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In 2010 and 2012, Bill Clinton, as surrogate for Hillary, campaigned for Democrats who supported her in 2008 while she, as secretary of state was unable to participate in politics.  Newly freed of that status, however,  Hillary Clinton’s is the endorsement many would love to claim.  In California a few weeks ago to pick up an award, Bill Clinton endorsed and did a bit of campaigning for Los Angeles mayoral candidate Wendy Greuel, a Clinton Dem who is running against Obama Dem Eric Garcetti, while neatly excusing Hillary from stepping into the fray.

If friends on the other coast are benefiting from Clinton charisma, those in New York, with whom an exhausted Senator Clinton expected to reacquaint herself following her 2008 presidential primary and subsequent campaign for the Obama-Biden ticket, will not be receiving any Clinton endorsements during the mayoral primary in New York City.

With Anthony Weiner’s expected entry into the mayoral campaign possibly today via a video shot on his childhood front stoop with his wife Huma at his side, both Clintons have declined making  NYC endorsements citing too many friends in the race.

Clintons Steering Clear Of NY Mayor Primary Fray

The Clintons will keep mum in the Democratic primary for mayor.

Former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have personal histories with several contenders in the packed race.

hrc and wjc image.jpgBut their tandem statements come as Anthony Weiner, husband of longtime Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin, is widely expected to go to the videotape in launching a redemptive comeback.

“President Clinton has too many friends in this race who have been good to him and his family,” spokesman Matt McKenna told the Daily News. “He wishes them all well, but won’t be getting involved.”

Nick Merrill, a spokesman for the former First Lady and senator, similarly said “Secretary Clinton knows all of the candidates, she has worked with many of them, and is close with many of them, so won’t be weighing in one way or the other.”

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So while it is clearly a political advantage to be able to claim the power couple as friends,  nothing guarantees their support in a campaign,  even when you are married to their surrogate daughter, your wife  has worked for them, and  the former president performed your marriage ceremony.  Sometimes the field is simply too fraught.

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