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While we Still4Hillers are the first to applaud a vacation for our hard-working Hillary, we are also the ones who miss her so much when she does take one that we occasionally need a Hillary-fix.   I do not usually post articles like this although I did bookmark it as soon as I saw it.  It has occurred to me that folks here might like to have it as well.  It is a pretty good reference in case we ever need these quotes for some reason.  So here is a compendium of great Hillary quotes  thanks to Nico Lang at ThoughtCatalog.com.

This photo is from the swearing-in of Mike Hammer as Assistant Secretary of Public Affairs (<- the video is at this post).   You may remember that Mike appeared at the State Department not long after the resignation of P.J. Crowley as State Spokesperson and was expected to replace P.J.  Ultimately, Victoria Nuland, who had acted as spox after P.J.’s resignation, was named to that post now occupied by Jen Psaki.  Victoria, in turn, has moved up to become Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian affairs.

Mike was a model of patience through it all, so we applauded his good humor at his installation.  If he would like the role of Robin to Hillary’s Batman,  it is his for the asking.  He gave us one of the funniest official moments of 2012,  and we hope he is enjoying his job.  Do go back and see that video if you never have.

Meanwhile, here are the badass Hillary quotes.  You never know when or why you might need them!

During an interview in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, a moderator once asked Hillary Clinton who her favorite designers were. Instead of playing along, she shot the question down entirely: “Would you ask a man that question?” Hillary Clinton is a total BAMF, and these quotes prove why. Whether she’s texting her BFF Michelle Obama or hanging out in an airplane hanger with her sunglasses on, Clinton has out badassed all of us. She shouldn’t just be the next president. Hillary Clinton should be the next Batman.

Read the quotes!  >>>>

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Laura Rozen got the scoop on some changes coming up at the State Department.  Michael Hammer, International Man of Mystery, sent by the White House after P.J. Crowley’s resignation, will not tbe the spokesperson, and neither will action spokesperson Mark Toner (who has been doing  just fine.)  According to Rozen, Victoria (“Toria”) Nuland will be.  Resignations are also in the pipeline, Arturo Valenzuela, Assistant Secretary for Western Hemispheric Affairs (and techie-dud supreme) among them.  I will miss his tweets when the SOS travels in Latin America. He kept me well informed.

Here is Laura’s article.

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Well, our Mme. Secretary is on a break that I would NOT call a vacation.  But good news came in about our friend and former chief spokesperson, P.J. Crowley!  Go P.J.!

Former State Department Spokesman Crowley to Join Penn State Law School

April 26, 2011 6:20 PM
by StateCollege.com Staff
Philip J. “P.J.” Crowley, a former U.S. State Department spokesman under Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, will hold a key chair at the Penn State Dickinson School of Law.

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There is not  much I can say about this except that I, too, regret this resignation.  As readers here know, P.J. has supplied important background information via Twitter since the Arab Spring began.  I will miss his tweets.  Godspeed, P.J. and thank you for your service.


Resignation of Philip J. Crowley as Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs

Press Statement

Hillary Rodham Clinton
Secretary of State
Washington, DC
March 13, 2011

It is with regret that I have accepted the resignation of Philip J. Crowley as Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs. PJ has served our nation with distinction for more than three decades, in uniform and as a civilian. His service to country is motivated by a deep devotion to public policy and public diplomacy, and I wish him the very best. Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary (PDAS) Michael Hammer will serve as Acting Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs.


The unauthorized disclosure of classified information is a serious crime under U.S. law. My recent comments regarding the conditions of the pre-trial detention of Private First Class Bradley Manning were intended to highlight the broader, even strategic impact of discreet actions undertaken by national security agencies every day and their impact on our global standing and leadership. The exercise of power in today’s challenging times and relentless media environment must be prudent and consistent with our laws and values.

Given the impact of my remarks, for which I take full responsibility, I have submitted my resignation as Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs and Spokesman for the Department of State.

I am enormously grateful to President Obama and Secretary Clinton for the high honor of once again serving the American people. I leave with great admiration and affection for my State colleagues, who promote our national interest both on the front lines and in the quiet corners of the world. It was a privilege to help communicate their many and vital contributions to our national security. And I leave with deep respect for the journalists who report on foreign policy and global developments every day, in many cases under dangerous conditions and subject to serious threats. Their efforts help make governments more responsible, accountable and transparent.

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More tweets from P.J. Crowley today. Once again the SOS spent some time on the phone over the weekend.  I had to check.   I actually do follow Jay Carney who has sent out 492 tweets as press sec, the last being on February 28, and he does not tweet on weekends about phone calls the POTUS makes,  it appears.   P.J. has racked up 385 tweets so far, but his are pithier.   So here is what the SOS has been doing, and  we have an update on the evacuation of Egyptians from Tunisia.

Philip J. Crowley
PJCrowley Philip J. Crowley
#SecClinton and #Egyptian PM Sharaf reviewed developments in #Libya, including U.S. and international efforts to evacuate Egyptian citizens.
Philip J. Crowley
PJCrowley Philip J. Crowley

#SecClinton spoke with new PM #Sharaf of #Egypt. She reaffirmed our willingness to support Egypt’s democratic transition and its economy.

Philip J. Crowley
PJCrowley Philip J. Crowley

Two more U.S. military aircraft have arrived in Cairo with #Egyptian citizens from #Tunisia. The four flights today will carry 328 evacuees.

Philip J. Crowley
PJCrowley Philip J. Crowley
Four US military C-130 aircraft will ferry #Egyptian citizens from #Djerba to #Cairo today. One flight with 82 passengers has landed so far.

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More tweets tonight from P.J. Crowley about Secretary Clinton working the phones, this time about Libya.  Obviously the AU call has to do with some way of preventing additional mercenaries from entering Libya.  I am hearing more and more that the international community should be acting through NATO.  I know the SOS goes where the President sends her, but a trip to Geneva to ask the UNHRC to ban Libya seems a rather weak gesture.  It borders on symbolic.

Clearly the U.S. cannot and should not move unilaterally,  but from what a woman in Tripoli just told Anderson Cooper on the phone,  some real signal needs to be sent by the international community.  The people of Tripoli cannot hear us.

Anderson Cooper
andersoncooper Anderson Cooper
A heartbreaking cry in the night. A woman trapped at home, desperate in Tripoli #Libya. Please hear her plea #ac360 10p

Philip J. Crowley

PJCrowley Philip J. Crowley
#SecClinton spoke with #AfricanUnion Chairperson #Ping about actions the AU can undertake regarding #Libya in light of ongoing violence.
Philip J. Crowley
PJCrowley Philip J. Crowley
#SecClinton conferred with #British FS @WilliamJHague about #Libya and steps the international community can take in the coming days.
Philip J. Crowley
PJCrowley Philip J. Crowley
#SecClinton talked with President Deby of #Chad about the current situation in #Libya and the risk to the Libyan people and the region.

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Well, our girl at State, Mme. Secretary, spent another Sunday working the phones according to her main spokesman, P.J. Crowley who, similarly, spent the afternoon tweeting about her calls.

Philip J. Crowley

PJCrowley Philip J. Crowley #SecClinton is making calls to regional and global leaders to gain a shared perspective on #Egypt, recent developments and the way forward.

Here are a few tweets about specific calls, and I must self-correct. I spoke too soon, Aboul Gheit remains Foreign Minister of Egypt.
Philip J. Crowley
PJCrowley Philip J. Crowley#EUHighRepAshton and #SecClinton updated each other on events in #Egypt, #Tunisia and the #MiddleEast since last weekend’s #Quartet meeting.
Philip J. Crowley

PJCrowley Philip J. Crowley #Egyptian FM #AboulGheit updated #SecClinton on the new interim government and pledged a roadmap that will describe Egypt’s plans and

Philip J. Crowley

PJCrowley Philip J. Crowley #SecClinton and #French FM #Alliot-Marie spoke today about the situation in #Tunisia, recent developments in #Egypt and #MiddleEast peace.

Philip J. Crowley

PJCrowley Philip J. Crowley #SecClinton and #Italian FM Frattini discussed ways to support #Egypt as Egypt identifies specific needs. They also talked about #Tunisia.

PJCrowley Philip J. Crowley #SecClinton discussed regional developments with #Palestinian President #Abbas. Deputy Envoy David Hale will continue dialogue this week.

Philip J. Crowley

PJCrowley Philip J. Crowley #SecClinton spoke today with #Emirati FM #AbdullahBinZayedAlNahyan about #Egypt, its impact on the #MiddleEast and other regional issues.

This from Tehran Bureau may have something to do with the one below it from the State Department Twitter account.

TehranBureau TehranBureau.comKaleme is reporting that nightly chants of Allah o Akbar were heard not only in Tehran, but also Tabriz, Shiraz, Rasht and Isfahan.
StateDept StateDeptRT @USAdarFarsi: US calls on #Iran to allow people to enjoy same universal rights to peacefully assemble, demonstrate as in Cairo. #25Bahman

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It is her main spokesman, not the Secretary herself who is being ambushed here by the press corps on Haiti, but it foreshadows the kind of questions the Secretary of State herself will be fielding in the coming days.  I predict, however, that she will quiet the restless press more effectively than P.J. could.  They really played hardball with him, but,  all due respect,  he is not the best fielder.  Ace shortstop needed here!

Personally, I believe what P.J. is saying.   Duvalier was traveling on his Haitian diplomatic (!) passport  (since France really does not want him either and would not issue him a passport on a bet).  Therefore he did not require a visa.  Probably only Air France knew who had boarded the plane.  The news was out only shortly before he landed.

There truly is nothing in our current Haiti policy to deal with the return of ousted former officials.  The Haitian Constitution has no exile provision in it, so technically, none of these guys is prevented from returning.  Exactly how much influence the U.S. government has over the movements of Jean-Claude Duvalier could be a question, but my guess is, not much if any.

Vodpod videos no longer available.
Philip J. Crowley
Assistant Secretary
Daily Press Briefing
Washington, DC
January 18, 2011

QUESTION: Do (inaudible) Haiti?


QUESTION: Do you think Duvalier should be arrested or removed from the country? I mean, what’s your position of him being there? And did you know in advance that he was going?

MR. CROWLEY: I think we were informed about an hour before the point that he landed this weekend. If I look at the list of challenges that Haiti faces today, having a former dictator return to Haiti just adds to Haiti’s ongoing burden. But as to his status in the country and what happens, this is a matter for the Government of Haiti and the people of Haiti.

QUESTION: What’s –

QUESTION: Who informed you an hour before?

MR. CROWLEY: The French Government.

QUESTION: Did you –

MR. CROWLEY: Which, as I understand it, it was when they first learned that he was on his way to Haiti.

QUESTION: So you’re not – as you understand it, the French knew an hour before he landed that he was on his way? Wasn’t he flying on an Air France jet?

MR. CROWLEY: Again, you’re talking about the government. We were given a heads up roughly an hour before he landed.

QUESTION: Do you think that that was an appropriate amount of time, considering the investment that you’ve made in Haiti?

MR. CROWLEY: Again –

QUESTION: And the fact that you were the ones –

MR. CROWLEY: All I can tell you is we were –

QUESTION: — who took him out of the country in the first place?

MR. CROWLEY: We were surprised and not involved, and what happens at this point is up to the Government of Haiti.

QUESTION: Have you made any effort to get into direct contact with him or his –

MR. CROWLEY: I’m not aware that anyone from our post has been in contact with Mr. Duvalier.

QUESTION: What’s your understanding of what he’s doing there?

MR. CROWLEY: That’s a very good question.

QUESTION: There’s got to be some, I mean, analysts in the State Department who are saying –

MR. CROWLEY: All I can tell you, and just repeat, we were not consulted nor involved in his return to Haiti.

QUESTION: Fine, but you didn’t give any thought to whether he would return at all? I mean, you haven’t been looking at this? In 2006, you made a big effort, which was – there were examples in WikiLeak cables – but I remember at the time that the State Department specifically said that his return would not be productive. And so with all the turmoil –

MR. CROWLEY: And I’m not –

QUESTION: — that was going on in the election right now, you didn’t think in your wildest dreams that perhaps he would return?

MR. CROWLEY: Well, it – you’re asking two different questions. We are obviously looking at this very closely. This is a very –

QUESTION: Well, I mean, you’re looking at it very closely, but I didn’t think there was (inaudible).

MR. CROWLEY: You asked a question. Now, it’s my – you asked a – you want to ask another question?


MR. CROWLEY: All right. I’ll wait.

QUESTION: No, go ahead. Please.

MR. CROWLEY: Okay, fine. You basically asked – we’ve been watching this situation very closely. When you think about the unpredictable aspect of his return, the delicate situation that Haiti faces, the many challenges that Haiti faces in terms of public health, in terms of reconstruction, in terms of the ongoing election process, we were surprised at his return, but we do not necessarily view this as being particularly useful at this time. But –

QUESTION: No, I understand. You just said that, though.


QUESTION: But what I’m asking is: How could you be – I just – I’m surprised that you’re surprised, because you’ve been looking at Aristide’s possible return. You’ve been kind of warning him not to go. There is a precedent for him wanting to return. Like I said, in 2006, he was looking to come back and you made a lot of effort for him not to come back. So I just don’t understand why this would, like, catch you completely off guard that this was not something that you had been looking into, given the volatile political situation in the country and the history for dictators wanting to return to Haiti.

MR. CROWLEY: Again, let me underscore it. What you’re asking is: Did we know in advance he was coming back to –

QUESTION: I didn’t ask if you knew in advance; I asked you why didn’t you look into it before.

MR. CROWLEY: Our focus is on trying to help Haiti work through the current electoral situation, helping Haiti to recover and rebuild; that is our focus. I guess I’m simply saying, did we know in advance that he was coming back? The answer is no.

QUESTION: Given that he’s already there –

QUESTION: Did you have any discussions –

MR. CROWLEY: All right. Hold on.

QUESTION: Given that he’s already there, what’s your counsel to the Government of Haiti now about possibly prosecuting him? I mean, wouldn’t that further inflame the situation? Are you saying that perhaps it should –

MR. CROWLEY: Again, what happens at this point – today, there is a meeting, I believe, ongoing between government officials, legal officials and Mr. Duvalier. What happens at this point forward is a matter for the people of Haiti. This is not – this is their concern, not ours.

QUESTION: Are you concerned that any further – any action against him could further inflame the situation? Is that it? Is that –

MR. CROWLEY: Of course. The fact that he arrives in the middle of a very difficult and delicate situation in terms – as the OAS has provided its analysis of the first round of elections and the government itself has to determine what to do about the ongoing election process, this is a – one more complication in an already challenging situation for Haiti.

QUESTION: Did the State Department have any discussions with the Preval government just before his arrest – Duvalier’s arrest?

MR. CROWLEY: I’m not – I don’t know.

QUESTION: Now, that the precedent has been set, would you object to Aristide also coming back to Haiti?

MR. CROWLEY: Again, we are focused on the many challenges that Haiti currently faces from public health to reconstruction to an ongoing election process. Haiti does not need, at this point, any more burdens.

QUESTION: But with so much U.S. aid money going down there, you say that, like, these returns could just inflame an already complicated situation how? I mean, do you think Duvalier has the capability or the ability to destabilize things even further? In what way?

MR. CROWLEY: Well, he’s an historical figure. He has been a divisive figure in Haiti’s past. He is – has a track record of a repression of the Haitian people. So there are probably many, many views of Mr. Duvalier. Again, our focus right now is how do you – how does Haiti move forward with the ongoing election process? What’s critically important to Haiti’s future is the development or the emergence of a strong, credible, legitimate government that can meet the needs of Haiti’s people and help Haiti move forward and rebuild and recover. That is our focus, and we don’t believe at this point Haiti needs any more distractions.

QUESTION: Given the fact that you said sometimes that his presence just provides more complication in a tough situation already, what was your reaction when you saw the reports on the ground that were people who were actually supporting him, outside his hotel? And our reporters on the ground are saying that when they took him away, reportedly arrested him, that people were chanting in support of him.

MR. CROWLEY: Again, as I just said a moment ago, there are a number of – I’m sure a range of views of Duvalier and his record, it’s not for us to recount it here. And what happens at this point is really up to the Haitian Government. Our focus right now is to help Haiti through this delicate period, get a – have a new government emerge that is credible enough and legitimate enough and viewed positively in the eyes of the Haitian people so that the country, with international support including the United States, can move ahead with the ongoing efforts to rebuild Haiti.

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