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In southern California today, Hillary took the opportunity to visit with Jimmy Kimmel.

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Hillary said the Senate should go through the process of confirmation hearings with President Obama’s SCOTUS nominee, Merrick Garland, and that they always have the option to vote against confirmation at the end.  She also said she would be interested in debating Donald Trump to see where he stands on the issues.

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She talked about pot legalization  – pressed to by Jimmy – and said she would like to see research.  She supports what the states are doing.

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UFOs and Area 51: Unexplained Aerial Phenomenon UAP  – She does want to look into it while giving us the new acronym.

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She is not envious of “Feel the Bern.”  Jimmy shared some new slogans. Hillary said, “Auction them off!”

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Then Jimmy, as her “secret weapon” put her through her paces with him mansplaining what she should/should not do and what she should do better … or not.  Very cute.  First he asked, “Are you gonna wear that?”  Something more fun.  Serious, but not too serious, but presidential.

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You’re making a speech.  Not an arrest.  Wait!  You’re too shrill.  Tone it down.  Now we can hardly hear you.  Look more serious!  Maybe you should smile.  Don’t smile like that.  Do I wanna be president or do I wanna be a Lakers Girl?  OMG such a sourpuss!

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J: You’re not doing it right. Oh wait!  The whole problem is you’re not….

H: …. a man?

J: Yes, but that was really cute they way you were doing it.

H: Well that was what I was going for.


It was a fun visit.  A beam of sunshine in what has been a dark week.    Thank you Hillary and Jimmy!

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Peter Krause was also on, wore a Hillary shirt during the intro, and wished Hillary the best hoping we can call her President Clinton.  Bless his sweet heart!



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