then learned that I was coming, which is always a challenge, but I’m so pleased to see him. I worked closely with the ambassador when he was in Washington during the time of my secretary – secretarial beginning, if you will. And I also want to thank Rob Rapson, our DCM, thank you very much (inaudible).

And I know the children have been very patient. (Laughter.) So let me just say that I’m really sorry I couldn’t be here for Halloween. (Laughter.) That would have been fun. But the work we’re doing with Malaysia is among the most important in Asia. We are determined to deepen and broaden our engagement with this country, and I had excellent, productive meetings today starting with a phone call to the prime minister in his hospital room to wish him well and a very speedy recovery, with the foreign minister and the deputy prime minister. We covered a very broad agenda.

And I think we have tremendous opportunities here. But I know when I leave tomorrow, the work to make those opportunities into realities falls to all of you. So I know a lot is expected of you, but we’re going to be doing even more in Malaysia. We have a lot of plans for educational exchanges. We have some very exciting work on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, enhancing trade and investment (inaudible) that will promote closer cooperation.

So I think there will be more an even more fruitful time ahead for our relationship. And I also want to thank those of you who have served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and Pakistan. I know that one local staff member (inaudible) had volunteered to Baghdad last year and another, (inaudible), is headed to Baghdad shortly. I commend you for your service. I want to extend my congratulations to Shameera Wiest doing the excellent work (inaudible) Afghan refugees (inaudible) coming to Malaysia, and that service earned her a Secretary of State Award for outstanding volunteerism abroad.

And I want to also thank everybody from all of the agencies that are here. I know that from what Paul has told me the chancery is a little crowded because it hasn’t expanded as our work has, but please know that I am very appreciative of our Foreign Service, our Civil Service, our locally engaged staff and all of our governmental colleagues.

It is a thrill for me to be in Malaysia for the first time, my sixth trip to Asia as Secretary of State but my first trip ever to this country. So I’m looking forward to spending more time working with you on the way ahead and returning at some point in the future.

So now, I’m going to go take a picture with the kids. (Laughter.) I think they have really earned a round of applause for being (inaudible). (Applause.)



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After a full day in Cambodia, Mme. Secretary landed in Kuala Lumpur looking, as I said earlier, as fresh and pretty an evening primrose.  How does she do it?  I don’t know!

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