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When this country was founded, voting was a right for some and a pipe dream for others. While generations of courageous advocates and leaders have helped extend that right to more and more people, the “one voice, one vote” system is still up against the mass gerrymandering that has happened under Republican-controlled state legislatures and governorships since the 2010 elections.Our friends at the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, an Onward Together grantee, have a plan to combat map manipulation by targeting 16 state legislative chambers and three gubernatorial races in 2019-2020 cycle. If you care about fair redistricting, sign up now to learn more about their plan.

Republicans in states across the country have manipulated the system in order to choose their voters, rather than letting voters choose their representatives. We’ve seen the effects of gerrymandering at every level, including more than one presidential election in recent history. Ending “map manipulation” at the national and state level is crucial to the future of our democracy.

Onward Together was a proud partner in the work NDRC did in 2017 to defend three Nevada state senators from a conservative-led recall campaign. Learn more about what the NDRC is doing now to combat gerrymandering by adding your name:

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