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Maggie Haberman at Politico reports that Hillary Clinton has begun staffing her office at the Clinton Foundation by hiring an executive director.

Hillary Clinton is staffing up at her family’s foundation, bringing on a longtime associate as the executive director of her office there, according to an e-mail sent around this week.

Maura Pally, who worked in cultural affairs at the State Department while Clinton was there, later went on to work at Bloomberg Philanthropies.

“Maura will supervise Secretary Clinton’s Foundation-related activities, exploring new opportunities and ways to leverage existing Foundation efforts. She is excited to be joining the Foundation family,” said Clinton Foundation CEO Bruce Lindsey in an email to staff that was sent around Tuesday.

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And the Hillary fever continues!   This time from Irish Central.  They love our girl as much as we do!  The secret locked Twitter account!  DA-DA-DA-DAAAAA!   Must mean she is running!  (Couldn’t possibly have anything to do with her opening an office at the family foundation.  Naaah!)  I cannot help but think that the “Irish Central Staff Writers” are female and were also Nancy Drew fans (as were so many of us).

‘Ready for Clinton’ Super PAC fuels rumors of Hillary Clinton running in 2016

Locked Twitter account @HillaryClinton also stirs speculation

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