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Hmmmmm… this speech was never announced or publicized!  The event was kept pretty quiet, but there is a slideshow here.

Clinton, Amanpour Headline Global Fund for Women Gala

Global Fund for Women’s 25th Anniversary is a party with a purpose. On Wednesday, April 17th, we will celebrate 25 years as the world’s leading funder of women’s rights, and recognize some of the extraordinary women leading the way to equality and justice around the world.

CNN’s Christiane Amanpour anchors the sold out event. The Hon. Rodham Hillary Clinton will deliver the keynote speech and honor Charlotte Bunch, one of the brains behind UN Women. Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood Federation of America will present the inaugural Charlotte Bunch Human Rights Defender awards to three extraordinary women from Colombia, Egypt and Serbia. Jennifer Buffett and Jacquelyn Zehner will be honored with Global Philanthropy Awards.

CNN reports.

Hillary Clinton reacts to Boston bombing

(CNN)“I’ve been obsessed the last few days as I’m sure a number of you have been about the terrible violence and loss of life and injury in Boston,” she said. “Like so many Americans and those watching around the world, we saw ordinary citizens alongside first responders rushing into danger to help. It was a tragic terrible day, but it seemed to exemplify what Patriots Day really means, because we do better when we work together. Women and men, all of us across every line that is used to divide us.

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