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As soon as I heard, last week, that the Brian Williams story was trending on Twitter,  I shuddered.   I know I was not alone in dreading the comparisons that were certain to be on the way.  Once again, Media Matters has come through with an excellent refutation of those comparisons and a healthy dose of examples of Republicans enhancing their battlefield memories.  Well done, Matt Gertz!



Conservative Media Weaponize Brian Williams Suspension To Attack Hillary Clinton

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… the right-wing media have sought to use Williams’ tall tales for political advantage, pointing to Clinton’s Bosnia story to ask, “If Brian Williams can no longer be the face of NBC then can Hillary no longer be the face of the Democratic Party?” In a segment representative of such discussions on Fox News,Fox & Friends‘ Steve Doocy asked this morning, “Brian Williams has been held to this standard because he told these lies about Iraq. But what about Hillary Clinton?” Invoking Clinton’s Bosnia story which “turned out not to be true,” the hosts aired a clip of a Fox News contributor declaring Clinton’s story to be worse than Williams’, while on-screen text asked “Why Isn’t Hillary Held Accountable For Lies?” and “Did Mainstream Media Give Clinton A Pass?”

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