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Wishing everyone a lovely and safe holiday weekend.  It promises to be a blustery one on the east coast, so batten down the hatches and be sure you have necessary supplies.

One thing Americans do over summer holiday weekends is party.  We barbeque or bring pot luck to the picnic.

This guy, who visited Joy Reid last night when she was filling in for Chris Hayes at All In seems not to understand, nor does Trump whom he was representing, that assimilation is a two-way street.

Immigrants quickly adopt American holidays, and Americans tend to be inclusive about immigrant contributions.  Especially when it comes to food, Americans welcome a broad array of traditions.

So when Marco Gutierrez, founder of the group Latinos for Trump, issued what he thought was a dire warning, Americans were all a-Twitter with the hashtag #TacoTrucksOnEveryCorner.  They were most creative!

There are T-shirts and many pictures of beautiful tacos.  Even fusion tacos!

Democrats hopped on the taco truck with gusto!  Forthwith, there was a taco truck parked outside Trump’s Colorado headquarters serving lunch and registering voters.

Hillary’s Brooklyn HQ joined in  – all fired up!

The twitterstorm was quickly usurped by the whole Hillary 2016 movement where convoys of taco trucks came to represent what most saw as positive all the way around, for the country and the economy.

Whatever apocalyptic visions Gutierrez sought to communicate, Americans on Twitter embraced the concept and even a few tweets from the UK and the Netherlands bespoke a desire for a candidate who would bring taco trucks to London and Amsterdam, Brexit notwithstanding.

The most popular comment was, “Dude, you said that like it was a bad thing!”  So far, no one has figured out what was supposed to be so awful.  Seems impossible to find  anyone who isn’t down with #TacoTrucksOnEveryCorner.

¡Sí se puede! We are so there!  As opposed to this at Beau’s (apparently a sandwich tractor).

One thing is for certain.  There is broad agreement in the Democratic ranks that November 8, 2016 will be #TacoTuesday!




On a serious note, if you are facing the storm this weekend, we pray you stay safe. I can say this.  When Superstorm Sandy blew my house to pieces, the contractor who had scaffolding up within days was Mexican.  I did not ask to see his documents before he started closing up my poor, damaged home.  I didn’t care.  My insurance company didn’t care, and my town officials didn’t care either.  I hope no one has that kind of weekend.

Wishing everyone a Happy Labor Day weekend. Enjoy the hamburgers, hot dogs, pizzas, falafels, Korean BBQ, sushi, kebabs, French fries, General Tso’s, and tacos.  Who’s bringing the guacamole?  The sangria is on me!  Pour yourself a nice frosty margarita or cerveza and join the fun here >>>>







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