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As announced last week, Hillary Clinton flew to Montreal today to attend the Ministerial Preparatory Conference on Haiti, hosted by her Canadian counterpart, Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon. The purpose of the conference was to initiate a plan, a road map, for the reconstruction of Haiti, the poorest country in the Americas , devastated by the cataclysm of the 7.0 earthquake of January 12. No results of this conference have been made public as yet, however there are plenty of pictures of this large and important event in which the United States, and Hillary Clinton, in particular, played a special role.

She was greeted by Canadian Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon, who was supposed to have met with her last week to plan for the conference, but his plane was grounded for mechanical reasons, and they conferred by phone instead.

There was enormous international participation.

They began with a moment of silence for the victims of the earthquake. I like this picture because it is Prime Minister Bellerive, Prime Minister Harper, and Hillary.

Haitian Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive spoke to the assembly about the situation in Haiti.

The Secretary clearly has a warm relationship with Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

She spoke to the press.

These pictures are from the closing statements. We see Hillary speaking as well as French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner.

This picture! For so MANY reasons! Hillary with Mexican Secretary of Foreign Affairs Patricia Espinosa Cantellano. Strong Imter-American friendship.

Hillary has fans everywhere. Clearly she has won some Canadian hearts. They have superb taste!

Of course today is only Monday and the week is young. The turbo-Secretary continues a foreign travel agenda this week as announced by P.J. Crowley below.

Secretary Clinton to Travel to London and Paris

Philip J. Crowley
Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Public Affairs
Washington, DC
January 25, 2010

Secretary of State Clinton will travel to London and Paris from January 26 to 29, 2010.

In London, Secretary Clinton will attend a ministerial meeting on Yemen on January 27 and the International Conference on Afghanistan on January 28. The goal of the Yemen meeting is to consolidate international support for Yemen, coordinate assistance efforts, and reach agreement on assisting Yemen in its political and economic reform efforts. The objective of the London Conference on Afghanistan is to demonstrate the international community’s support for Afghanistan’s future and the agenda outlined by President Karzai in his November 19 inauguration speech. The meetings will focus on the implementation of our strategy in support of Afghanistan’s security, governance and development, and improved international civilian coordination.

The Secretary will end her trip in Paris, where she will give a speech on European security, in addition to meeting with President Sarkozy and Foreign Minister Kouchner to discuss the international Haiti relief effort, developments in Iran, Yemen, Afghanistan and Pakistan, and an array of other issues of mutual concern.

Hillary Clinton in Paris? It must be Spring!

On the serious side, Haiti does require surgical intervention to its infrastructure AND superstructure ASAP. It is good that today’s meeting took place quickly. Much needs to be done before the hurricane season/rainy season hits. On the news today, I saw that many people are migrating to Gonaives. That is a city that was badly hit by the hurricanes and tropical storms two years ago. When storms come to Haiti, the water rushes down the deforested mountains in torrents and washes everything, people, livestock, cars, and other machines out to sea. Tents will not be enough.

Today, Secretary Clinton announced that she will run an International Haiti Donors Conference in March at the U.N. You may remember her words at the Haiti Donors Conference last April in D.C. That speech was simply spot-on.

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