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It’s finally starting to feel like spring here in New York, and with that, a new generation of young people are getting ready to graduate from high school and college and head into the world. That world may look very different than the world my classmates at Wellesley and I entered many years ago, but the issues we’re facing — issues of inequality and what feels like progress being undone — aren’t really that different at all.

I have faith in this generation, though. Young people aren’t waiting to be invited to join the conversation anymore. They’re using their platforms to start critical conversations online and off. They’re taking the plunge and running for office themselves. They’re leading the largest march against gun violence our country has ever seen.

The Alliance for Youth Action, another one of the groups that Onward Together is proud to support, is committed to harnessing the power of young people across the country. Take a moment to read more about some of the incredible things that young organizers have accomplished through the Alliance for Youth Action today — and we’ll talk again soon.



Onward Together works to build a brighter future for generations to come by supporting groups that encourage people to organize in their communities or run for office. Because you’re an important part of Onward Together, we wanted you to get a chance to know these groups a little bit better. To learn more about Onward Together, click here.
The organization: Alliance for Youth Action

The organizers: Sarah Audelo, Executive Director

The mission: To support and scale the work of local organizations, building a movement of young people, by young people, and for all people.

The story: The Alliance for Youth Action was founded as the Bus Federation, named for the famed bus trips taken to knock doors for progressive causes largely in the pacific northwest. As they pivoted into winning national issue campaigns and supporting locally rooted youth organizing everywhere, they became the Alliance for Youth Action — and the rest is history. The Alliance for Youth Action has been critical in winning LGBTQ non-discrimination ordinances in some of America’s most conservative states, leading young voter engagement efforts in key races up and down the ballot, piloting new policy ideas to improve our democracy like Automatic Voter Registration, and so much more.

The latest: Wherever young people are doing good work in the progressive movement, the Alliance for Youth Action is likely to be found. #TurnUpTurnOut, their electoral engagement plan for 2018 includes registering thousands of young voters, pushing candidates on the issues young people care about most, and driving young voters to the polls via festive and fun tactics alongside more than 20 youth-led organizations in their network. They also produce the American Voter Guide, a handy reference that explains issues and candidates in a way that really makes sense and will be partnering with some of the biggest shops across the country to get these guides in the hands of potentially millions of young voters.

The next step: Head to allianceforyouthaction.org to learn more right now and get involved in an issue campaign that you care about.

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This past weekend, I traveled to Rochester, New York to pay tribute to the life of the great Representative Louise Slaughter, and watched as young activists showed us that the future leaders of the progressive movement are smart, diverse, and not waiting for an invitation to get up and make their voices heard.

I found myself thinking about the ways in which activism and public service can make life richer. After all, there’s no better way to meet people who are passionate about your passions than by fighting, side by side, for what’s right.

I’m so grateful to be able to share these fights with you, and to have you as part of the Onward Together family. Today, I hope you’ll take a moment to learn a little more about Collective PAC, another one of the groups that we’re working with, in their fight to find and elect more African-American legislators and make our democracy a little more equal.



Onward Together works to build a brighter future for generations to come by supporting groups that encourage people to organize in their communities or run for office. Because you’re an important part of Onward Together, we wanted you to get a chance to know these groups a little bit better. To learn more about Onward Together, click here.
The organization: Collective PAC

The organizers: Quentin James and Stefanie Brown James, former key strategists and organizers for the Sierra Club, NAACP, and Obama for America campaigns.

The mission: To fix the underrepresentation of African Americans in elected office by working to find, support, fund and elect African-American candidates.

The story: Collective PAC was created in 2016, when two politicos set out to close the gap in representation for African American constituents. In less than two years, they’ve helped 23 candidates win at the local, state and federal level, raised nearly $1,000,000, and launched The Black Campaign School and The Black Political Power Summit.

The latest: With the primary season underway, Collective PAC has swung into action, with 38 endorsed candidates on the ballot this year at statewide, federal, and municipal levels. They’re also focused on building the power of black voters and donors through training and support programs.

The next step: Head to collectivepac.org to join the fight for equal representation and get involved in 2018 efforts today.

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Election season is exciting, and it’s also a time to take stock of where we are as a nation. Are we paying attention? Are we coming out to participate in primaries and local elections? And are we making sure that our most fundamental right is accessible to every eligible voter?

This week, I’ve been traveling abroad, talking to people about how our countries have grown and changed over the last few years. I was so proud to be able to share with folks here that Conor Lamb won his race on Tuesday, thanks to the hard work of organizers and volunteers in the 18th district of Pennsylvania who made their voices heard.

But in Pennsylvania and across the country, access to the ballot box is obstructed by one unnecessary measure or another. Working to ensure that the right to vote is protected is one of the most critical issues of our time — and that’s why I’m so grateful to the team at iVote, another one of our Onward Together partners, for the work that they do.

Take a moment to learn more about iVote below, then recommit to vote in your next local election. It couldn’t be more important.



Onward Together works to build a brighter future for generations to come by supporting groups that encourage people to organize in their communities or run for office. Because you’re an important part of Onward Together, we wanted you to get a chance to know these groups a little bit better. To learn more about Onward Together, click here.
The organization: iVote

The organizers: Campaign veterans Ellen Kurz and Jeremy Bird

The mission: To secure voting rights for all Americans by investing in campaigns to bring universal, automatic voter registration to multiple states and by electing voting rights champions to be the chief election administrator in the office of the Secretary of State in battleground states.

The story: Founded in 2014, iVote went on the offensive by working to elect pro-voting Secretaries of State in key battleground states. Whereas voting rights groups have relied on challenges in court after rights had been impinged, or defeating efforts to further erode rights, iVote takes a different tack – ‘flipping the script’ from playing defense on voter suppression efforts to going on offense.

The latest: In 2016, iVote ran a petition campaign in Nevada to put automatic voter registration on the ballot. After being successfully certified, iVote is now focused on working with partners to win the ballot initiative in November ’18. iVote is also working to advance several pieces of legislation that would put automatic voter registration on the ballot in more states. Earlier this year, iVote announced that they plan to spend $5 million in efforts to elect Democratic, pro-voting rights secretaries of state in seven target states of Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Michigan, Ohio, New Mexico, and Iowa.

The next step: Head to ivoteforamerica.org to learn more and get involved ahead of the next primaries, then check out their new video on why fighting back against voter suppression is so important.

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This has been a big week for progress.

On Tuesday, we saw signs of hope across Texas when more than half of the fifty women running for Congress won their primaries or moved onto a run-off. Across the state, turnout among Democrats was higher than it’s been in years. And yesterday, we celebrated International Women’s Day by reflecting on how far we’ve come, and recommitting ourselves to the work ahead.

There’s certainly work ahead of us, but the groups that Onward Together supports are making progress seem a little more possible these days. I hope you’ll take a moment today to learn more about The Arena, one of our newer groups. They’re inspiring and training activists across the country, and I couldn’t be more proud.



Onward Together works to build a brighter future for generations to come by supporting groups that encourage people to organize in their communities or run for office. Because you’re an important part of Onward Together, we wanted you to get a chance to know these groups a little bit better. To learn more about Onward Together, click here.
The organization: The Arena

The organizers: Swati Mylavarapu, Ravi Gupta, and Kate Catherall

The mission: To inspire and train civic leaders at their quarterly summits and through building progressive communities — online and off.

The story: Faced with the fear and confusion of his students after the 2016 election, Ravi Gupta needed a way to bring young progressives together to mourn and organize. The first Arena Summit took place just one month later and brought together more than 450 energized people from 32 states, more than 150 of whom pledged to run for office.

The latest: Currently on their fifth summit, the Arena is on track to train more than 5,000 activists by the end of 2018. They’ve also launched their Spotlight program, which has already brought attention to activist and non-profit leaders doing work that matters.

The next step: The team at the Arena is on the frontlines of the fight to connect progressives across the country with resources and tools they need. Sign up to learn more at TheArena.run

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Last year, in the midst of our disappointment and concern for the future of our country, this team banded together to prove that we were knocked down, but not knocked out. You marched, formed new organizations like the ones that Onward Together supports, attended town halls, and signed up to run for office in numbers we’ve never seen before.We can’t slow down now. That’s why I’m asking you to renew your membership in Onward Together for 2018 by making a donation today.In less than a year, Onward Together has supported more than ten groups and organizations doing absolutely incredible work to protect our democracy by advocating for voting rights, helping young people get involved in activism and running for office, and more.In 2018, we’re taking the next step by expanding our mentorship program and holding our first Onward Together members event. We can only do this work with your support — please chip in right now.Donate now

Thank you — this means a lot to me,


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No, she isn’t slacking. I am the one who needed additional mental health time moving into the new year – which promises to be a bitch!

To start, no. We are not going to entertain the perpetual investigations into the Clinton Foundation which saves lives and eyesight, aids farmers – including and especially women farmers, provides access to safe food cookers, fights animal trafficking and poaching, and provides HIV-AIDS medication. Been there. Saw that. Nothing new to discover there.

Neither is there anything worth discussing about any private servers or emails. The fire at the Secret Service facility on the Clinton property did not erupt in a roomful of secret servers. It was a shorted bathroom fan that set off the alarm.

Hillary, meanwhile, is still fighting for Congress to pass CHIP, and you can join her in the battle here >>>>.

She also sent this email out.


Thank you again for your generous donation to Onward Together in 2017. With your help, we were able to support eleven groups doing critical work toward making our country stronger and more fair.

You’ve already been introduced to the first round of organizations. Today, I wanted to tell you a little bit about some of the newer members of the Onward Together family:

The organizers at iVote worked with partners on the ground to get automatic voter registration on the ballot in Nevada in 2017. 450 brand-new civic leaders and activists attended The Arena’s very first summit — and they’re on track to train 5,000 people by the end of 2018. At the Alliance for Youth Action, young people are using local organizing to address economic inequality, attacks on voting rights, and more. The team at Latino Victory Fund is working to elect more Latino candidates at every level of government. More than 400 students and leaders met last month at the Voto Latino Power Summit to share resources and tools for national advocacy. And with the help of Collective Future, 23 African-American candidates have been elected to local, state, and federal offices since August 2016.

Along with Indivisible, Color of Change, Emerge America, Swing Left, and Run for Something, I know these groups will continue to do the incredible work of making our democracy stronger in 2018, and I’m proud to be on their team. We’re only able to support these organizations because of you, so one more time, thank you.

If you’re still with us in 2018, add your name right now, and let’s do even more together.



So no. In 2018, you will not find unnecessary refutation of lies about Hillary, the Clintons, or the foundation. You will continue to see posts about Hillary’s work, words, and events. That is what this blog has always been about and we foresee no reason to leap into a cesspool just because the current administration and his party have tried to flush used Pampers down the White House lavatories.

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Today, Hillary Clinton announced that along with groups like iVote, The Arena, Alliance for Youth, Latino Victory and Voto Latino, The Collective has been chosen to receive not only her endorsement but also the continued support of Onward Together, her new organization encouraging people to organize, get involved, and run for office!
This is BIG!
Over the past year, we’ve built an incredible organization with over 5,000 donors from all 50 states and the District of Columbia who’ve helped us ensure 23 of our endorsed candidates won their races! But if we’re going to elect governors, attorney generals and members of congress in 2018, we need to have an even bigger team.
That’s why we need YOU to join the other 5,000 supporters and become one of our founding members by simply making a contribution before the end of the year!
It’s not too late! Sign up now.
Let’s Go!
Quentin James
Founder, The Collective

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