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Courtesy of and buried toward the end of an article in the L.A. Times:

…the project has since regained its momentum. Putin, who views nuclear power as a promising industry for Russia to pursue around the world, appears eager to see the plant generating power.

Clinton was not originally scheduled during her two-day visit to meet with Putin, who is widely seen as Russia’s top ruler. But a meeting between the two was hastily added to the Friday agenda.

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Because I had posted both the video and text of the Clinton-Lavrov encounter earlier today, I almost bypassed this article since I had heard and read her words although Lavrov’s were not included.  Several advance press releases and  schedules made a point of the fact that she would not be meeting with Putin.  I posted something last night wherein I was sorely tempted but refrained from making reference to those new pictures of Putin with his horses that Rachel Maddow showed.  So it seems that she will be meeting with Putin after all.  I have to say, though, I think that, like Netanyahu, Putin is singularly impervious to Hillary Clinton’s considerable powers of persuasion.

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There are no press releases yet. These images are all I could find at the moment. The Secretary of State is meeting with a variety of Foreign dignitaries including:

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu. I think he is a guy to watch. Keep your eye on him. He seems to be very bright and influential, a sort male version of Hillary Clinton – nowhere near as pretty, though.

Her friend Lavrov. I think these two are getting on exceedingly well.

Indonesian Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa

One more for good measure:

That’s all for now folks! My semester begins tonight, so I might not be posting again until after Travis Smiley Reports on PBS tonight. Check your local listings!

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