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Mourners, Including Former Presidents, Attend Funeral For Barbara Bush

Four former POTUSes in one tight shot.

Mourners, Including Former Presidents, Attend Funeral For Barbara Bush

It was solemn and joyful. There were tears, and there was laughter. The grandsons were pallbearers. The granddaughters read scripture with remarkable poise and composure though their grief was evident. There were three former first ladies along with Melania Trump. There were four former presidents, the eldest being her bereaved spouse who sported a special pair of socks in honor of her commitment to literacy promotion.

Jon Meacham, Jeb Bush, and Susan Garrett Baker, wife of former Secretary of State James Baker and Barbara’s good friend, all read eulogies.

Representatives of the Johnson and Nixon families were present. Media did not supply names but  Lynda Johnson Robb and Tricia Nixon Cox are my guesses as they are the usual representatives at formal occasions. Chelsea Clinton also attended.

It was a moment in history, non-partisan, unified, and respectful in honor of a former first lady with a quick wit, sharp tongue, and many friends and fans of every stripe.

It was a traditional Episcopal service with beautiful music chosen by Barbara Bush herself.

And thus Barbara Pierce Bush, originally of Rye, NY and a Texas transplant as were so many Navy wives after World War II, was sent to her eternal rest by those who loved her.

The Secret Service posted this. Her detail remained with her until her casket was in the ground.

Rest in peace, Barbara Bush.

Barbara Bush portrait.jpg

Our hearts go out to the Bush family, and particularly the former president, her spouse of 73 years, George H.W. Bush.

Here is a nice picture taken at the repast.

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Women who work together will attest that inexplicably there arrives at random a day every so often when everyone shows up in the same color or color combination.  A few of my Facebook friends, in the run-up to Hillary Clinton’s landmark speech last night, speculated on what color Hillary would chose to sport for the history books.

Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump: The messages behind the fashion

Getty Images Image caption A white dress code for the road to the White House



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Yesterday, day three of an already bizarre convention snubbed by all but one of the living past nominees and other big GOP names, played out in a way most Hollywood producers would reject as too crazy a concept.

The runner-up, Ted Cruz, gave a speech in which everyone expected him to endorse the candidate, but he did not.  Instead he urged his fellow Republicans to vote their consciences.  Hillary Clinton liked that line.

Trump entered the room just as Cruz was wrapping up his remarks, and Cruz was booed off stage in Showtime at the Apollo fashion. Newt Gingrich then came on and tried to twist Cruz’s words or lack of them like a pretzel.

Both Newt and Trump’s running mate Mike Pence engaged in the compulsory Hillary-bashing based on lies.

The backdrop to all of this:

-A day that began with the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce endorsing the Democratic candidate on morning TV smack in the middle of the Republican quadrennial presidential nominating event and condemning their candidate in no uncertain terms.  Read the endorsement here >>>>

-The incoherent statement from a Trump advisor calling Hillary “the Jane Fonda of the Viet Nam” and calling for her execution for treason. This the morning after Chris Christie roused chants of “lock her up” from conventioneers.  The advisor is under Secret Service investigation.

-An evening that began with a live band serenading delegates with Sweet Caroline.

Never really thought that the decay in democracy would happen to the music of Neil Diamond.

-The detritus in the aftermath of Melania Trump’s Tuesday night speech.  I haven’t mentioned the purloined paragraphs here.  Until yesterday, there was a mist around how the passages came to appear on Mrs. Trump’s teleprompter. Finally,  Meredith McIver, a Trump organization staff writer, owned up to writing the piece based on ideas Melania read to her from Michelle Obama’s 2008 speech during a phone call.  Aside from the obvious: the accusations of plagiarism (it was – no attribution was included), the denial (at first it was not clear that she knew she was reading someone else’s words), the equivocation (she said she wrote it herself with as little help as possible),  there is the small matter of Ms. McIver’s employer. She offered to resign and the resignation was rejected, but resign from where?  Ms. McIver is not employed by the campaign and therein may lie an FEC violation.

Melania Trump Speech Appears To Be An Illegal Campaign Contribution

Ethics watchdogs suggest that’s another oops for the Trump campaign.


CLEVELAND ― The revelation that Donald Trump’s business staff writer Meredith McIver wrote the partly plagiarized speech given by Melania Trump on Monday night raises questions about whether his campaign is illegally commingling corporate and campaign resources.

McIver does not appear to have any official role in the presidential campaign. Her letter acknowledging her role in the speech debacle appeared on corporate letterhead from the Trump Organization. And she is not listed as being paid by the Trump campaign on any available reports filed with the Federal Election Commission.

Corporations are banned from donating directly or through in-kind services to political Ad Campaigns. McIver could have volunteered her services, but her offer to resign from the Trump Organization suggests that she was acting within her job responsibilities. (Donald Trump rejected that offer.)

Read more >>>>

Meanwhile, hardly a speaker takes the stage in Cleveland without bashing Hillary.  One of the memes is that laws do not apply to her the same way that they do to everyone else, the reverse of James Comey’s statement before the House Oversight Committee.  Actually, that meme befits Trump and his campaign more accurately.

Who knows what to expect tonight? We’ve seen some crazy conventionsJohn Avlon, on the ground in Cleveland, files from a gloomy perspective.



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I know it irritates some people when I attend to girly things, and I have taken some heat for even noticing clothes and accessories, but they matter.

Hillary wore green at Dartmouth yesterday.


It reminded me that long ago I noticed a pattern and, in response to a suggestion that she drab down the look, posted about Hillary’s use of her pantsuits.  She actually was sending very clever and well-received messages to those whose languages she did not speak.  Clearly it was intentional and very effective.

It IS the Pantsuit, Stupid!

August 13, 2009

Well, I am about to snap that anybody would write an article like this about this pantsuit or any of Hillary’s pantsuits, or about Hillary’s signature style. This article by Anne Bratskeir appeared in an online Newsday blog today: Hillary Clinton pantsuit saga continues .

First and foremost let me make it clear that pantsuits should be the least of our issues when Hillary is on her longest trip, has visited incredibly dangerous places, made audacious and courageous statements, and signed agreements of great importance for development in Africa and the evolution of democracy there. Having said that, I must object strongly to this uninformed article by someone who has not bothered to investigate what Hillary is doing and prefers to critique her attire.

07-28-09-3_cropHillary prefers pants for the same reason many women who are photographed seated at times or must sit in front of people do. She often does wear separates, your novel suggestion – or that of one of your consultants. But she goes monochromatic often because it lengthens her appearance. I, personally think she looks smashing in her pantsuits. She is gorgeous in this.

Apparently lost on you is the fact that Hillary often USES the “jelly bean” colors you refer to as a code. This is something SHE can do that men cannot, and it is VERY effective diplomatically. THE WHOLE COUNTRY OF EL SALVADOR loved this:

Read and see more >>>>

In that article, note the use of accessories (scarf and pin) to symbolize the flag of Afghanistan.

It came as a bit of a shock today to see this.
Donald Trump


Yes.  It is this.

We are used to photographers focusing on accessories on the red carpet.

Helen+Mirren+Premiere+Bleecker+Street+Media+2PBcI482IAJl(That is DBE Helen Mirren at the L.A. premiere of Trumbo.)

Certainly wife-of-Trump is on plenty of those.  But she is no DBE and this was a U.S. presidential debate, not a red carpet.

So, yes, I noticed Hillary’s ruby slippers on Colbert.  It was late night TV (read: entertainment) not the Benghazi hearing –  not even a campaign event and not a presidential debate.

There were many OMG! moments during last night’s debate, but this might have been the biggest WTF yet!  #MakeAmericaBritishAgain?  On the night The Donald told us the minimum wage should stay put where it is and we all need to work harder?

JSYK: Elizabeth Warren has proposed a one-time payment of a little more than $520 to seniors in lieu of the COLA increase Social Security recipients are not receiving for 2016. (It won’t pass.  You know that.)   This clutch costs more than three times that amount. (So shoot me for noticing clothes, shoes and accessories.  As I said, sometimes it matters.)

Melania Trump grasped the $1700 purse by late British designer Alexander McQueen as she supported husband Donald in his fourth GOP debate



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