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Two words:  She won! So much of the assessment of presidential debates relies on the visual that it matters little if we offer the words.  Transcripts will become available, and they will be added here when they are.  For now, however, let’s look at the faces. In 1960, on this date,  it was the faces that told the story .

Introduction of families.

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And it begins.

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“I Think Donald just criticized me for preparing for his debate. And yes, I did. And you know what else I prepared for? I prepared to be president and I think that’s a good thing.”

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The Trumps greeted a few friends in the front rows and exited stage right.  The Clintons hung around longer.

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Chris Matthews summed up Trump’s performance as Casey at the Bat.  Pretty accurate American reference , I say!  One down – two to go.  The visage looks pretty calm, cool, collected, and confident to me!  Well done, Hillary!


Congratulate Hillary on a great job! >>>>


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The day after claiming the Democratic nomination for president, Hillary was all over the TV networks tonight. She appeared with Anderson Cooper on CNN discussing such topics as party unity, Bill Clinton’s possible role in her administration, and her pick for Veep.

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In the post mortem, Jeffrey Toobin said what someone should have long ago: that there is a word for what happened to Bernie Sanders – he lost and needs to get over it.  Toobin said the party has coddled Sanders long enough, and it is time for him to get in line.  He said Hillary cannot tell Bernie this, but President Obama can and, he supposes, probably will at their meeting tomorrow. He backed up his statement by arguing that Hillary got the most votes, the most delegates, and the most states.  Case closed as far as he is concerned.

Hillary also spent some time last night before her big speech last night with ABC’s David Muir. The segment aired on World News Tonight.

The video and transcript are here >>>>

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Before Hillary left the west coast, she also sat down with Mario Lopez, and that segment aired tonight as well.  It was very short and focused on the history of the moment.

DSCN6638 DSCN6640

Finally, Lester Holt interviewed Hillary for the Nightly News.  She rejected the notion that Bernie Sanders brought any new ideas to the table but praised the passion he inspired.  Lawrence O’Donnell replayed this at 10 EDT on MSNBC.

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Lawrence O’Donnell  ended his hour recalling that other California primary. The 1968 one. I did not cry last night when Hillary claimed the nomination. I knew she was going to do it, and thank God. She is healthy and fine. But 1968….. I woke up early in the morning and the TV was on. I asked my husband – “Why are they talking about JFK?” He said, “They are talking about his brother.”

The cortege went through NJ by train on the way to D.C. People lined the tracks the whole way. It still hurts after all these years. Eight years ago, after suspending her campaign, Hillary Clinton went to the fields of California and began campaigning for the Obama/Biden ticket. She had, long before that, filled the Bobby space in my heart along with his Senate seat. Where she went and what she did after accepting defeat was so much like Bobby as were her visions and plans as laid out in her campaign that year. There is a grace in what she did.  There was a grace in Bobby.

Chip in something if you can and continue to help make history!



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