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Last year, we all were so sure that this year she would be at Arlington laying wreaths. That was not to be. But despite the rain and chilly temps, Hillary marched in Chappaqua today with former President Bill Clinton and Governor Andrew Cuomo. The pipes and drums braved the weather in their rain gear. Our friend Oscar Flores marched too, as always!

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It will probably be the last time for awhile that Hillary will be able to march in her hometown parade.  Next year, she will be leading ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery. Chappaqua showed itself to be solidly behind her today.  The local grassroots group, Chappaqua Friends of Hillary, gathered to distribute stickers and cupcakes and to sign up volunteers.  Dawn Evans Greenberg organized the effort, and her team did a great job!   Up and down South Greeley, folks were sporting Hillary stickers as they cheered the parade: the vets, the scouts, the bands,  the pipers, the musketeers, the first responders, the soccer kids, Governor Cuomo, and  both Clintons.

The morning had been iffy.  It had rained – no poured.  But as folks began setting up, the drizzle stopped and the sun began trying to break through.

DSCN6086 DSCN6087

The Hillary tent was where the action was.  Everyone wanted to pose with the cutout of Hillary. One little girl about three-years-old called to the Hillary figure as she walked past.  “Hillary!”  There were homemade signs, lots of Hillary gear, and kids- lots of kids and lots of dogs!

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Then came the parade!

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The Revolutionary War contingent shot off their muskets every 1000 yards or so  – deafening.  The kids loved it!

DSCN6143 DSCN6144 DSCN6146 DSCN6147 DSCN6148 DSCN6150 DSCN6151 DSCN6152 DSCN6153 DSCN6154 DSCN6155 DSCN6156 DSCN6157 DSCN6158 DSCN6159 DSCN6160 DSCN6161 DSCN6162 DSCN6163 DSCN6164 DSCN6165 DSCN6166 DSCN6167 DSCN6168 DSCN6169 DSCN6170 DSCN6171 DSCN6172 DSCN6173 DSCN6174

As the parade ended everyone drifted to the ceremonies at the monument on the green.

Our fallen heroes deserve our profound gratitude for giving their lives to protect our freedom, today and every day. -H


The sun came out.  The roads dried up.  Hillary was happy to see us.  She said “Thank you, so much,” and put two thumbs up.




It seems there are questions about the Navy officer next to Hillary.  He is Oscar Flores, U.S. Navy Ret., who worked in the White House during the first Clinton administration and is employed by them now in his retirement. If you have read any of the many emails Hillary released, you will see his name on some of them. The Clinton family attended his retirement celebration some years ago. He is a trusted friend and member of the household and deserving of our thanks and respect for his service.  So, please  no more malarkey.  He has been there all along.  He is an officer and a gentleman. Please be respectful and thank him for his service!


Memorial Day 2013


Memorial Day 2014

No more of this nonsense!  (Thank you Snopes!)




phone calls

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On Friday, April 1, Secretary Clinton’s schedule stated that she had “no public appointments.” She did not. But she did have a personal engagement. Chief Culinary Specialist Oscar Flores, who worked in the Clinton White House was retiring. A celebration was held aboard the USS Makin Island on which he served, and the Secretary of State, the former POTUS, Professor Chelsea Clinton, and Mrs. Dorothy Rodham all attended to wish him well.  (As do we all!)

Our friend Bea was the one who went to the USS Makin Island Facebook page to find these, but since it was a link in a thread that many might not see, I thought I would post a slideshow above the fold.   I have included pictures of the awesome vessel herself since aircraft carriers and their crews simply fascinate me.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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