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LeBron James brought in J.R. Smith and his little daughter to introduce Hillary at a GOTV rally in Cleveland tonight. Of course the Cleveland crowd loved it.  N.J. people also remember J.R. from his high school days at St. Benedict’s in Newark!

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In the hour before this rally got off the ground, news came of another letter from James Comey to the GOP.  Brian Fallon’s RT of Jason Chaffetz says it all.  That “bombshell” fizzled.  The announcement does not require fireworks.

Let’s build a BIG BLUE WALL and Make Donald Trump pay for his lies, shady cronyism, and innuendo!


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Make calls with the tweeters!

callsforhillaryConfirm your polling location here >>>>

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Here are highlights from Hillary’s “Get Out The Vote” event with Beyonce and Jay Z at Cleveland State University’s Wolstein Center.





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Let’s build a BIG BLUE WALL and Make Donald Trump pay for his lies, shady cronyism, and innuendo!


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Make calls with the tweeters!

callsforhillaryConfirm your polling location here >>>>

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On her travels through Ohio today, Hillary stopped off at Angie’s Soul Cafe in Cleveland and held a rally at Smale Riverfront Park in Cincinnati where Mark Kelly and Gabby Giffords joined her onstage.

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Yes, that is Hillary Clinton in the mouth of The Great Pumpkin.  You know what President Obama say!


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Party on the plane!

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Hillary spoke out today on the issue of the FBI’s investigation of Trump’s Russian relations.  What?  You didn’t know the FBI was investigating Trump?  Could that possibly be because Director Comey is applying a double standard by sending a letter to GOP committee chairs about an investigation related to Hillary’s email while refusing to speak about the investigation of Trump’s Russian ties? (I don’t mean neckties made in Russia.)  Hillary told the audience that it is important to choose the candidate who knows the difference between our allies and our adversaries.

FBI’s Comey opposed naming Russians, citing election timing: Source (via )

In Kent, Clinton Says Trump Cannot Be Trusted With Our National Security, Lays Out Vision for An America That is ‘Stronger Together’

In a speech in Kent, Ohio on Monday, Hillary Clinton continued to highlight the stakes on this election, making the case that Donald Trump is not only unfit to be commander-in-chief but also a clear danger to our national security. Trump cannot be trusted to command our nuclear arsenal, would lose his cool during a national security crisis and has a foreign policy vision contrary to America’s values and geopolitical goals, Clinton said. Trump also has a history of praise for dictators like Saddam Hussein and ties to strongmen like Vladimir Putin, she added, whose government is trying to influence our election and put its thumb on the scale for Donald Trump.

Clinton was introduced by Bruce Blair, a former U.S. Air Force Minuteman intercontinental ballistic missile launch control officer who appeared in an ad for her campaign. The ad, titled “Silo,” highlighted the solemn responsibility of commanding our nuclear arsenal — all the more reason Donald Trump can never sit in the Situation Room.

Clinton laid out a different vision that is “about lifting people up, not tearing each other down” and “says we’re stronger together.” She added, “Millions of people across our country are standing up and saying: We believe in an America that is great because it is good. That is Democrats, Republicans and Independents. Because we believe in an America where women are respected. An America where veterans are honored, parents are supported, and workers are paid fairly … an America where marriage is a right and discrimination is wrong…. an America that leads in the world and lives up to our values… where everyone counts and everyone has a place. Where the American dream is big enough for everyone. This goes way beyond policies and partisanship.  We’re talking about what it really means to be an American in the 21st century. About the basic lessons we want to teach boys and girls, kids and grandkids.” Clinton closed by asking attendees to safeguard our future, security and values by voting early and helping to ensure the largest turnout in our nation’s history. Clinton’s remarks, as transcribed, are below: “Hello, Kent State! And Happy Halloween everybody! It’s great to be back in Ohio – even if, even if the World Series is making life very stressful for Cubs fans everywhere. I want to thank Bruce Blair for that introduction, and for his service to our nation.  I think every American should hear your story over the next 8 days before they vote. I also want to thank everyone who was part of the pre-program. In particular, let me thank Senator Sherrod Brown, such a great senator, my dear friend and great congressman Tim Ryan, State Representative John Boccieri, State Representative Kathleen Clyde, and let me thank the Kent Clarks, the acapella group that sang during the pre-program! My friends, we are about to enter the final week of this election, so I wanted to come back to Ohio, one of the most competitive and consequential battlegrounds in the country, to talk about what’s at stake in this election. But let me start with this.  I’m sure a lot of you may be asking what this new email story is about and why in the world the FBI would decide to jump into an election with no evidence of any wrongdoing with just days to go. That’s a good question! And first of all, for those of you who are concerned about my using personal email, I understand and as I’ve said, I’m not making excuses. I said it was a mistake and I regret it and now they apparently want to look at emails of one of my staffers and by all means, they should look at them. And I am sure they will reach the same conclusion they did when they looked at my emails for the last year. There is no case here. And they said it wasn’t even a close call and I think most people have decided a long time ago what they think about all of this. Now what people are focused on is choosing the next President and Commander-in-Chief of the United States of America. And did any of you see the debates? Well, I think it was important because I had a chance to talk about my 30 years of public service and my plans for our country. And then people could weigh that against what my opponent has done and said. I am running against a man who says he doesn’t understand why we can’t use nuclear weapons. He actually said, ‘Then why are we making them?’ And he wants more countries to have nuclear weapons. Japan, South Korea, even Saudi Arabia.  Imagine nuclear weapons smack in the middle of the Middle East. And if you’re telling yourself he’ll surround himself with smart people who’ll stop these crazy ideas, remember this: When he asked who he consults on foreign policy, Donald Trump said he didn’t need to consult because he said and I quote, ‘I have a very good brain.’  He said he knows more about ISIS than our generals do. No, he does not. And of course, the people Donald Trump has had around him include two men whose activities are reportedly being investigated for their ties to Russia — Vladimir Putin and Putin’s allies. So, in these last days, let’s not get distracted from the real choice in this election and the consequences for your future. I started saying last June, I believe, that Donald Trump has proven himself temperamentally unfit and totally unqualified to be President and Commander-in-Chief. And I’ve got to tell you, I did not take any pleasure in saying that. I have known, I have known for years now people who ran for President, Republicans and Democrats. And I had my differences with Republicans and even with Democrats, but I never doubted their fitness to serve. Donald Trump is different. That’s as serious as it gets. So today, I want to talk about our national security. Because when the election is over and people wake up on November 9th, we will have picked the person who will carry the responsibility for all these weighty decisions. And that should really convince anyone how high the stakes really are in this election. And I just want to focus on three of the most crucial questions facing the next President: Can you be trusted to command our nuclear arsenal and make literally life and death decisions about war and peace? How do you handle a crisis? And do you know the difference between our allies and our adversaries? We’ll start with nuclear weapons. Now, I know there are some who will say that any discussion of this topic could be fear-mongering, but I don’t think so and in part of what you just heard from Bruce Blair. When dozens of retired nuclear launch officers publicly state that Donald Trump should, and I quote, ‘not have his finger on the button,’ then this is a topic that can’t be avoided. And as I’ve said, Donald has repeatedly suggested that more countries should have nuclear weapons. He must not realize or care that the more nuclear material there is in the world, the more likely terrorists are to get their hands on it — or that someone will miscalculate and start a war that can’t be stopped. And when a few more countries go nuclear, their neighbors will feel pressure to do so as well. One of the reasons I worked so hard to impose sanctions on Iran so that we could get them to the negotiating table was so we would not have a nuclear arms race in the Middle East and I am proud that we put a lid on Iran’s nuclear weapons program. But even the prospect of an actual nuclear war doesn’t seem to bother Donald Trump. ‘Good luck, enjoy yourselves, folks,’ was what he had to say about a potential nuclear conflict in Asia. I wonder if he knows that a single nuclear warhead can kill millions of people.  These are weapons today far more powerful than the bombs that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II.  To talk so casually, so cavalierly about mass annihilation is truly appalling. President Ronald Reagan once said — and he worked hard for arms control and I admired what he did working with the Soviet Union — and he once said he feared, and this is a quote from President Reagan, ‘some fool or some maniac or some accident triggering the kind of war that is the end of the line for all of us.’  That has been the fear and the commitment of Democratic and Republican presidents since the dawn of the Atomic Age. So what would he think about Donald Trump, who says he wants to be, and I quote, ‘unpredictable’ about using the most powerful weapons ever produced? And here’s the thing with nuclear weapons – as Bruce told you, when the President gives the order, that’s it.  There’s no veto for Congress, no veto by the Joint Chiefs. The officers in the silos have no choice but to fire. And that can take as little as four minutes. That’s why all those retired launch officers stepped forward and said Donald Trump should never be put in charge of our nuclear arsenal. Earlier you heard from one of them, Bruce Blair, and his story is worth remembering. In 1973, Bruce was a young military officer working in an underground bunker in Montana.  His job was to launch as many as 50 nuclear weapons if the President ever gave the order. Then one night in October, as the United States and the Soviet Union squared off over an escalating conflict in the Middle East, the emergency message he had trained for arrived: prepare for nuclear war. Like other American officers in bunkers and submarines and bombers around the world, Bruce and his colleagues started the process because that was their duty.  They unlocked the safe, took out the launch codes and the keys, and then strapped into their chairs to brace for the shockwaves that would come if a Russian warhead detonated above them. Then they waited for the final order from the President. Thankfully, it never came. But when Bruce looks at Donald Trump, and sees his hair-trigger temper, and he thinks about what it felt like inside that bunker that night. As I’ve said many times, a man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons. And that brings me to the second question I think voters should pose to both candidates: How do you handle a crisis? We’ve seen in this campaign that Donald Trump loses his cool at the slightest provocation. When he’s gotten a tough question from a reporter. When he’s challenged in a debate. When he sees a protestor at a rally.  When he’s confronted with his own words. So imagine him in the Oval Office facing a real crisis. Imagine his advisors afraid to tell him what he doesn’t want to hear, racing against his legendarily short attention span to lay out life-and-death choices too complex to be reduced to a single tweet. And then imagine him plunging us into a war because somebody got under his very thin skin. Now thankfully, he’s never been in a position where he had to help make life-and-death decisions for our country.  But there was one national crisis where we did get a good look at how Donald Trump handles himself.  Donald is a New Yorker, and his finest moment in this campaign was when he defended New York against Ted Cruz’s attacks in a debate. And then he invoked the days after 9/11, when New Yorkers really came together and took care of each other.  And I couldn’t agree more. That’s why it was so upsetting to learn what Donald was actually doing on 9/11. After the world watched with horror as the Twin Towers fell, he called in to a New York TV station. And even on that horrible day, when thousands of people lost their lives, he couldn’t stop himself from pointing out that now, because the towers had fallen, a building he owned was now the tallest in Lower Manhattan. What kind of a person brags at a moment like that? I’ll tell you: someone who should never set foot in the Oval Office and serve as Commander in Chief. For me, I take this very personally, my friends.  Because I was one of New York’s senators along with Chuck Schumer on 9/11. He and I were on the ground the very next day, meeting with the Governor, the Mayor, emergency officials. And I will never forget the sight of Ground Zero. The thick smoke made it hard to breathe or see. Some of the firefighters and other first responders we met had been on duty nonstop since the planes hit the towers. They had all lost friends.  In a makeshift command center, we were briefed on the damage, and it was clear we were going to need a lot of help to recover New York, and we were going to have to really make it our absolute mission to not only rebuild New York but to keep America safe. That’s what I did for eight years as a senator. I never stopped fighting to keep our country safer and to ensure that first responders got the medical care they needed. And I think it’s important to reflect on what each of us has done in moments like that. Because a lot of the crises that come at a president are not predicted. They happen. I’ll tell you a quick story. It was after President-elect Obama asked me to be secretary of state but before the inauguration. And I got a call to come to an emergency meeting in the White House in the Situation Room. And the new Obama national security team was on one side of table, and the outgoing Bush national security team was on the other side. And the Bush Administration had gotten credible intelligence that there was going to be an attack at our inauguration. So even before we were sworn in to do our jobs, we were faced with helping to make such a consequential decision. It really matters what your experience has, what your values are, whether you can be counted on to make that decision. You learn a lot about people in moments like that. And as I sat there with the pressure on, having to think through in my own head, how we evaluated this intelligence, how we did everything we could to preserve our inauguration of our first African American president on the Mall in Washington. We made the decision to go forward, obviously. Some of you might have been there. But we also did everything we could to double our efforts to find out about the intelligence and to secure the hundreds of thousands of people who would be there. So you have to ask yourself: in a crisis, who would you trust?  Who will listen to good advice, keep a level head and make the right call?  Because that’s the person you want as our president and Commander in Chief. Now let’s get to the third question for all of the voters to consider about each of us. Do you know the difference between our allies and our adversaries? Now this may seem like an easy question. If you got it on an exam, I think you’d be able to answer it. But apparently it’s hard for Donald. He has picked fights with our friends. I mean the President of Mexico, the British prime minister, the German chancellor, pretty much the entire nation of Japan… and he even picked a fight with the Pope. And at the same time he is praising tyrants and dictators like Saddam Hussein and Kim Jong Un in North Korea and Bashar al-Assad for their supposed strong leadership.  He even praised the Chinese government for massacring protesters in Tiananmen Square. Trump has repeatedly suggested he would abandon our allies in Europe and Asia. He has called NATO, quote, ‘obsolete.’ Obsolete?  NATO is the greatest military alliance in the history of the world.  And it’s based on something called Article V, which says, ‘An attack on one is an attack on all.’ And Article V has only been invoked one time: when our allies came to our defense after 9/11. We still have NATO allies fighting side by side, working side by side with American troops in Afghanistan. They joined us in going after Al Qaeda and Bin Laden. Now we’re supposed to tell them we won’t have their back? And by the way—right now, our NATO allies are helping identify and track terrorists who threaten America and Europe.  They’re hosting radar and missile defense installations that protect us against potential threats from Iran and elsewhere. And as our NATO forces in Afghanistan stand shoulder-to-shoulder with American troops, they share the risks and burdens. Now they’re moving into the Baltic States to deter Russian aggression. Treating our allies like the small businesses and contractors that Trump exploited and stiffed in Atlantic City – hanging them out to dry — would make our country and our world less safe.  And it would play right into the hands of Russia and China, which are envious of our alliances and eager to see them weaken or fail. But maybe that’s the point. Because what’s most striking about all of this — and I would argue most important for voters to consider – is the relationship between Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin. As former Secretary Madeleine Albright put it, and I quote her, ‘We have never seen a mind meld of the kind between the Russian leadership and a candidate for the presidency of the United States.’ Michael Morell, who ran the CIA and grew up just a few miles from here, has said that Putin is manipulating Donald. Putin is a trained intelligence officer from the old KGB.  He knows he can use flattery to get into Donald’s head — to make Donald the Kremlin’s puppet. And It seems to be working. Donald has signaled to Putin that he will let Russia do whatever it wants, from Ukraine to Syria and beyond. He’s even said Putin is a stronger leader than President Obama. And it gets worse. The U.S. intelligence community has now confirmed that the Russian government, which means Putin, is directing cyber-attacks against targets in the United States to influence the outcome of our election. So ask yourself, why would Putin be trying to get Donald Trump elected President?  Could it be because of all of the nice things Donald has said about him, or the fact that he’s promised to adopt pro-Kremlin policies, or maybe because of his extensive business dealings with Russian oligarchs with ties to Putin? Since Donald still won’t release his tax returns, and don’t hold your breath, we don’t the full extent of his business relationships –but what we do know is disturbing. And we know this: We are dealing with something unprecedented in the history of our country. A foreign adversary trying to influence our presidential election. That should scare everyone, Democrat, Republican, and Independent. With the election just eight days away, this can’t wait any longer. Donald Trump should immediately disclose all of his ties and connections to the Kremlin and its associates. The American people deserve to know the full extent of these links and how they relate to what the Russians are doing in our election. When you step back and take it all in, it’s no surprise that 50 Republican national security experts wrote an open letter saying that they will not vote for Donald Trump, because he would be – in their words – ‘the most reckless President in American history.’ It’s no surprise that not a single former President, Secretary of State or Defense, or National Security Advisor from either party has endorsed him. It’s no surprise that Bob Gates, who served eight presidents over 50 years, Democrats and Republicans alike, has said Trump is, and I quote, ‘beyond repair… stubbornly uninformed about the world and how to lead our country and government… temperamentally unsuited to lead our men and women in uniform… unqualified and unfit to be commander-in-chief.’ I hope you and voters across Ohio and America will think about all of these national security issues when you cast your vote in this election.  Think about what it takes to lead — and how we want to secure the safety of our country, our children and our grandchildren. And who is best to do that. So make no mistake, that really is what is on the ballot this year. It’s not just my name and Donald Trump’s name. It’s our future. Our security. Our values. It’s who we are as a country. Donald Trump has a dark and divisive vision for America that could tear our country apart. But the good news is: There’s another vision for America.  Instead of dark and divisive, it’s hopeful and inclusive and optimistic and unified. And it is big-hearted, not small-minded.  It’s about lifting people up, not tearing each other down. It’s a vision that says, as I believe in my heart that we are stronger together. Millions of people across our country are standing up and saying: We believe in an America that is great because it is good. That is Democrats, Republicans and Independents. Because we believe in an America where women are respected. An America where veterans are honored, parents are supported, and workers are paid fairly … an America where marriage is a right and discrimination is wrong…. an America that leads in the world and lives up to our values… where everyone counts and everyone has a place. Where the American dream is big enough for everyone. This goes way beyond policies and partisanship.  We’re talking about what it really means to be an American in the 21st century. About the basic lessons we want to teach boys and girls, kids and grandkids. It turns out, if you dig deep enough, through all the mud of politics, eventually you hit something hard and true.  A foundation of fundamental values that unite us as Americans – basic beliefs about equality and opportunity and freedom and common decency. That’s something to defend – and to build on. And, in the end, that’s what this election is all about. Here in Ohio, you can make the difference.  Early voting has already begun. So now is the time. Every phone call you make, every door you knock, moves us forward. You can go to hillaryclinton.com, and sign up to volunteer.  Or text J-O-I-N to 4-7-2-4-6 to do the same. Sometimes — if you have studied history — you know the fate of the greatest nations comes down to single moments in time. This is one of those make-or-break moments for the United States.  And it truly is in your hands, as it should be. When your kids and grandkids ask you what you did in 2016, when everything was on the line, I hope you will be able to say: I voted for a better, stronger, fairer America. A place where our future will be created and charted by people will have confidence that that the best days of America are still ahead of us. Particularly young people who I believe absolutely should help make that future! So let’s come together, let us make clear that we are going to stand up for an America that we believe in because that America believes in us. And we are going to prove once and for all that love trumps hate. Thank you.”

Instead of dark and divisive, our vision for America is hopeful and inclusive. Big-hearted, not small-minded. It’s about lifting people up.

Donald Trump has repeatedly suggested that more countries should have nuclear weapons. Japan, South Korea, even Saudi Arabia.

“[Launching a nuclear weapon] can take as little as 4 minutes. 4 minutes. That’s why…Trump should never be put in charge.” —Hillary

A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons.

What kind of a person brags on 9/11 that, now that the Twin Towers had fallen, a building he owned was the tallest in Lower Manhattan?

“Ask yourself: In a crisis, who would you trust? Who would listen to good advice, keep a level head, and make the right call?” —Hillary

U.S. intelligence has confirmed the Russian government is directing cyberattacks against the U.S. to influence the outcome of our election.

Why would Putin want Trump to win? The nice things he’s said about him? His promise to adopt pro-Kremlin policies? Or his business dealings?

“With the election just 8 days away…Trump should immediately disclose all of his ties and connections to the Kremlin and its associates.”

“That’s what’s on the ballot this year. It’s not just my name and Donald Trump’s name. It’s our future. Our security. Our values.” —Hillary

Sometimes the fate of the greatest nations comes down to single moments in time. This is one of those moments.

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Now more than ever, Hillary and Democrats need your support.  Please donate before the FEC deadline at midnight.


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At Cuyahoga Community College in Cleveland, Hillary rallied voters today.  Look for her around the 44 minute mark.

In Cleveland, Clinton Assails Trump’s Disdain for Our Democracy

At a Get Out the Vote Rally in Cleveland, Hillary Clinton called out Donald Trump for refusing to commit to accept the results of the election, saying that sacred traditions like the peaceful transfer of power are what makes America exceptional.

Clinton also pointed out that while Trump poses as an ally of working families, he is anything but. Trump used Chinese steel and aluminum instead of American-made metals at his construction projects, Clinton said, which dovetails with the fact that he may have paid no federal income taxes for nearly two decades. Clinton contrasted that with the vision she and Tim Kaine are offering America: an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top. Clinton added, “So, yes, my name may be on the ballot, but the question really is, who are we as a country? What are our values? What kind of future do we want to create together? It is so easy to get cynical about politics. Believe me, I know that. But this matters so deeply to our families, and our communities, and our country, and indeed, our world.”

Clinton urged attendees to turn out on November 8th and vote early, not only to elect Democrats up and down the ballot but also to reject the bluster and bigotry of Donald Trump. She also vowed to be the president for all Americans – Republicans, Democrats and Independents.

Clinton’s remarks, as transcribed, are below:

“Cleveland, wow. Woo. There is nothing like being introduced by Congresswoman Marcia Fudge to get everybody going.

I am so excited to be here, and what a time to be back in Cleveland. The Indians are going to the World Series. That’s after the Cavs won the championship. What a year for Cleveland. You really are Believeland. Now, I, for one, am hoping for a Great Lakes Series. I spent a lot of days at Wrigley Field as a kid, so that would be a dream come true for me to have Cleveland and Chicago in the World Series and for us to win Ohio.

I want to thank all of the people who are here today because you’ve heard from some great, great folks. I want to thank Governor Ted Strickland, our candidate for the United States Senate. I’ll tell you, we could really use a Democratic Senate to get things done for the people of Ohio and America. I want to thank Mayor Frank Jackson – County Executive Armond Budish. I want to thank my great friend from Youngstown, Congressman Tim Ryan. And we need you all in. You need you all in. You’re rallying together and we need to rally together, because I really believe we are stronger together.

Anybody watch the debate Wednesday night? Well, that was the third and last time – that I will ever have to debate Donald Trump. I have now spent four and a half hours on stage with Donald – proving once again I have the stamina to be president and commander-in-chief. Really, you just have to be of good cheer when you find yourself in situations like that. And because I love this country and I believe in the American people, I could feel so clear in my own mind and my heart about what we can do together.

So no matter what he was saying, I just kept thinking of all the people that I have met throughout this campaign. And I had the chance to talk about some of the most important concerns on people’s minds, what keeps you up at night. And as I said then and as I have said continuously, we’re going to invest in the middle class. We’re going to invest in you and your families. We’re going to make sure we produce enough good jobs with rising incomes that every single person, especially every single young American here today, will have the chance – to go as far as your talents and your hard work will take you. And we’re also going to protect our children from gun violence. We are not going to tolerate the kind of gun violence epidemic that has swept this country and results in the deaths of 33,000 people a year.

We can come together to meet our challenges no matter what they are, but on Wednesday night, Donald Trump did something no other presidential nominee has ever done. He refused to say that he would respect the results of this election. Now, make no mistake, by doing that, he is threatening our democracy. He is basically saying, ‘Hey, we’ve been around 240 years and we’ve always had peaceful transitions no matter who won or who lost.’ Look, if you lose an election – I’ve lost elections – you don’t feel very good the next day, do you? But we know in our country the difference between leadership and dictatorship, right? And the peaceful transition – the peaceful transition of power is one of the things that sets us apart. It’s how we hold our country together no matter who’s in charge.

I went to 112 countries as your Secretary of State – and I saw the difference between what we do and what others do. I was in countries where people jail their political opponents or execute them or exile them or invalidate elections that they didn’t win. That can never be allowed to happen here. I believe that’s true no matter who you support in this election. Whether or not you support me or you support my opponent, together we must support American democracy and the country that has given every one of us so many opportunities.

And the best way to do that, my friends, is to turn out and vote. Those are great. That’s great. I’m excited because we are well on our way. There’s an inspiring story being written right now by people across America. And many of you are getting involved in this election, some of you for the first time in your lives. We now have in America more than 200 million registered voters. That is more than we’ve ever had in our entire history, and that is really good news for our democracy. More than 50 million millennials have registered to vote so far. You know what that means: Young people will determine the outcome of this election, which I think is good news. That means our future is in good hands.

And listen to this because this is really exciting: More than 4 million people have already voted, including many people right here in Ohio. In fact, in the first four days of in-person early voting here in Ohio, more people showed up to vote than they did at the same time in 2012 in our last election. That is fantastic. And it shows how serious people are taking this election.

So numbers like that remind us that no matter all the negativity that’s out there, there’s something really exciting happening right now. People are coming together – Democrats, Republicans, Independents, all of us, to reject hate and division. People are motivated to vote early to defend core American values, to embrace a future where every person counts, everyone has a place, and everyone can contribute. That is my vision. I have a hopeful, optimistic, unifying version for what our country will be because from the beginning, our campaign has been focused on ideas, not insults, on bringing people together, not tearing us apart.

And I want all of you to know that that’s true not only for the campaign, but if I am fortunate enough to be your president, I want you to know and I want you to tell – I want you to tell anybody you know, any friends or colleagues at school or work or your neighborhood who may be planning to support the other guy, here’s what I want you to tell them. I want you to tell them that I want to be their president. I want to be every single American’s president, whether you agree or disagree, whether you vote for me or vote against me. I believe we can disagree without being disagreeable. I believe that, and I’ve seen that happen.

I want to be a good listener. I know there are a lot of people right here in Ohio who are discouraged, frustrated, even angry about what’s going on in their lives, about losing jobs. They’re upset about what they see happening around them. I get that. But I think anger is not a plan. We need plans that will help us deal with the legitimate concerns and questions that people have here in Ohio. I think that’s what the country needs now, and that is what I will try to offer.

I am not going to pretend that we can just snap our fingers and solve our problems. That would not be fair. It wouldn’t be true. But I know we can make progress together. And you deserve something to vote for, not just against. So I want to speak directly to the challenges that a lot of people here in Ohio face, especially when it comes to our economy.

You see, I believe really simply that when the middle class thrives, America thrives. When we build the economy from the middle out and the ground up, not from the top down, we are more likely to provide better lives, better incomes, better opportunities for more Americans. My opponent has a different perspective. He really believes if you give trillions – that’s with a T – trillions in tax cuts to the wealthy, to millionaires and billionaires and corporations, everything will work out. It’s trickle-down on steroids. I believe differently, that we must invest in working families, in the middle class, in small businesses. That will power the economy.

And that’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to get the economy to work for everyone, not just those at the top who have done pretty well over the last years. Now, Donald likes to say he’s on the side of American workers. But his actions tell a different story. He has been buying cheap Chinese steel and aluminum for his construction projects when he should be buying good American-made steel that supports good American jobs. And this is a very important issue here in Ohio because you’re one of the largest steel-producing states in America. So you understand how important this is to support the American steel industry. So I’m going to let Donald try to explain himself to the steelworkers filing for unemployment. He has put Chinese steelworkers to work, not American steelworkers. And we’re going to change that.

And for all of his talk about putting America first, he’s made his products in at least 12 other countries. Trump suits were made in Mexico. They could have been made in Brooklyn, Ohio. Trump furniture is made in Turkey. And it could have been made in Cleveland. Trump barware is made in Slovenia, instead of Toledo. So if he wants to make America great again, why doesn’t he start by making things in America again?

And we also know that he hasn’t paid a dime in federal income tax for years. He says that makes him smart. Well, I don’t know how smart you have to be to lose a billion dollars in a year in the first place. But what that means is everybody else here, all of us, have paid more in federal income taxes than a billionaire. Right? And that means he’s contributed zero, zero for our military or our vets, zero for Pell Grants to help young people go to college, zero for our highways or investing in clean energy or other ways to help us with new jobs for the future.

Now, Tim Kaine and I, we have a different view. We want to make the biggest investment in new jobs since World War II: jobs in infrastructure and manufacturing, clean energy, technology, and small business. We are going to make America the clean energy superpower of the 21st century.

And I’ve set some big goals. I want us to deploy a half a billion more solar panels by the end of my first term and enough clean energy to power every home within 10 years.

We’re also going to strengthen education at every level, starting with universal pre-kindergarten education. And we want good schools with good teachers in every ZIP Code so that every kid gets a world-class education. I want us to bring back technical education in high school. I think it was a mistake when we took it out of our high schools. And let’s remember it’s at community colleges like this that thousands and thousands of people in our country of all ages get such a good start.

And I’m going to make public colleges and universities tuition-free for any families making less than $125,000 a year. Education should lift you up, not hold you back. And we’re going to help you. We’re going to help you pay back and pay down your loans. Too many young people are burdened by those debts. It’s going to be great to help you pay it back as a percentage of your income so you’re never on the hook for more than you can afford. Senator Bernie Sanders and I worked on this plan together. It’s going to help save millions of people thousands of dollars. And you can actually go to hillaryclinton.com/calculator to see how much money you and your family could save with our plan.

I also want to do more for apprenticeship programs. I thank all the unions represented here for the great apprentice programs that you have in place. Thank you. I want to support apprenticeship programs and skills trainings with business and labor unions because there are going to be good jobs out there for welders and machinists and health technicians and computer coders and so much more. I want everybody to have the chance to get your piece of the American dream. And I think the American dream is big enough for everybody.

And we’re going to raise the national minimum wage because no one who works full-time should still be in poverty. As I said in the debate the other night, I want to make sure that we take care of people on Social Security who were low-income workers and women, particularly widows, who lose half of their monthly payment when their husbands die. We’ve got to do more to make sure Social Security provides a decent income for our seniors.

And yes, don’t you think it’s finally time to guarantee equal pay for women’s work? Now, the equal pay issue is important in and of itself because if you’ve got a mother or a wife or a daughter or a sister who is working, you want her to be paid fairly. I mean, that’s good for the entire family. Right? But the equal pay issue gets at something even deeper. We’ve got to make sure that women and girls are treated with the dignity and respect in our country that they deserve.

We cannot – we cannot tolerate the kind of behavior and language we’ve seen from my opponent. He thinks that belittling women makes him bigger, goes after their dignity, their self-worth. And I don’t think there’s a woman anywhere who doesn’t know how that feels.

So we’re going to stand up for everybody. Men and women, retirees, the young, millennials, everybody deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. And I have said repeatedly that we’re going to reform the criminal justice system so that – it works fairly for everyone. And we have to address systemic racism that is still too big a part of our lives together. I want to give credit to all the young people, and really people of all ages who have been marching and speaking out, doing everything you can to make sure that issues of policing and mass incarceration, environmental justice, economic justice, educational equity, gun violence, voting rights, that they get the attention they deserve.

Because it’s important that we lift these issues up and work to make sure that everybody in our country feels like they are seen, and they are heard. And all the advocates and activists who have challenged us to think about these issues of race, injustice, and equality, and opportunity in new and powerful ways really deserve our appreciation. I’m going to do everything I can to lift these issues up. Because one of my hopes for my presidency will be to root out systemic racism, and bigotry, and discrimination in whatever form it takes.

So, really, when you think about it, my name will be on the ballot, but it’s not just me. You know, people say, well, you know, she has lots of plans and all that. I do. But I also have a lot of humility about this. I really believe our country is at a turning point; that this is a crossroads election. So, yes, my name may be on the ballot, but the question really is, who are we as a country? What are our values? What kind of future do we want to create together? It is so easy to get cynical about politics. Believe me, I know that. But this matters so deeply to our families, and our communities, and our country, and indeed, our world.

So I want to say something to people who may be reconsidering their support for my opponent. I know you may still have questions for me. I respect that. I want to answer them; I want to earn your vote. I am reaching out to all Americans: Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. I think America needs every single one of us to bring our energy and our talents, our ambition to build that better country. So I hope that as we move through these next 18 days, everyone thinks seriously about what you really want to see, not just in your next president, but in your lives. In your jobs. In your education. In our future together.

And the only way we can have that positive, optimistic, unifying future is if all of you help us get there. Every phone call you make, every door you knock on, every voter you register makes a big difference. So I hope you will give whatever time you can for these last days. You can go to HillaryClinton.com and sign up to volunteer, you can text, ‘join,’ j-o-i-n, to 47246 to join. With your help, we can elect Democrats up and down the ballot, starting with Ted Strickland and others who are running. Remember that early in-person voting – in-person voting in Ohio began on October 12th, and it ends on November 7th. So you have more of a window to vote than a lot of people in other states. And I hope you will exercise that.

And I hope that you will decide whatever issue you care about, you can almost in your mind’s eye, see that on the ballot. See it next to my name. See it, whether you care about climate change and what we’re doing to protect the Great Lakes, including Lake Erie, while creating good-paying clean energy jobs. Whether you believe women should be able to make our own healthcare decisions. If you believe marriage equality should be protected. […] should be treated equally. If you believe we should do […] stop the opioid epidemic that is destroying lives and communities. That we should do more to help with mental health and make sure that people get the treatment that they deserve. If you believe we need to get the cost of healthcare premiums, co-pays, and deductibles and prescription drug costs down. If you believe that we should have a foreign policy where we work with our allies, not insult them, and achieve common goals toward peace and prosperity. This is our chance to send a very clear, unmistakable message about what kind of country and future we want.

You know, I have two of the most wonderful grandchildren ever. And I see them whenever I can; I FaceTime with them all the time. But I think about them endlessly, because I feel such a sense of responsibility, not just because they’re my grandchildren, obviously, and I would do anything to help them, but because I want everybody’s children and grandchildren to have the same opportunities to chart your own future, to believe in yourself, to contribute to this great American democracy of ours. To be part of an economy that lifts you up, not drags you down. I am motivated by my work that I’ve done my entire life on behalf of kids and families, from the time I joined the Children’s Defense Fund until today, and I will do whatever I can to make it my mission to give every single person, especially every child and young person, the chance to live up to your God-given potential. Let’s go out and prove that ‘Love Trumps Hate.’ Thank you.”


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Hillary was in battleground Ohio today for a rally in Columbus on Columbus Day!  At Ohio State University, it was her biggest rally yet.  The Secret Service set attendance at 18,500!

In Front of Campaign’s Largest Crowd to Date, Clinton Urges Ohioans to Register to Vote Before Tuesday, Contrasting Her and Trump’s Vision for the Economy

At a voter registration event in Columbus on Monday, in front of a crowd of 18,500, Clinton laid out her plans to create good-paying jobs through investments in infrastructure and manufacturing, make education more affordable from early childhood through college, and rewrite the rules of our economy to create more fairness and growth. Clinton also made clear that Donald Trump represents what is broken in our economy. She said that when billionaires like Trump turn their backs on American workers and companies, it kills good jobs in communities like Lorain, Youngstown, Warren, and Columbus. Clinton cited Columbus Castings, which filed for bankruptcy and whose 800 workers were laid off because China has been illegally dumping cheap steel into our markets and people like Trump have chosen to buy it.

Clinton, who increased U.S. exports to China by 50 percent during her tenure as Secretary of State, contrasted Trump’s record with her own history fighting on behalf of U.S. steelworkers and manufacturers. Clinton said, “For all his talk about putting America first, he’s made his products in at least 12 other countries. Trump’s suits and ties were made in Mexico and China. They could have been made right here in Ohio […] So we’ve got to figure out how we have an economy that really does produce growth and rewards companies that do the right thing. And that for me means we need to have a tax system that rewards investment in our country, investment in workers, investment in plant and equipment, investment in research and development, and give the good guys a chance to get ahead instead of being taken advantage of by Wall Street and others.”

Clinton also urged all Ohioans to register to vote before the deadline on Tuesday, and then to vote early starting this Wednesday October 12th.

Clinton’s remarks, as transcribed, are below: “It is a glorious night here at the university, in Columbus, in the great state of Ohio. And I am thrilled to be here with all of you. And I want to thank Tony for his introduction. He made the greatest case against my opponent, didn’t he? Thank you, Tony. And thanks to Mayor Ginther and Congresswoman Beatty and to my great friend, your former governor, and with your help, the next senator, Ted Strickland.

Any of you see that debate last night? I’ll tell you what, I’m not sure you’ll ever see anything like that again. At least I hope you won’t. It was such a clear display of what’s at stake in this election. And I am thrilled to have the chance to talk with all of you about what we can do together, because I truly believe we are stronger together. To move our country forward.

Now, the one thing I thought about last night and said was, as I was standing there on the stage with my opponent, was to remember what Michelle Obama had said. To paraphrase her, one of us went low and one of us went high. I want you to understand, I want to be a president for all Americans. I think the American dream is big enough for everybody. And I am honored to have support, not just from Democrats, but from independents and Republicans, because we’ve got to pull this country together if we’re going to move into the future together, creating what we need for ourselves and our children.

Now, I got to tell you, tomorrow is a big day in Ohio for this election because tomorrow, October 11th, is the last day to register in Ohio. And I hope every one of you will take your phones out, go to iwillvote.com, to confirm that you are registered. Because we want everybody to vote and we particularly want young people to vote because this is your election more than anybody else’s.

When I think about the challenges that we’re facing, I don’t think any one person has all the answers. I think we have to listen to each other and respect each other and celebrate our diversity, because that makes us smarter as well as stronger.

Donald Trump spent his time last night attacking me when he should have been apologizing. We all heard on that tape what he thinks of women and how he treats women. And last night he doubled down on his excuse, saying that, well, it’s just locker room banter. You know what’s happened today, which is so interesting, is that a lot of athletes and coaches from the NBA, from Major League Baseball, from the NFL and more, have been coming forward, tweeting, they’ve been saying, no, that’s not what happens in our locker rooms. And I just happen to think that our athletes and our coaches know a lot more about what happens in locker rooms than Donald Trump does.

But it wasn’t just this one video that was so disturbing, even shocking. We have seen this kind of behavior throughout this entire campaign, and it’s not just about women. Yes, he’s insulted and demeaned women; we’ve seen it over and over again. But he has targeted others as well. He’s disrespected and denigrated African Americans and Latinos, Muslims and POWs, people with disabilities and immigrants. He is an equal-opportunity insulter if there ever was one.

That is not what we are in America. And it may be who he is, but this election is our chance to show who we are. We are better than that. We are bigger than that. And I want to send a message to every boy and girl, every man and woman in our country, indeed, to the entire world, that that is not who America is. And we can do that by making sure that we turn out in the biggest numbers ever. Some analysts are saying we may have the biggest presidential election than we’ve had in a really long time. And the main reason is because your generation, the young people of America, are the most tolerant, open and generous generation in American history.

You know what’s at stake, but you also know what you believe. And you don’t want someone who says that he’s going to appoint Supreme Court justices who will reverse marriage equality; who will – who will keep Citizens United, one of the worst decisions ever made, that allowed dark, unaccountable money in our electoral system; that will reverse a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions; who will defund Planned Parenthood. You know better than that. You are helping us move toward a more perfect union. That has been the story of America at our best. We keep widening the circle of opportunity and inviting more people in. If you’re willing to do your part, you’re willing to make your contribution, there is a place for you in this nation of ours.

We don’t have to make America great. We’ve got to do what we can to make sure it remains great and it becomes greater because we keep broadening that circle of opportunity.

And please, never forget America is great because America is good, and if we deviate, if we deviate from our fundamental values – and that’s indeed the kind of campaign my opponent has run. He has said he would order our men and women in uniform to commit war crimes. He has said he would impose a religious test on who could come into our country – a nation founded on religious freedom and liberty. This is turning the clock back, not just a few years, but centuries. The only way to rebuke this is to vote. Use the single most important, fundamental right you have as citizens of America.

And when you do, I want you to know what you’re voting for, because I don’t want you just to vote against something. I want you to vote for something. And here’s what we’re going to do.

I believe our economy should work for everyone, not just those at the top. So I am ending this campaign the way I started my career all those years ago when I went to work for the Children’s Defense Fund. As soon as I got out of law school, I said, I don’t want to do anything else other than work hard and advocate for kids and families. So I was fortunate to have the chance to be really on the front lines of a lot of change, helping to get the law that enabled people, kids with disabilities, to go to school. Now, most of you may not have any reason to remember this because you weren’t born, but – there was a time in our country not so long ago when if you had a disability, if you lived in a school district, there was no requirement that they make accommodations for you. And literally millions of kids were denied an education. I went door to door getting information about what was going on with these children so that I could contribute a report to a big national effort to go to the Congress and say, this is wrong – in America, we’re better than this. Open the doors of our schools to kids with disabilities.

And then I was privileged to work to make sure that we got young people out of adult jails and prisons where they had no reason to be in the first place.

So when Donald Trump talks about what I’ve been doing for the last 30 years, I welcome that. I welcome it because in the 1970s, I was working to end discrimination and he was being sued by the Justice Department for racial discrimination against people in his apartments. And in the 1980s, I was working to improve the schools in Arkansas to make sure that teachers were well paid and that the coursework was going to prepare kids for the future, while he was getting a loan for $14 million from his father to start a business. And in the 1990s, I went to the UN Conference on Women and said women’s rights are human rights – while he was insulting Miss Universe, Alicia Machado. And on the day – on the day that I was in the Situation Room watching the raid that brought Osama bin Laden to justice, he was hosting Celebrity Apprentice. So if he wants to talk about what we have been doing the last 30 years, bring it on.

So we’ve got to make up our minds about what kind of economy we want. And I’m pretty clear about that. I think we want new jobs with rising incomes. And I want us to have the biggest new jobs effort since the end of World War II. And I have some specific ideas in mind. We are going to have a big investment in infrastructure: our roads, our bridges, our tunnels, our ports, our airports, our water systems. They need to be upgraded and maintained and built. That is a question of competitiveness. We have to have a competitive economy. Our airports are so rundown we don’t even have one airport in our entire country in the top 25 in the world because we’re not using the newest technology. We’re not really prepared to do what we need to to invest in you and invest in those new jobs.

I do want to bring advanced manufacturing. I heard Ted Strickland talking about that. I think we can have a manufacturing renaissance. There is no reason that we cannot own new manufacturing. I’m not interested in a race to the bottom, in competing for low-wage jobs. I am interested in competing for the high-wage jobs. So let’s lead in precision machining, 3D printing.

And let’s be the clean energy superpower of the 21st century. Some nation’s going to have that title. I think it’s either going to be Germany or China or us. It should be us. No question it should be. We’re going to fight climate change. And we’re going to lead the world in fulfilling the requirements of the Paris agreement.

I’m running against somebody who doesn’t believe in climate change or at least he says he doesn’t, who has even said he thinks it’s a hoax created by the Chinese. Well, right now the Chinese have twice as much renewable energy as we do. So maybe they think it’s a hoax, but they’re investing. And they’re creating. And they’re going to want to export. And what a shame it would be. We have innovated. We have made the technology that could bring us into the forefront of this. And we’re going to do it.

When I am president, I want all of you who care about science, technology, engineering, mathematics, I want you to be part of it. And while we are growing the economy, we are going to make it fairer. We are going to raise the national minimum wage because no one who works full-time should be left in poverty. And don’t you think it is finally time to guarantee equal pay for women’s work?

You know, back in the spring, I was at a town hall in Las Vegas. And the little girl raised her hand. And I called on her. And she said to me, ‘If you’re elected president, does a girl president make the same as a boy president?’

I said, “Well, that’s one of those jobs where they have to publish what you make.” So we’re going to have more transparency so people have more incentive to make sure that everybody is treated fairly.

And I’ll tell you something else. I want to do more to promote profit-sharing. If you help to make the profits, it shouldn’t all just go to the executives and the shareholders. You should be able to share in that.

Now, there’s a lot we can do. And people say, ‘Well, how are you going to pay for it?’ Well, I’m going to go where the money is. And all the money is going to the wealthiest in our country. I have made a pledge, and you can hold me to it. I will not raise taxes on the middle class. Nobody who is working hard to get ahead should be asked to pay more in taxes when we have so many people who have done so well and are not paying their fair share.

Now, Donald Trump is the poster child for this. Last night he finally admitted he hasn’t paid a dime in federal income tax for years. Now, he claims that’s because back in the early 1990s, he apparently lost a billion dollars running casinos. Who loses money running casinos? Really. Now, one of his supporters said, ‘Well, the fact that he lost a billion dollars and that meant he didn’t have to pay taxes made him a genius.’ Well, I guess you do have to be a genius to lose a billion dollars in a year. But I’ll tell you what. What that meant was he paid zero, zero for the military, zero for our vets, zero for Pell Grants to help a lot of you afford college and get through college.

And then he did something that, in retrospect, seemed both odd and not very smart. He brought in Warren Buffett. He said, ‘Well, everybody does this. Warren Buffett does this.’

So Warren Buffett, who, by the way, is a real billionaire, Warren Buffett, heard that, pretty hard to miss. And so he put out a statement today. And here’s what he said. He said, ‘I have paid federal income tax every year since 1944, when I was 13.’ He said, ‘I have copies of all 72 of my returns. And none uses a carryforward.’ That was the gimmick Trump used to avoid paying his fair share. And then Warren Buffett ends by saying, ‘Finally, I have been audited by the IRS multiple times and am currently being audited. I have no problem releasing my tax information while under audit.’ ‘Neither would Mr. Trump. At least he would have no legal problem in doing so.’ Well, if you take a shot at Warren Buffett, you’d better be prepared.

And in fact, Warren Buffett actually agrees with me that wealthy people ought to pay more. He says no person in his fortunate position in life should be paying a lower tax rate than people who work for him. And he has proposed what’s called the Buffett rule, and I am absolutely behind that, and I’ve said that’s one of the changes I want – so that the wealthy have to pay their fair share.

Now, there was a lot about last night that was hard to believe. And so, don’t. But one of the things that really struck me was he had not answer. You know, he’s not usually tongue-tied, but he had no answer when confronted about the report that he’s been buying cheap Chinese steel for his construction projects instead of American-made steel that supports good American jobs. Now, I know you’ve seen reports and you’ve probably seen a lot of the visuals coming out of his rallies. He’s had a lot of them across Ohio. He claims to be on the side of workers. He especially likes to talk about how he supports American steelworkers. He even had the nerve – this is what kills me about him – he even had the nerve to brag about how American steel will send new skyscrapers soaring. And the whole time he was hiding the truth. Hiding the fact that he chose to buy illegally-dumped Chinese steel instead of American steel.

You know, when China illegally floods our market with steel at below-price, and people like Trump buy it, that kills jobs. It kills jobs in this state, including right here in Columbus. This May, Columbus Castings, the biggest single-site foundry in America, just seven miles from where we are tonight, filed for bankruptcy and announced that 800 workers would be laid off. Now, when I think of that and I think of the way Trump has been playing people, it really – it really gets me upset. There’s no justification for it. But it fits him to a T. For all his talk about putting America first, he’s made his products in at least 12 other countries. Trump’s suits and ties were made in Mexico and China. They could have been made right here in Ohio. In fact, he could have made his ties three miles from the Trump Tower in New York.

So we’ve got to figure out how we have an economy that really does produce growth and rewards companies that do the right thing. And that for me means we need to have a tax system that rewards investment in our country, investment in workers, investment in plant and equipment, investment in research and development, and give the good guys a chance to get ahead instead of being taken advantage of by Wall Street and others.

We are going to end the cowboy culture on Wall Street and what happens in too many boardrooms. We’re going to defend the tough new rules on Wall Street that President Obama got passed, the Dodd-Frank rules. Trump wants to do away with those. He also wants to do away with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, something that was designed and created by my friend Senator Elizabeth Warren to protect consumers. He wants to do away with that. And yet he claims to be on the side of working people and the middle class.

Well, we’re going to crack down on corporate fraud, like we’ve seen at Wells Fargo. We’re going to crack down to make sure that Wall Street can never wreck Main Street again. And we’re going to do it in part by imposing some penalties on companies that try to pick up and leave America. If they try to leave, we’re going to slap an exit tax on them and make them pay back every single penny they ever got in tax benefits from anybody in America.

We’re also going to end the carried interest loophole. I’ve been trying to get that done for years. We’re going to get it done. We’ve got a couple of different ways of doing it. I hope that Congress along with us, but if they don’t, we’re going to figure out a way to finally put an end to what is one of the most unfair parts of the whole tax code, hedge fund managers and others paying a lower tax rate, not for investing but just for moving money around. That’s going to end. I want to reward the productive economy. I don’t want to keep rewarding the financial economy. That is not the way we’re going to grow new businesses, and create new opportunities and more jobs for Americans.

Now, people in Ohio often ask about, ‘Well, what are we going to do about trade?’ Well, we’re going to have smart and fair trade. That’s what I love about your Senator, Sherrod Brown. He is one of the best advocates for the kind of trade deals we should have. Look. We’ve got to trade with the rest of the world. We’re only 5 percent of the population of the world. We’ve got to trade with the other 95 percent. When I was Secretary of State, we really bore down on this, and we increased American exports 30 percent, and in particular, 50 percent to China, because we stood behind every American business. We helped them knock down every barrier so that they could get into those markets and sell.

And I’ve gone toe-to-toe with the Chinese over trade. They have tried to slap unfair tariffs and prevent American companies from doing business without having to pay some kind of big fine or make some big deal. So we’re going to stand up. I’m going to have a trade prosecutor who will report directly to me to make sure every trade deal we’re already in is absolutely followed to the letter so nobody takes advantage of us.

And I’ve always had three tests for trade deals: Does it create American jobs? Does it raise American incomes? is it good for our national security? And when it comes to the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the TPP, it fails my tests. Once it was finally negotiated, I don’t think it will do what I want it to do, so I oppose it. I oppose TPP now. I’ll oppose it after the election. I’ll oppose it as president. But I’m going to keep fighting to open markets so that we can get more jobs and rising incomes by exporting into those markets and doing business with the rest of the world.

I also saw a sign or a t-shirt out here about Social Security. And that may not always be something that people on a great university campus think about, but I’ll tell you what. I am never going to let anybody privatize Social Security. That is off the table forever.

So let’s say yes to good jobs, but here’s what else we need to say yes to. Let’s say yes to good education from preschool all the way through college and university. I want every kid to be able to attend this great university to do well. And for a lot of kids, they’re not prepared when they get to kindergarten and first grade. There’s an achievement gap already. There’s also a digital gap; we have five million homes, mostly poor homes, without access to the internet, so they’re behind. I want this to be a true meritocracy. I’m tired of inequality. I want people to feel like they can get ahead if they work for it.

So I want to have universal pre-kindergarten so every child can be prepared to be successful. I want good schools and good teachers in every zip code so every child has the best possible public education. And I think we made a mistake when we took what used to be called vocational education out of high school. We need technical education for more young people. Not everybody needs to or wants to go to a four-year college, but everybody should have the opportunity to get the skills that he or she needs to get ahead and be successful. I want us to have our community colleges working with our high schools and our businesses. We have a lot of job openings for machinists and tool and die markers, for coders, for all kinds of skills.

And then when it comes to college, I want everybody who goes to a public college or university to understand what I am proposing that is a joint proposal from Senator Sanders and myself. We both remember that college was affordable. And it isn’t for a lot of people now, and a lot of states have disinvested in their great public colleges and universities. So here is our proposal.

We want anyone from a family that makes less than $125,000 a year to go to Ohio State University tuition-free. And for families over that line, we want you to go debt-free. So yes, you pay what you can afford, but you don’t have to go into debt to go to Ohio State. And I’ll tell you, the other big problem – how many of you already have student debt? Oh, wow. Practically every hand. Well, here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to make it possible for you to refinance that debt. If you can refinance your home mortgage, your car payment, or if Donald can refinance his airplane, you ought to be able to refinance your student debt.

And then we want you to pay it back as a percentage of the income you make, and have a limit on that, 10 percent, so that – I feel personally about this because that’s what I did after law school. My dad was a small businessman, and he really was a saver. He didn’t even have a credit card. Didn’t believe in that. So he saved the money for me to go to college. I had to work if I wanted to buy a book, but that was okay. That was the arrangement. And then I told him I wanted to go to law school. He said, ‘You’re on your own. I don’t have any money for that.’ So I worked, I got a small scholarship, and I took out loans. But boy, was I lucky, because I got into one of the earliest income repayment programs. In other words, when I got out of law school, I could go to work for the Children’s Defense Fund and make, I don’t know, $14,000 a year because I could pay it back as a percentage of my income, not on an interest rate of 8, 10, 12 percent like I see from young people across America.

So that’s what I want, but I also want to make it possible, if you do public service or national service, to have a lot of your loan, and maybe all of it, forgiven because you’re going to be paying back to our country. And I’ve got this idea about something I’m calling the National Service Reserve. It’s kind of like if any of you have ever been in the military reserve. You get the training and you’re kind of on call and you practice and train. And then if you’re needed, you’re called up. I want a civilian national reserve, and I want people of all ages in it. And we would train you so that if there’s a natural disaster or some other problem that has to be dealt with, we could call you up to go do that. And it’s a way of making sure that people are giving back all the time to this country because that’s how we build solidarity. That’s how we get to know each other better.

So I’m pretty excited about what we’re going to do together. And I can’t do any of this without your help. I really am asking you to do everything you can to make sure you’re registered, to tell your friends and anybody else you can talk to make sure they’re registered. As I said, go to iwillvote.com. You can find it out right there on that site. And we’d love to have you be involved in the campaign because I know that if we win in November, we can summon the positive spirit of our country back again. I think I have to do everything, everything in my power to bring people together, and I will.

It’s really important to me that you know that I want to be your president whether you vote for me or not. Obviously, I hope you do, but I will be your president, and I will stand up for you, and I will work for you, and I will fight for you. So please, if you’re not registered, get registered by tomorrow, and then you can start voting October 12th. And whatever issue, whatever issue you care about, imagine that that is on the ballot. Imagine if you believe the minimum wage should be a living wage, if you believe – if you believe that we finally should have paid family leave in this country like every other advanced economy, if you believe climate change is real and we could save our planet by creating a lot of jobs at the same time, if you believe diversity is America’s strength, not a weakness, if you believe women should be able to make our own health care decisions and that LGBT Americans should be treated equally across America, and you should be able to live up to your potential, no matter who you are or where you come from, then start voting October the 12th!

And I promise you this. Together we’re going to prove that we can make the future what it should be for all of you; that there is a positive, optimistic, confident America out there; that America’s best days are ahead of us, not the dark and divisive vision of my opponent, but one in keeping with what I see as I travel across America – the energy, the dynamism, the entrepreneurial spirit of all Americans, but particularly young Americans. So please, join this campaign. Be part of it for the next 29 days. And together we will prove that we can have the future that we want and that yes, love trumps hate! Thank you, Ohio State!”

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Hillary held a voter registration rally in Akron, Ohio at Goodyear Hall and Theater. She laid out plans to build an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top.  She also urged Ohioans to register to vote and to vote early.

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In Akron, Clinton Urges Ohioans to Register to Vote, Spotlights Report of Trump Using Chinese, Not U.S., Steel in Construction Projects

At a rally in Akron, Ohio, on Monday, Hillary Clinton urged Ohioans to register to vote ahead of next Tuesday’s October 11 deadline. She emphasized the stakes of the election, outlined her vision for an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top, and spotlighted Donald Trump’s hypocrisy by highlighting a new Newsweek report that, in his recent construction projects, Trump imported Chinese steel and aluminum rather than using American-made products. Clinton promised to close her campaign the same way she opened it: by affirming her commitment to fight for kids and families and build a stronger economy, with incomes rising for families. She added, “We want change. Well, I’ll tell you, one thing that is certain is we’ll have change – it’s just what kind of change. It’s whether or not we have change that helps the vast majority of Americans, hardworking Americans, middle-class families, or continues to only help those at the top. I want an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top. And that’s exactly what we’re going to fight for, and that is what we’re going to get.”

Clinton also criticized Trump’s use of his business failures, such as a near $1 billion loss in 1995, to potentially avoid paying almost two decades of income taxes, citing a recent New York Times report. Clinton said we need a law that requires every major party presidential nominee to release his or her tax returns when running for election.

Clinton’s remarks, as transcribed, are below:

“Thank you! Wow! Hello, Akron! Wow! I am so excited! It’s just fabulous being back here again. I am so grateful to all of you. I want to thank your mayor, Mayor Horrigan. Thank you for welcoming me here. I want to thank two great members of Congress who fight for Akron, fight for Cleveland, fight for Youngstown, fight for Ohio and America, Congresswoman Marcia Fudge and Congressman Tim Ryan.

Now, I’m pretty excited about being here today. And I was especially honored to receive the endorsement of LeBron James. Now, I may become president, but he will be king of Ohio for as long as there is a king. I’m obviously delighted to be endorsed by someone who has demonstrated such leadership and such extraordinary ability. But I’ll tell you what really moved me the most is he’s given back to his hometown. He has advocated for small businesses, for kids, giving kids more opportunities. He’s spoken out on behalf of criminal justice reform. He is someone who uses the platform he has earned because he has worked so hard over so many years to speak out and speak up for those who may not have a voice. So I am truly honored to have his support, and especially to be able to tell people in his hometown how I am looking forward not just to watch him play basketball, but to continue to be a leader in so many different ways.

Now, we do have an important election coming up. Who here is planning to vote? Well, that is very good news because this is the most consequential election, I think, in our lifetimes. The choice could not be clearer, and we need everybody to show up. And how many of you still have to register to be able to vote? Everybody here registered? Well, I want you to talk to your friends because the deadline for registering in Ohio is October 11th. That’s just a little over a week away. And if you’re not sure whether or not someone you know is registered, or maybe you yourself want to be absolutely positive, you can go to iwillvote.com – see that sign over there? You can go to iwillvote.com and confirm your registration and register if you need to.

So let’s get everybody you know to register and maybe start voting when early voting starts on October the 12th because we have just 36 days left. Thirty-six days, now, we are reaching out. We’re making phone calls. We’re knocking on doors. If you want to get involved, you can go to my website, hillaryclinton.com. Sign up to be part of this campaign in the next 36 days. You can text ‘join,’ j-o-i-n, at 47246, and get involved, because we are running to win Ohio in this election.

And everybody, everybody in the campaign, is crisscrossing Ohio. My daughter’s been here a bunch. Tim Kaine and his wonderful wife Anne have been here. My husband’s coming back tomorrow for a two-day bus tour through Ohio. And I will be back because we care about Ohio and we want to make sure Ohio makes the best choice for the future of the people of this great state.

Now, I’m going to close this campaign the way that I started my career a long time ago, fighting for kids and families, standing up for people who may need a little extra boost in life, making sure that this country delivers on the promise of the American dream. See, I believe the American dream is big enough for everybody. If you’re willing to work for it and do your part, you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead in America.

Now, my opponent and I have a really different view about what it takes to get ahead and stay ahead, and that may be because we have very different life experiences. And that’s okay. People have different families, different views of the world. But here’s what I have noticed. I have noticed that he always puts himself first. And maybe that’s because he was born into a millionaire family. He started his business with a $14 million loan from his father. His father bailed him out; apparently that’s a pattern, you got to be bailed out when you do business with him. And he then has taken advantage of every single element of our tax code, of our economy, that he could.

And along the way, along the way, he has stiffed people – small businesses and workers and contractors. And that’s part of the reason I take this election so seriously. My dad was a small businessman. My grandfather was a factory worker. And so my dad, when he got out of the Navy in World War II, he started a small business. He started a printing business. He printed fabrics for draperies. And he worked really hard. He had a print plant in Chicago – no natural light, no windows, just a long room where there were two big, long tables, and the fabric would be laid out on them. And then if you’ve ever seen silkscreens, that’s what he did. You take the silkscreen. You put it down. You pour the paint in. You take the squeegee. You go across. You lift it up. You go down to the end of one long table, you start on the end of the other long table. And then, if it was going to be two colors, you would add another color, doing exactly the same thing. It was before there was machines. My dad couldn’t have afforded that anyway. But he worked really hard, and he produced a good middle class life for our family.

And so when I think about the way that my opponent has taken advantage of people, I got to tell you, I am really grateful my dad never got a contract from him, because I have met people he stiffed. I have met people. I’m talking painters and plumbers. I’m talking dishwashers, marble installers, glass installers, architects, a man who sold him pianos for one of his casinos. He wouldn’t pay them. Now, you got to stop and ask yourself, what kind of person does that? Somebody who works hard and has a contract which they expect to be honored.

And so I met one of the men. I met a man who had a small family business, installed the glass in one of those casinos, submitted the bill, and Trump said, no. we’re not going to pay it. And the man was stunned, as so many hundreds and hundreds of people have been. And then they come back, the Trump organization or Trump himself, and say, okay, we’ll give you 10 cents, 20 cents, maybe 30 cents on the dollar. Now, some of those small businesses, they couldn’t afford that. They had bought the material, They had provided the services. Trump didn’t care. He basically just walked away from them, made them feel like they had failed even though they had done the work they’d been asked to provide. I got to tell you, that is not the way we’re supposed to do business in America. And I can’t imagine having a president who believes that that’s the way you’re supposed to treat people. But you’re going to help me make sure he never gets near the White House.

Now, earlier today, earlier today in Toledo, I talked about all of the changes I want to make in how we can protect Americans from the kind of corporate fraud that we have seen too much of. Now, the most recent example is Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo actually had people, thousands of their employees, putting customers into accounts they either never asked for or they did not understand. And then every time they put somebody into a new account, they got fees, which then gave them the chance to get a bigger bonus – a really crummy game that hurt people. So thankfully, we have an organization now, the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau in Washington, who looks out for people who get […]. That is an important part of how we’re going to protect. And it’s run, you may know, by Richard Cordray from Ohio.

Now, will it surprise you that Donald Trump wants to eliminate that agency? Well, we’re not going to let that happen. That agency has already recovered $11 billion for consumers who’ve been taken advantage of by corporations. And the behavior of Wells Fargo shows clearly that we have got to keep the pressure on these big banks so they can never wreck the economy again the way they did back in 2008.

I have said we’re never going to let Wall Street wreck Main Street again, and I mean it. Contrast that – contrast that with my opponent. He wants to do away with the rules that have been imposed on Wall Street. He basically wants to let Wall Street, the banks, the hedge funds, all these other institutions basically do whatever they want again. Well, I’ll tell you what, we’re not going to let that happen. We need more rules, not fewer rules on them.

I want us to make it easier to start a small business, to get rid of the red tape, to make credit available, to make it clear that most new jobs are going to come from small businesses in America, so we should have a big, dynamic small business economy. But we are not going to let big business and big corporations call the shots anymore. That is not working for us.

But Trump’s whole economic vision is really trickle-down economics. It’s the same – the same idea that has failed us before. You see, he believes that all you do is cut taxes on the wealthy and then it trickles down. Well, we know that doesn’t work. We’ve been down that road. And what he wants to do is, I think it’s fair to say, trickle-down on steroids. What he has proposed would slash taxes on the wealthy.

Now, I’m a little confused about this because for a long time we’ve been saying, ‘Hey, where are your tax returns?’ A lot of us wondered what he was hiding. Because you know, if it was something that would make him look good, he would put them right out there. Everybody who’s ever run for president in at least the last 40 years has released their tax returns. My husband and I have about 40 years of tax returns out there. You can go and look at them and you can see that we paid a lot of taxes, and frankly, we were grateful we could. We are grateful for the blessings that we’ve had over the last 15 years.

So did any of you see the debate last Monday? Well, I raised it. I said, ‘Well, maybe he doesn’t want us to see that he owes hundreds of millions of dollars to foreign banks and foreign lenders, or maybe he hasn’t paid any taxes.’ Now, shortly after the debate, it was discovered that, indeed, back in the 1990s he apparently lost a billion dollars on bad investments and failing casinos. Ask yourself this: Who loses money on casinos? Really. And yesterday some of his supporters said, ‘Well, it just shows he’s a genius that he didn’t pay any taxes.’ Well, what kind of genius loses a billion dollars in the first place?

In the debate, he said not paying taxes made him smart. But think about what that means. It means that all the rest of us who pay our taxes, right – what’s he saying about us? But more than that, zero taxes means zero for our vets, zero for our military, zero for Pell Grants to send young people to college, zero for health, zero for education. And you stop and ask yourself, this is the same person who’s been going around really just dumping on America. He says our military’s a disaster. Well, he could not be more wrong, but thank goodness the rest of us paid to support our men and women in uniform who have done so much for us.

Today in Colorado, he claimed he brilliantly used the laws to avoid paying taxes. Well, that just shows, number one, he is the poster boy – the poster boy – for the same rigged system that he would make even worse. Just think about it. He paid zero at least for about 20 years, we believe now based on what we know. And he’s advocating for huge tax cuts that would help him and his family even more. What’s he want us to do, pay him to lose money? Really?

There’s a lot more to this story, and we’re just slowly getting it into the public eye. So we know he’s stiffed people, didn’t pay his bills. We know he took bankruptcy, depending on how you count, four or six times. You know that he paid no taxes for probably 20 years. We don’t know what his taxes would be after that. He’s always talked about how he can’t release his taxes because he’s under audit, but he admitted everything before 2009 is not under audit, so Donald, release everything up until 2009. Show the American people your taxes.

I’ll tell you another thing. If I’m fortunate enough to be president, we’re going to pass a law requiring anybody who is a nominee of a major national party to have to release their taxes.

So what did we find out today? Well, a story just came out saying that Donald Trump used Chinese steel and aluminum for two out of the last three construction projects. So instead of buying his steel and aluminum from American plants here in Ohio and Pennsylvania, instead of supporting hardworking families and American jobs, he once again stiffed us. He sent that money overseas.

Now, he spends a lot of time bashing the Chinese, right? You hear that all the time when he talks. Well, it turns out he bought his steel and aluminum from the Chinese. It turns out he owes big money to the Chinese. So this is another one of the episodes of his reality television show, where he is saying one thing and doing something else.

Now, for years, China has been undermining American businesses and workers by illegally dumping cheap aluminum and steel into our markets. You know that, right? And it sounds like Donald Trump has been buying that dumped steel and aluminum. How can he make America great again when he won’t even buy American products in our country?

And I’ll tell you, this is personal to me, because as a senator I went before the International Trade Commission on behalf of steel workers in New York who I represented. And as Secretary of State, I went toe-to-toe with the Chinese. I have put forward an agenda to crack down on trade abuses from countries like China, to stand up for American workers, and to rebuild American infrastructure with American materials like steel and aluminum.

And today in Toledo I pointed out, because Chrysler just announced an expansion of the plant there for the new Jeep Wrangler – about 700 more jobs, right? I pointed out when the automobile industry was flat on its back and 850,000 workers in Ohio could have been absolutely out of a job – more than we can even imagine in terms of the long-lasting impact on the economy here – Donald Trump said he didn’t care. Save it, don’t save it; didn’t matter to him.

Well, I’ll tell you where I stood. I stood in favor of saving the American automobile industry. And look what we got. Last year, our auto industry had the best year they’ve had in a really long time. And so we’ve got to keep building it. We’ve got to keep making sure that there are good jobs. And we’ve got to protect good union jobs against the kind of assault that is coming from all sides.

So now, I know that Ohio is a tough, tough state. You’ve got to get out there. You’ve got to talk to people, answer questions, make your case. That’s what we’ve been doing. That’s what we’re going to do all the way to the end of this election. But I need your help to talk to anybody you know here who thinks they might be voting for Trump. I know you know people. I know you do. And you’ve got to stage an intervention. You’ve got to sit them down and point out how everything he says he wants to do is absolutely opposite of what he has done, and how everything he has proposed will help people like him and his family but not the vast majority of families in Ohio. In fact, if you look at his tax proposals, they benefit him and other wealthy people – hedge fund managers and the like, and they would actually raise taxes on middle-class families.

Now, that’s the kind of contrast we’re getting out in the campaign, but that’s why we need your help – to make sure you go out and talk to everybody. And I know people want change. That’s part of the American dynamic spirit. We want change. Well, I’ll tell you, one thing that is certain is we’ll have change – it’s just what kind of change. It’s whether or not we have change that helps the vast majority of Americans, hardworking Americans, middle-class families, or continues to only help those at the top. I want an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top. And that’s exactly what we’re going to fight for, and that is what we’re going to get.

I’ll tell you, I’ve been called a lot of things. Right? I’ve never been called quitter. If I tell you I’m going to get up every day and fight for you, that is exactly what I will do.

But I know I can’t do it – I can’t do it alone. Donald Trump stood on the stage of his convention and just once again painted this dark and dire picture of America. And then he said, ‘I alone can fix it.’ He gets confused between leadership and dictatorship. He has a hard time remembering who our friends are and who our adversaries are. He has a weird fascination with dictators like Vladimir Putin. We have a lot of people living in this part of Ohio who either themselves or their parents or grandparents came from countries that were under the yoke of oppression, and we’re never going to let that happen again.

And so when Trump basically signs up for Putin’s wish list, that’s bad enough. But then, when he’s cavalier – and I’m not talking about basketball – when he is cavalier about nuclear weapons, saying that, oh, he doesn’t care if other countries get them; in fact, you know, if there were a nuclear war in East Asia, if Japan got nuclear weapons, if South Korea got nuclear weapons, hey, just go at it, folks. He even said he wouldn’t care if Saudi Arabia got nuclear weapons. One thing that has been a bedrock of American foreign policy through Democratic and Republican presidents going back to the dawn of the atomic age is we were committed to trying to keep other countries from getting access to nuclear weapons, to be able to stop proliferation. And now it’s even more important because it’s not only states that we have to worry about, like North Korea; we’ve got to worry about terrorists getting their hands on nuclear weapons. The last thing we want to do is just act like it doesn’t matter, because it does.

I was involved in putting together the sanctions against Iran that drove them to the negotiating table. And what I learned – if you use diplomacy and you’re tough about it, you can actually get an agreement that put a lid on their nuclear program. And we’re going to make sure they follow it to the period, the comma, everything in that agreement. I’m going to enforce. And we still have challenges with Iran, but I think we’re in a stronger position given the fact that they are not racing for a nuclear weapon because we have intrusive inspections.

So I know diplomacy can work because I’ve done it, and I know that – we can defeat ISIS and the terrorists if we work with other nations, if we have a coalition that actually takes them out from the air, takes them out on the ground, and fights them online where they are doing so much damage by radicalizing and recruiting young people. I’ve been laying out my plan for what I think it will take to defeat ISIS, and I have no doubt we will. And Donald says he has a secret plan. That he won’t tell us about. Well, there’s no secret; he has no plan.

And we’ve got to do more – we’ve got to do more to make sure we protect our country. We need the best intelligence we can get, the best cooperation among law enforcement at all levels of government. I will not rest. As a former Senator from New York on 9/11, I take this as a personal responsibility. I will do everything I can to keep our country safe and to work with others to defeat the threat posed by terrorism.

And finally, my friends, we’ve got to bring our country back together. There is too much divisiveness, too much finger-pointing and scapegoating. Our diversity is one of our strengths. We have to listen to each other. We don’t have to agree; that is not required. But we need to be respectful. We need to listen. And then we need to roll up our sleeves and get to work.

When I was First Lady, Senator, Secretary of State, I worked to find common ground with everybody. I worked when I was First Lady with Republicans and Democrats to create the Children’s Health Insurance Program that insures eight million kids. When I was in the Senate, I worked with practically every Republican I served with. And they all have nice things to say about me when I’m not running for something. And I will work again to move our country forward and to change the […] of that. And we had to get 13 Republicans, and I worked tirelessly and we got them. We did that. There is a lot we can do if we start listening and respecting each other and avoid the kind of name-calling and insults that we see too much of.

So I’m excited about the campaign, but I’m even more excited about getting to work for you – being able to get up every day and find a way to try to help somebody. I mean, that is how I was raised in my church and by my family, and that is what I have done through my advocacy work and my legal work on behalf of people who needed a voice. And I will do everything possible to make sure I deliver results for you. And the reason that I have published a book with my great running mate, Tim Kaine – it’s right here – is real simple: I want you to know what we say we’re going to do, because I want you to hold me accountable. I don’t believe in bait and switch, where I say, oh, we’re going to do something and then I really am over here doing something else. That kind of reminds you of somebody, doesn’t it? No, here’s what we’re going to try to do. We’re going to pay for it by raising taxes on the wealthy and closing loopholes on corporations. And I am the only candidate who ran this whole campaign saying I will never raise taxes on the middle class. That is not going to happen when I am president.

So please join this campaign in the last 36 days. Talk to your friends. Remember, friends don’t let friends vote for Trump. I am motivated every day because now I’m a grandmother – two beautiful grandchildren – and I think about their future, I think about their lives, I think about our country. I want our country to be the land of opportunity. The place where dreams do come true if you’re willing to work for them. Not just for my grandchildren, but for every child. I want every child in this country to have a chance to live up to his or her God-given potential. And if you will help me win this election, and then help me work to make it come true, we will have a country that delivers on our dreams and a future we can all be proud of.

Thank you and God bless you!”

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