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If you are angry or surprised at the way Obama handled the Republican Party, or, for that matter, his own Democrats,  over the course of the past several weeks culminating in the dramatic capitulation to Tea Party demands this week,  you might be interested to see how Hillary Rodham Clinton forecast this fiscal policy in South Carolina during the debate.  Most people were so distracted by the Clintons being called racists during that primary campaign that they probably missed the message here.  It is worth another look.

That is the late, lamented  Stephanie Tubbs Jones  that you see for a fleeting moment applauding  Hillary as she turns to Congressman John Lewis who is also applauding.

This debate was a powerful warning that many missed.

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Over the past several weeks, as we have been watching the drama unfold over the national debt ceiling,  I have avoided allowing the issue to surface much here (except for a few comments)  for good reasons.  First of all, this blog is about Hillary Rodham Clinton and no one else, really.  While the final debt deal will certainly affect her in her current position,  speculation before the fact seemed fruitless.  Secondly,  a strong quality of hers that we admire is her loyalty, and as part of the administration she has certainly demonstrated that characteristic in spades.  I love her, so  I have a strong aversion to posting things that I think would meet with her disapproval or would hurt her in any way.

That said,  the spectacle we have watched unfold has hatched myriad articles from a variety of sources mentioning the name of our Secretary of State, but not in the context of her current post.   Since this IS a blog about Hillary Rodham Clinton, I have decided not to ignore these articles any longer, also for some good reasons.

1.  This blog has always been about Hillary Clinton, not about the Secretary of State.  When it began, she was a U.S. Senator from New York and a presidential candidate.  It will remain a blog about Hillary Clinton no matter what she decides to do next.  If she decides to be a granny in a rocker crocheting doilies for SEWA to sell, I will be posting the pictures of her latest creations. (Stop laughing!)

2.  What is erupting out there in her name is also part of her history and ours.  Ignoring it excises that part of history from these pages and the record here.

3.  Many voices are asking how we can catch her ear and eye.  I do not for a moment think she has time to surf the many blogs about her,  but on the off chance that someone who does have her attention should happen along, I will jump into the pool of people calling out for her to consider, at least, the arguments being raised.

Here are  few of the articles that convinced me that this … dare I call it movement?.. should be visited on this blog.   The first actually dates back to April 4, 2011.

John Phillips: Why Hillary Clinton must run in 2012

There was another from the LA Times last week, but I cannot find that one among the many that have been posted on my Facebook wall.  Maybe a kind reader will provide it.

There was this from Huffington Post.

Forget Obama, Draft Hillary

Today we had this installment from Real Clear Politics which begins thus:

Ed Rendell, do you have plans for 2012? Hillary Clinton? If you, the former Democratic governor of Pennsylvania, or you, the secretary of state, are free next year and wouldn’t mind, would you please launch a primary challenge against President Obama?

Democrats Also Need a Presidential Primary in 2012

Even the grudging Dick Morris had  to admit  in The Hill today that a certain name is buzzing around in certain circles. (Albeit betraying a certain degree of amazement in doing so.)

The pathetic performance of President Obama in the debt debate is showing the left how incompetent and weak a leader it selected. Many are wishing they had Hillary Clinton in the White House instead!

The left turns on Obama

So!  What has sparked this should not matter, but it does.  We have witnessed the incredible disappearing  POTUS, over a two-week period slinking ever back into the shadows and demanding that Harry Reid and company deliver something he can sign rather than taking the lead.   As he signed the final bill today, he was but a wraith.

Rather than emerging as a forceful leader who forged the plan, he sat, the impatient, impotent monarch waiting for the bill to be brought to his pen(s) … reminding me more of George III than of  the other George … his predecessor who stood up to the king.   I believe George W. Bush would have brought more fire into this fight.

The leadership deficit in the White House may be  more serious than any economic deficit we face.  We have more than one deficit that requires reduction.  It is hardly surprising, then, that people like Peggy Noonan,  Cornell West, Harry Belafonte, and even Maureen Dowd have publicly expressed disappointment  in his performance.  Noonan and Dowd called him the L Word.  (Not that one… the other L Word!)

Here is Noonan.

They’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling

Here is Dowd.

Tempest in a Tea Party

This afternoon I read an analysis of the Tea Party that referred to the “hue and cry” of British common law.    I am not convinced that their ranks began at such a grassroots level.  I do, however,  see a hue and cry for Hillary Clinton to run in 2012.  I have been advocating that for a long time on my car bumper.

It is nice to have the company of powerful voices which now concede that mistakes were made,  the leader they thought they had shrinks from leadership like a rabid animal from water,  and a challenge is probably the only way the White House retains a Democratic presence.

For these reasons, from this point forward, if this movement to draft Hillary Clinton or convince her to run continues, the articles encouraging so will be posted here.  This blog will be silent no more on this particular issue at this moment in history.

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US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton attends the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Ministerial Meeting in Nusa Dua on July 22, 2011. Clinton was to start two days of talks with her Asian counterparts focusing on security issues, amid rising tension in the South China Sea. AFP PHOTO / POOL / ADEK BERRY (Photo credit should read ADEK BERRY/AFP/Getty Images)

Hillary Rodham Clinton is perhaps the fiercest defender of the U.S.A. and its interests that I have seen, live, in my time on earth.   I have often stated here that I thank God daily for allowing me to be her contemporary.

In this vitriolic, uncertain climate we have come to accept lately as our quotidian environment, many of us have lost faith that our great country and the Party of Roosevelt can endure in its historic, traditional position of greatness in the world.  Hillary Clinton has been working very hard these past weeks to assure our friends and allies, partners that she has worked tirelessly to cultivate over two-and-a-half years as Secretary of State, that this is and will remain a great and solvent country. (See posts here of her past two weeks of travel from Europe through Asia.)  Those years have yielded hundreds of  trade agreements, entrepreneurial efforts and treaties,  business summits,  and MOUs all crafted under the seal of our current Secretary of State.

But do the American people share her faith?  Current polls say “no,” and last night’s “pep talk” by President Obama is unlikely to alter that.  He who made his career on oratory cannot sustain it without putting his words into action.  Erosion of the public trust cannot be allayed by levees built of words.  The people need to see concrete seawalls constructed against this AA rating tide and its predicted consequences.  Perhaps the most serious deficit this country suffers is not economic, but rather a deficit of bold, sure leadership.

An incisive post by my friend Tanya Domi illustrates the situation brilliantly.  Thank you, Tanya, for the outstanding analysis!

The Beginning Of The End Of The Obama Presidency

by TANYA DOMI on JULY 26, 2011

Before or on August 2, President Barack Obama, a Democratic Party nominated president, will in fact, sign into law a bill that cuts Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid as we know it.

Obama will sign a Republican measure to cut the first and second rail of Democratic Party politics, established by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who launched America’s social and political compact following the dark days of the Great Depression during the 1930s.

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