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Today, Hillary was there as Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York signed two bills into law: one raising the state’s minimum wage to $15 per hour and the other granting paid family leave.

It is unfortunate that this post popped up in a newsfeed prior to the event.  To forestall inaccurate and exploitative narratives regarding this event, a few things need to be clarified.

First, Hillary Clinton endorsed this effort long ago.  Her role in this movement has always been clear.

Hillary Clinton Supports Minimum Wage Hike

Clinton urges the creators of the “Fight for 15” movement to continue their work

Second, to cast this victory as one for which any candidate or official might “take credit” is crass exploitation.  This is a victory for American workers and families.  This was a grassroots effort, not the brainchild of any candidate for office. Bernie Sanders arrived in New York last week.  Hillary has been here since 1999 and New Yorkers know her as a former senator who worked hard for their interests.


Look for Hillary at 1:10:48

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It is admirable that both candidates campaigning under the Democratic Party umbrella share support for initiatives that affect the common good, but no single candidate can claim ownership of an issue. It is wrongheaded and divisive. Solutions differ, but the problems they seek to address are the same.

Today was a victory for New Yorkers, and Hillary celebrated, rightfully, with the people she supported who worked toward this.  Any other narrative is self-serving nonsense, and Senator Sanders does need to take better control over how his surrogates and supporters represent his candidacy.  The ship is not tight.  If this is how he runs a campaign, how would he run the White House?



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A majority of lower wage jobs are held by women. Raising the minimum wage is good for women & for the economy.

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