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I am sure, if you were among those who signed Hillary’s Mother’s Day card, that you have already received your personal thank you note from her. It is so sweet. I cannot resist sharing it.

I just got the Mother’s Day card that thousands of people signed, including you! I really loved it, and I appreciated that so many of you took time to send me good wishes.

Today, I’m thinking a lot about my mom, Dorothy. She had a tough childhood, sent away by her parents and working to support herself as a housemaid by the time she was 14. Despite not always having the support she needed, she found a way to become an amazing, supportive mother to my brothers and me. I remember one summer, my brother wanted to dig a hole to China, and he worked at it every day — every so often, my mother would hide a chopstick or fortune cookie in the hole to make him think he was getting there.

Some of you shared stories about your mothers this week, and many of them struck a chord: Juanita from Florida talked about working alongside her mom, who was a farmworker, and listening to her talk about the importance of a good education. Today, Juanita has a PhD.

Sylvia from Texas told me that her mother started working as a nanny when she was just 12, much like my mom. Now, with her mother’s support, Sylvia is getting ready to go to college.

It’s been almost five years since we lost my mother, and I’m grateful every day for how she shaped my life, and how much she taught me about how to be a good mom to Chelsea. I hope she’d be proud of this campaign, of our work to break down the barriers that hold Americans back, and of our focus on building a world filled with love and kindness.

I’m looking forward to spending time today with my wonderful daughter and granddaughter — I hope you get to see some people you love, too. At its core, that’s what this campaign is about: making life better for the people we love. I’m so grateful you’re a part of this. I know we’re going to do great things together.

Thank you again,


Just my opinion, Hillary, but I am certain that your mom is watching your campaign with love and enormous appreciation for your tremendous, selfless effort in this campaign to break down barriers and make love and kindness the core of policies going forward.  Have a wonderful day with your lovely family!


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Wishing both Hillary and Chelsea a wonderful Mother’s Day!  Charlotte’s Grandma for president!

Happy Mother's Day!


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Don’t miss your chance to win: Hillary for America

Friend — My mother was a remarkable woman — supportive, challenging, affectionate, and kind. She set the expectation for me and my daughter that nothing was outside of our reach. No one had a bigger influence on my life or did more to shape the person I am today. It’s wonderful to see Chelsea share those dreams as she raises her daughter in the same meaningful way. Mother’s Day is a moment to appreciate the women in our lives who make us who we are. I want to help make the day special for someone in your life. Next Sunday, I’ll be calling five supporters’ moms to share a special message of how much they’re appreciated. Sign up now to be automatically entered for a chance to add your mom or someone special in your life to the list, and next Sunday we could have a chance to talk: https://www.hillaryclinton.com/mothers-day-call Thank you, Hillary

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Mother’s Day gift idea: a call from Hillary. Sign up for a chance to surprise a mom you love:

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Wishing  Secretary Clinton and all the moms here a wonderful Mother’s Day!

Clinton 2008 Profile


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All of the past week, as Hillary Rodham Clinton wound up yet another whirlwind tour of Asia,  my thoughts of her were centered on Mothers’  Day.   Your first Mothers’ Day without your mom is a tough one.  After that they all are, but that first one is especially raw and rough.  It is that worst Mothers’ Day that all your life you have known is coming.  If your mom was always your biggest champion and wisest advisor (mine was), you feel her absence on that day even as you rejoice that you were lucky enough to have had such a loyal (if biased)  mom as your cheerleader.  So it did not surprise me when, in closing out her official appearances for the week,  as she accepted yet another award at the New York Women’s Foundation Breakfast early Thursday morning, Mme. Secretary celebrated the woman who was her mother, Dorothy Howell Rodham.

Even though we are living in a world of virtual reality, nothing substitutes for personal relationships. Nothing can replace that caring from one person passed on to another and another and another.

I learned this lesson very early from my mother, and since we are approaching Mother’s Day, I’ve been thinking about her a lot, since I lost her last November. And I was always struck at how despite a life that was much more difficult than anything I’ve ever experienced – abandonment and abuse and just really unfortunate kinds of early experiences – my mother had a resilience and a commitment to her family that she worked hard on every single day. And I often wondered – how did that happen? How could it be that you would be abandoned by your young parents and given responsibility at the age of eight to get on a train in Chicago with your six-year-old sister and take her all by yourselves to California to live with your paternal grandparents? How do you emerge from that emotional turmoil, that vacuum that still today too many children are placed into?

And when I got old enough to understand I remember asking my mother – how did you do this? How did you really survive without being paralyzed or embittered, being able to find from somewhere within the love that you shared and gave to others? And I’ll never forget what she said. She said at critical points in my life somebody showed me kindness; somebody gave me help. (Applause.)

Sometimes it would seem so small, but it would mean so much – the teacher in elementary school who would notice that she never had money to buy milk, who every day would buy two cartons of milk and then say to my mother, “Dorothy, I can’t drink this other carton of milk. Would you like it?” Or the woman who gave her a job in her house when my mother was 13 or 14 because she had to leave her grandparents’ home, and so she went to work as a full-time babysitter. But the deal was that if she got the children up and ready to go to school, then she could still go to high school, and so that’s what she did. And then the woman of this house where she lived would notice that she had only one blouse that she had to wash every day. All of a sudden, the woman would say, “Dorothy, I can’t fit into this blouse anymore and I’d hate to throw it away. Would you like it?”

Now, we think of those things as the kind of just personal connection and kindnesses that we take for granted. And in a time back in the 1920s when there weren’t a lot of formal organizations doing this kind of work, that’s what really mattered. Well, certainly today we still are primarily dependent upon individuals and institutions that are conveying the same level of kindness and caring.

We know that our Hillary learned well the lessons Dorothy taught her, and I have never let a Mothers’ Day go by on this blog that I have not expressed thankfulness that this self-effacing woman gave us such a well-nurtured daughter whom so many of us see as the best, brightest, most capable of contemporary leaders.  This one shall be no different.  Thank you so very much, Mrs. Rodham.  I miss you as I miss my own mom.

We also know that our Hillary is an outstanding mom herself.  Like her friend and mentor Jackie Kennedy Onassis, she raised a special daughter whom she managed to protect from the glare of the spotlight even as she allowed her a natural space to bloom and excel.

I love this picture for the look on Chelsea’s face and for Hillary’s hand on her heart where it so often travels when she speaks of her daughter.

This year, Forbes has named our hard-working, very effective Secretary of State the Number One Power Mom.  Yes, despite all the miles she flies and summits, interviews, town halls,  and ministerials she attends, she still considers being a mom her number one job and the most demanding one she has ever held.

World’s 20 Most Powerful Moms

Jenna Goudreau, Forbes Staff

With Mother’s Day around the corner, ForbesWoman analyzed the annual list of the world’s 100 most powerful women—based on money controlled, decision-making power and multiple measures of influence—and teased out the moms who are at the top of their game. From spheres of government, business, entertainment and philanthropy, these 20 moms rule the roost–and the world.

This year, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, mom of daughter Chelsea, ranks No. 1. With one of the biggest jobs in the world, Clinton is still a mother first. Two years ago as Chelsea planned to walk down the aisle, Clinton used email to stay abreast of wedding preparations, review photos and offer support. Global diplomacy and duties as a mother-of-the-bride were both “serious, important and stressful” jobs, she said at the time.

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So this weekend, I once again thank God that Dorothy Rodham raised this awesome daughter, this leader, role model and tireless warrior for women, children, and girls.   I wish that daughter and mom a happy, if  bittersweet Mothers’ Day, a long, healthy life, and anything her heart desires for her future.

Happy Mothers’ Day to all the moms here!

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The woman to whom I am most grateful, when Mother’s Day rolls around, is, of course my own mom, who is gone now, but I would not be here without her.  Like all moms, she made a few mistakes, but holding me back was never one of them.  I thank her for never letting me think there was anything I could not do.

After her, I am grateful to Mrs. Dorothy Rodham who has given us our brilliant, beautiful, and assiduous Secretary of State.   Thank you, Mrs. Rodham for your wonderful work, and for giving us your amazing little girl!  Happy Mother’s Day to you.

Madame Secretary, for all of your hard work, your concern for the people around you, the demanding travel schedule, your artful, masterful use of smart power, and all of your wonderful successes in your post, I hope you have a wonderful day full of love and pampering.   You very much deserve it!  Happy Mother’s Day!

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If you go over to the Babble Most Loved Celebrity Mom Poll, you will see that the most loved celebrity mom this Mother’s Day weekend is Hillary Rodham Clinton, our sweet, smart,  beautiful, hard-working,  and dedicated  Secretary of State.   Below you can see the video and text of her remarks this Mother’s Day weekend  to the  parents who work for her State Department.   The bolded emphasis is mine.  I remember that more than a year ago, when she first arrived at the State Department, Secretary Clinton was asked about benefits for domestic partners.  She promised to look into it, did so, and by June was able to announce that State would be extending those benefits.

Below we see yet another example of her hard work for her people at State.  Even before she goes to Congress to fight for these benefits, she is encouraging her people to request and grant them.   Hillary Clinton knows what is fair and fights for it.  She watches out for her people.  In fact, when she was running for President, she was looking out for all of us, and even though she now is limited to one (huge) department, I think she believes everyone should have these benefits.

On Mother’s Day weekend we see our adorable SOS being a Super Boss, but her particular style of being a Super Boss is to be a Super Mom to her employees.   That is why Hillary’s People love her!  Well, it is ONE reason, anyway, among many.

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ We love you, Hillary!!~!!~ Happy Mother’s Day! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Mother’s Day And State Department Leave Policy For New Parents

Hillary Rodham Clinton
Secretary of State
Washington, DC
May 7, 2010

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the proud parents of the State Department. We honor and thank each of you for the sacrifices you have made in order to serve our country while raising your family.

I know how challenging it can be to balance the demands of work and family. Whether you’re welcoming a new baby, juggling soccer practice and piano lessons, or even helping plan your daughter’s wedding – parenting can be more than a full time job.

So today I’m recommitting the State Department to do all we can to support parents, especially new mothers and fathers. We will continue to do all we can to advance paid sick leave to new mothers recuperating from childbirth, family members caring for the mother, as well as those caring for a newborn with a serious ailment or disability, and the employees that are in the process of the adoption efforts that I know can be so difficult.

We will do all we can to support requests for advanced annual leave to care for and bond with a newborn or newly adopted child. Many of you have been taking these steps for years on your own, but I want to encourage all of you to ask for and grant this time – time that I hope will help make you and your families healthier and happier.

We can and should do more to provide public servants with the same maternity and paternity leave benefits that many private sector employers already offer. They’re standard for many other governments around the world. It’s not enough to just talk about the importance of family – our policies must reflect our commitment and our values.

This is something I have worked for over my entire career and I am proud that President Obama shares this goal. And while we work with Congress to take additional steps – steps that are overdue – the State Department will do what we can for you and your families.

Together we are working all over the globe to ensure that children have the health, support and the chance to live up to their God-given potential. Well of course we want the same thing for all the children in the State Department family as well, from Washington to our posts around the world. We say it all the time, but boy we sure do believe it and are reminded of it every day – they are our most precious resource and responsibility.

So once again, thank you to all the parents and I wish all of you a safe and happy Mother’s Day.

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