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To cap off a tumultuous day wherein AG Barr stonewalled many incisive questions from Democratic members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Hillary Clinton paid a visit to Rachel Maddow. Here are a few snippets.


ICYMI you can find the full episode here >>>>

Here is a synopsis from CNN. (Nice sign that the free media is inter-cooperative.)

Clinton: Barr’s argument for the President being able to fire investigators is ‘the road to tyranny’



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In one of his final appearances on the Senate floor, Senator John McCain urged his colleagues on both sides of the aisle to get back to regular order. Hillary Clinton echoed that imperative on The Rachel Maddow Show last night. Appearing on the anniversary of the release of her book, What Happened, and upon the release of the paperback edition with a new afterword (also published in The Atlantic), Hillary addressed, among other topics, the Kavanaugh confirmation logjam, the Special Counsel probe, the Manafort deal, and the ongoing Russian influence not only in our elections but in our very interactions.

Rachel began the interview quoting from the piece that ran in The Atlantic, and asked Hillary why she is afraid of losing our country. Hillary responded saying that putting aside ideological concerns we have to defend our democracy. Degrading the rule of law, de-legitimizing elections, attacking truth and reason, undermining our unity … is a crisis. She said the authoritarian tendencies, left unchecked could result in the erosion of our institutions to an extent that we have never imagined here. We are not there yet, she contends, but that is because there is an election. “We need a new Congress, and we need a new Republican party.”

With a new Congress, Hillary thinks we need an agenda broader than one of impeachment. She listed policy changes already made, and said those need to be addressed. If people do not go out and vote, she thinks we will see more dismantling of institutions.

She believes that she was clearly a part of the puzzle where Russian interference was concerned in 2016, but she thinks they are playing a longer game of undermining democracy here and globally.  She said, “Foreign money, foreign interference in our elections, I don’t care if it’s from the right, the left, the center, up, down; I don’t care where it’s from. It’s wrong. It’s illegal,and the American people deserve to know if it happened so we can try to prevent it.”¹

Rachel replayed a clip from a year ago where Hillary said we have to depend on those around Trump to be our first line of defense against him doing something that might have serious repercussions. The Times op-ed of September 5 and Bob Woodward’s Fear appear to show that remark to have been predictive.

Her prediction now is that after the election Trump will wholesale fire people. She said he is close to being uncontrollable. She is hoping people will see that we need checks and balances and will vote accordingly. While she has not heard any specifics of invocation of the 25th Amendment, she thinks there are private discussions in the White House, and that people are worried.

It was a broad, extensive interview and thought-provoking. Hillary has warned us in the past. Once again she is sounding the alarms. Yes, we must get out the vote. But we must do more. We need to hold the government accountable. First, we must hold the line. Then, we must repair the damage. That demands advocacy. It is going to take more than a village. It is going to take the whole country.

See the full interview here >>>>



¹Please bear this comment in mind and take it very seriously to heart if you are one of those who defends a “Hillary supporter” whom you suspect or know not to be American but who insists upon not only impersonating an American but also insists upon telling Americans how to think and how to vote. Proxies, trolls, sock puppets, and bots take every side. There is a purpose to this alleged support. Do not be duped.

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When will time be up for Chris Matthews?  How does he keep his head when so many others have rolled? MSNBC cut Tamron Hall and Joan Walsh loose, but keep him. What could possibly be the justification in light of this?

On January 5, 2016, MSNBC Hardball host Chris Matthews interviewed Hillary Clinton in an Iowa fire station during the Democratic primary season. Network footage obtained by the Cut shows Matthews, during the interview setup, making a couple of “jokes” about Clinton. He asks, “Can I have some of the queen’s waters? Precious waters?” And then, as he waits for the water, he adds, “Where’s that Bill Cosby pill I brought with me?” Matthews then laughs, delighted with the line, for an extended moment, as the staffers around him react with disbelief, clearly uncomfortable. (Cosby has been accused of sexual impropriety by dozens of women, some of whom allege that they were drugged and raped by the comedian.)

Read more  and see video >>>>

When will his outrageous behavior and comments warrant retribution in the eyes of the big wigs over there?

Phone: 1-212-664-4444  EMAIL: letters@msnbc.com  Tweet @MSNBC


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Hillary sat down with Chris Hayes Monday night.

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I don’t know why I am always blown away by how much information Hillary Clinton can pack into a few minutes, but I am. Hillary was on for 55 minutes. She had spoken uninterrupted and said so much at the beginning that I thought she had used up half the show. Then I looked at the clock.  She had been speaking for only 14 minutes.

Rachel noted, at the end, that Hillary made some very strong comments regarding Facebook, Fake Americans, and the influence they held over our election. This is, as Rachel notes, a national security issue.  I keep saying, it does not really matter which side a Fake American pretends to be on. A Fake American “Hillary supporter” is just as capable of impugning Hillary and/or other Democrats and Americans in general with untrue or alarmist statements as a Fake American on the right.

During the 2015-2016 election cycle, I applied a bit less scrutiny than normal in accepting Facebook friends. My intention was an expansion of an audience for Hillary’s words, plans, and voter base and to drum up donations. I succeeded in doubling the number of Facebook friends tied to Hillary from the post-2008 number.

In the aftermath, I discovered that I had indeed accepted friend requests from some questionable entities who were less than forthcoming vis-à-vis their nationality/citizenship and location. My bad! I intend to be more assiduous in vetting friends in the future and to do my small part in depriving duplicitous and noxious trolls a platform on my news feeds for their fictional news. If there is a single divergence between these folks and the woman they claim to love and hold as a role model, it is on the role of honesty and transparency in trust.

During the campaign, there were detractors who questioned Hillary’s honesty. She is among the most painfully honest people in the public eye. So it is ironic that these impostors resist transparency. That can only raise questions about their trustworthiness.

That said, I think we all can appreciate the honest foreign nationals who admire Hillary and provide truthful coverage of her initiatives.

This community here contributed impressively in many ways to Hillary’s campaign: phone banking, pounding the pavement and knocking on doors, registering voters, providing primary day information, and making donations.

Hillary has made it clear that she will not appear on another ballot, but she is not leaving the arena. We will all be here to boost her efforts going forward.

Here is the full interview in case you missed it. Probably tomorrow Rachel will have the complete one-on-one posted at her website. It will play again at midnight EDT.


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Many pundits are giving Donald Trump extra points by grading him “on the curve.”  Assuming  grades are based on the same rubric or standard. let’s review when and when not a curve should be implemented.  If you give a test and the highest grade is 70, your test was either too hard or did not properly address the material.  One option is simply to throw out that test and the scores. Another is to curve the scores by boosting the top score near to 100.  All the lower scores get boosted equally. In a case like this you might just add 30 points to every score.

When there is just one single score that is near the top, that score rules the curve. The person who achieves that top score is the one who “wrecks the curve.”  Now, you may add points to everyone’s score, but you cannot add much.  You cannot add more than that top score would require to be perfect.

The fact that Hillary Clinton comes into a forum or debate better experienced and better prepared than Donald Trump does not imply the necessity to implement a curve.  If Hillary hits an A-,  let’s say a 95,  that grade does not translate to “curving” Trump’s grade much higher than what he achieved.  He gets graded according to the same rubric/standard where A is the top.  You can curve the grades and  boost Hillary’s grade to 100. If Trump made 70 he can be boosted to 75.  It is still a C. It does not mean that for showing up and making remarks he gets an A- because we are “grading him on a curve,” and he is so less experienced and prepared than she.  We are grading both on a rubric.  We are using a standard.

Now, if we are talking about differentiating grading (i.e. the standard) because one participant is advantaged over another, that is another matter entirely.  But do we want to differentiate evaluations for the potential leader of the free world?  There is a lot that is unfair going on here.  Donald Trump is not the one being treated unfairly.  He has been provided a wide berth and a lot of cushion.

So before the debates start, gathering lessons from this badly managed forum, let’s not get all wobbly on how we “grade on the curve.”  We use it as needed when the entire test has somehow failed.  We do not use it when one participant has excelled.  We do not use it when one person has wrecked the curve.  One person.  Like this one.



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Hillary was the first candidate to appear at the MSNBC/NBC Commander-in-Chief Forum tonight.  Matt Lauer began with a question about what Hillary saw as the most important characteristic for Commander-in-Chief.  Hillary replied: steadiness.

Our next Commander-in-Chief needs to have the steadiness, strength, and judgment to make life and death decisions.

Then Lauer launched into the emails. Hillary re-explained for the nth time the classification markings. Then came the Iraq war vote.  Hillary explained that succinctly and went on to speak about her record on her broader work on legislation for the military. Said she views force as a last resort.

Hillary has spent decades fighting for veterans, members of the military, and their families.

Re: Iran nuclear deal “if Iran cheats.”  Hillary pulled that deal back into context and provided a rationale for putting together the coalition and imposing the sanctions.

“I will not let the VA be privatized.” —Hillary

We need to do everything we can to remove barriers to the health care our veterans need—whether physical or mental.

Unlike her opponent, Hillary’s plan to defeat ISIS is not a secret.

It should be noted that Hillary popped up out of her seat, stood, and walked while addressing questions several times.  Trump remained enthroned throughout.  So much for the question of who has stamina and who does not.

Trump came on and spoke at length about Hillary and President Obama when he was told not to.  He also informed all and sundry that Iraq has oil!  He said people do not know that.  Really?  Most kids entering 5th grade this week know that as they also knew before his “big reveal” in Detroit that Abe Lincoln was a Republican.  What is wrong with him? He seems uneducated even at a basic level. That or he thinks we are.  So supercilious.  So arrogant.  So infuriating!

Trump was allowed to bash Hillary and President Obama throughout and even compared President Obama unfavorably to Vladimir Putin and accepted Putin’s compliment about him.  That was disgusting!

Lauer was exceptionally contentious with Hillary and repeatedly interrupted her especially when she referred to Trump.  He was very lenient with Trump’s attacks on Hillary.  He made no effort to control that and allowed Trump to misquote her.  Hillary never said the plan to privatize the VA was Trump’s plan.  She said there is a plan, not that it was his plan, but is supported by him. We all know Trump doesn’t have any plans!  And why was he allowed to hear everything Hillary said???? What???

In the post-forum analysis, very smart people do not know what Trump means by “take the oil.”  What do you mean “What does he mean?????”  ISIS knows what he means!

And there is this!

Trump cites resignation of Mexican official as proof his Mexico visit was successful

Donald Trump pointed to the resignation earlier Wednesday of a high-ranking Mexican official as proof that his trip to Mexico last week was a success.“If you look at what happened, look at the aftermath today, the people who arranged the trip in Mexico have been forced out of government,” Trump said in a commander-in-chief forum hosted by NBC News in New York. “That’s how well we did, and that’s how well we’re going to do have to do.”

Read more >>>>

My final two cents: Matt Lauer was a terrible choice for moderator, and he performed pretty much as we knew he would.  I would have been happier with Lester Holt or Joy Reid.  OK three cents: I blame the Republican Party for Donald Trump. Not that Cruz or Rubio would have been better, but there were sane traditionalists there, Jeb, Kasich, Lindsey. You gave us this guy to contend with and even you all don’t want him!

Here is an annotated transcript from WaPo.

The first Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump showdown of 2016, annotated

By Aaron Blake, Amber Phillips and Callum Borchers September 7

Hillary’s campaign would like you to see this:

Is Donald Trump ready to be our next Commander-in-Chief?

Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un will be rooting for him tonight.

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Wishing everyone a lovely and safe holiday weekend.  It promises to be a blustery one on the east coast, so batten down the hatches and be sure you have necessary supplies.

One thing Americans do over summer holiday weekends is party.  We barbeque or bring pot luck to the picnic.

This guy, who visited Joy Reid last night when she was filling in for Chris Hayes at All In seems not to understand, nor does Trump whom he was representing, that assimilation is a two-way street.

Immigrants quickly adopt American holidays, and Americans tend to be inclusive about immigrant contributions.  Especially when it comes to food, Americans welcome a broad array of traditions.

So when Marco Gutierrez, founder of the group Latinos for Trump, issued what he thought was a dire warning, Americans were all a-Twitter with the hashtag #TacoTrucksOnEveryCorner.  They were most creative!

There are T-shirts and many pictures of beautiful tacos.  Even fusion tacos!

Democrats hopped on the taco truck with gusto!  Forthwith, there was a taco truck parked outside Trump’s Colorado headquarters serving lunch and registering voters.

Hillary’s Brooklyn HQ joined in  – all fired up!

The twitterstorm was quickly usurped by the whole Hillary 2016 movement where convoys of taco trucks came to represent what most saw as positive all the way around, for the country and the economy.

Whatever apocalyptic visions Gutierrez sought to communicate, Americans on Twitter embraced the concept and even a few tweets from the UK and the Netherlands bespoke a desire for a candidate who would bring taco trucks to London and Amsterdam, Brexit notwithstanding.

The most popular comment was, “Dude, you said that like it was a bad thing!”  So far, no one has figured out what was supposed to be so awful.  Seems impossible to find  anyone who isn’t down with #TacoTrucksOnEveryCorner.

¡Sí se puede! We are so there!  As opposed to this at Beau’s (apparently a sandwich tractor).

One thing is for certain.  There is broad agreement in the Democratic ranks that November 8, 2016 will be #TacoTuesday!




On a serious note, if you are facing the storm this weekend, we pray you stay safe. I can say this.  When Superstorm Sandy blew my house to pieces, the contractor who had scaffolding up within days was Mexican.  I did not ask to see his documents before he started closing up my poor, damaged home.  I didn’t care.  My insurance company didn’t care, and my town officials didn’t care either.  I hope no one has that kind of weekend.

Wishing everyone a Happy Labor Day weekend. Enjoy the hamburgers, hot dogs, pizzas, falafels, Korean BBQ, sushi, kebabs, French fries, General Tso’s, and tacos.  Who’s bringing the guacamole?  The sangria is on me!  Pour yourself a nice frosty margarita or cerveza and join the fun here >>>>







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If I had a dollar for every time over almost eight years that I have heard Hillary Clinton explain, in so many countries as well as here at home, that we have regular, peaceful transitions of power in this country, I would give every dollar to Hillary for America.

Most recently, she made what has become a boilerplate remark of hers about our democracy when she appeared with President Obama in Charlotte.

Some of you might remember, that he and I competed against each other as hard as we could back in 2008. But when it was over, I was proud to endorse him and campaign for him.

And I’ll never forget when he called me the Sunday after the election, asking me to come to Chicago. It turned out he wanted me to be Secretary of State, and I don’t think anybody saw that coming – especially me.

And as I travelled on behalf of our country, a lot of people around the world asked how President Obama and I could work so well together after being such fierce competitors. In some places, the person who loses an election gets exiled or executed, not asked to be Secretary of State.

But President Obama asked me to serve, and I accepted. You know why? We both love our country.

That is how democracy is supposed to work. We just celebrated 240 years of independence. In America, we put common interest before self-interest. We stand together because we know we’re stronger together.


So it it especially jarring and disconcerting to hear crowds at the Republican Convention in Cleveland chanting “Lock her up.!”  Really?

The Republican convention’s fixation on locking up Hillary Clinton is really disturbing

CLEVELAND — It’s pretty disturbing to hear a large crowd at a major party convention repeatedly call for the jailing of the leader of the other major party.

And I’ve heard that happen again and again at the Republican convention so far, as the clear favorite chant of the attendees is: “Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up!”

It’s not just the crowd. Three speakers at the podium on the first day of the convention called for Hillary Clinton to be jailed.

And Chris Christie’s speech on day two, while nominally a critique of Clinton’s foreign policy judgment, was framed as a “prosecution” of Clinton in which he repeatedly asked the crowd whether she was “guilty” or “not guilty.”

Naturally, the crowd interrupted Christie four times with the “lock her up” chant. Indeed, the idea of sentencing Clinton to prison has been the only thing that’s really excited the crowd so far on this listless second day.

To me, all this seemed like a new crossing of a line and an ugly degradation of a norm in American politics.

Read more >>>>


Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton Speaks at the Old State House in Springfield, Ill., July 13, 2016.
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton Speaks at the Old State House in Springfield, Ill., July 13, 2016.
Photo by Andrew Harnik/AP

The GOP’s preoccupation with imprisoning Clinton isn’t normal

At any major party’s national convention, partisans aren’t going to use kid gloves when going after the other party’s nominee. It stands to reason that when Republicans target Hillary Clinton in Cleveland this week, they’re going to use every possible line of attack they can think of. It’s just how the game is played.
But Vox’s Andrew Prokop picked up on GOP messaging from the first night of the Republican National Convention that goes much further than anything Americans are accustomed to.
One of the most striking recurring suggestions of the Republican convention’s first day was that Hillary Clinton should be sent to prison.
During retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn’s speech, the delegates began to chant, “Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up!” Soon, Flynn agreed, saying, “Lock her up, that’s right! It’s unbelievable!”
After noting some other speakers who called for Clinton’s imprisonment, Prokop’s piece added, “To me, all this seemed like a new crossing of a line and an ugly degradation of a norm in American politics.”
He’s not the only who thought so. Independent Journal Review’s Justin Green, a conservative journalist, added, “Plagiarism is bad, but it’s remarkable that the headline news today isn’t that speakers at the RNC called for jailing the opposing nominee.”
It’s no small detail. In the American tradition, partisans will blast rivals on every front, but voters are not accustomed to hearing calls for the incarceration of the other party’s presidential candidate.

We stand as the role model of bloodless transition for all the world.  It is beyond not normal.  Steve Schmidt, on MSNBC tonight, called it “Banana Republican” right after I remarked that I had never seen anything like this in this country.

No.  This is not normal.  It is not what we do. It is not how we act. It is not who we are.  We are better than this.


phone calls (2)

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I once read that Hillary Clinton excels at Tetris.  Since I also am very good at that game, I have always wanted to challenge her to a face-off, but she just doesn’t have that kind of time, and, following her, neither do I.  It is appropriate, nevertheless, that this week the Democratic Party has behaved like a game of Tetris with the tiles tumbling in fast and furiously.

Earlier in the week (I can’t believe this is all in the same week), contacted by Associated Press, enough uncommitted special delegates decided to commit to Hillary on the eve of the last Super Tuesday of the primary season giving her the clinch even before the polls opened.  The next day Hillary dominated in four of the six states.

President Obama wasted no time in jumping on the Hillary bus, endorsing her today shortly after meeting privately with Senator Sanders.  Whether the timing was planned or coincidental, former presidential candidate Martin O’Malley also came out with a strong endorsement today.

Clinton finally gets the endorsement of … Martin O’Malley

Thank you, Governor O’Malley!

According to MSNBC, Elizabeth Warren, a powerhouse and darling of the left will endorse Hillary tonight on the Rachel Maddow Show.

Jun 9 2016

Elizabeth Warren to Endorse Clinton on Rachel Maddow Show

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a hero to liberal progressives ideologically aligned with Bernie Sanders’ anti-Wall Street rhetoric, will endorse presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton Thursday night on MSNBC’s the Rachel Maddow Show.

The endorsement will come during an exclusive live interview beginning at 9 p.m.

Warren’s announcement comes the same day President Barack Obama formally backed Clinton in a video lauding her qualifications for the job.

Read more >>>>

Trump “doesn’t care who gets hurt as long as he makes a profit off it. That cannot be the person who leads the United States” —

Elizabeth Warren endorses Hillary Clinton

6 / 22

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., gestures to the crowd after she spoke at the American Constitution Society for Law and Policy 2016 National Convention, Thursday, June 9, 2016, in Washington. © AP Photo/Nick Wass Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., gestures to the crowd after she spoke at the American Constitution Society for Law and Policy 2016 National Convention, Thursday, June 9, 2016, in… It’s official: Elizabeth Warren is backing Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid.

“I’m ready,” she said Thursday on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show. “I am ready to get in this fight and work my heart out for Hillary Clinton to become the next president of the United States and to make sure that Donald Trump never gets anyplace close to the White House.”

Read more >>>>

Shortly before Warren’s appearance, Joe Biden awarded Hillary his endorsement.

Joe Biden Endorses Hillary Clinton For President

“God willing, it’ll be Secretary Clinton.”



Nick Visser Reporter, The Huffington Post

Vice President Joe Biden also criticized Donald Trump during a speech at the American Constitution Society convention on Thursday.

Vice President Joe Biden endorsed presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton for president on Thursday, hours after President Barack Obama publicly declared his support for Clinton.

“In my view, God willing, it’ll be Secretary Clinton,” Biden said, referring to the next president, during an address at the American Constitution Society convention in Washington.

Read more >>>>

Hillary also earned the endorsement of the Letter Carriers Union, the Utility Workers Union, and the Electrical Workers Union.


Hillary Clinton Statement on National Association of Letter Carriers Endorsement

Today, following the endorsement of the National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) and their 290,000 members, Hillary Clinton issued the following statement:

“I am honored to have earned the endorsement of the National Association of Letter Carriers.

“The Postal Service is consistently ranked as the most trusted government agency, and the brothers and sisters of NALC are one reason why. Since our nation’s founding, efficient and effective mail service has connected families and enabled commerce. Today, more than 160 billion pieces of mail travel through the postal system each year—many of them in the hands of a Letter Carrier.

“As President, I will stand with the Letter Carriers to protect workers’ fundamental rights to organize, to bargain collectively, to be safe on the job, and to retire with dignity and security. And I will work with the Letter Carriers to build a bright future for the postal system and postal workers in the 21st century. I know that the postal system is still a vital lifeline for American communities from coast to coast, and recognize the Letter Carriers’ vital role in building the American middle class.

“Above all, workers deserve a seat at the table and a champion in the White House. Because when workers are strong, families are strong—and when families are strong, America is strong.”

The Democratic Party is unifying behind Hillary very quickly while the Republicans remain in disarray over remarks by Donald Trump and the image he projects as “leader” of the party. Apparently the remarks are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to potential problems posed by the presumptive nominee of the GOP who likes to cite in unspecific numbers the “many” people, “hundreds” of people who support his unfiltered comments and positions.

USA TODAY exclusive: Hundreds allege Donald Trump doesn’t pay his bills

Donald Trump casts himself as a protector of workers and jobs, but a USA TODAY NETWORK investigation found hundreds of people – carpenters, dishwashers, painters, even his own lawyers – who say he didn’t pay them for their work.

Read more >>>>

Back in October, after the first debate, I said this: ” I was proud of my party watching this debate and proudest of my candidate, Hillary Clinton, who did a superlative job.”  I am proud again today..

Look for President Obama tonight on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.  The segment was recorded yesterday, before the big endorsement today.



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