Here’s How Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Will Cut Through the Noise and Get to the Facts

Hillary Clinton entered this race to fight for solutions that will help everyday Americans get ahead and stay ahead. Already, in the first days of her campaign, she hit the road to discuss these ideas with ordinary Americans. In Iowa, she described the need to get unlimited, anonymous money out of our politics — and promised to push for a constitutional amendment if that’s what it takes. In a speech last week in New York, she discussed her ideas for reforming our criminal justice system in order to repair the broken trust between law enforcement and the communities they serve. And tomorrow, in a visit to Las Vegas, Hillary will discuss the need to enact comprehensive immigration reform to address an unsustainable system that leaves families living in fear and denies our economy the full benefit of their labor.

Republicans, meanwhile, are far less interested in discussing these important issues because they know their proposals are out of step with what most Americans need. Rather than focus on what truly matters in this campaign, Republicans seem to only want to distort Hillary Clinton’s record. It is clear that they have a two fisted strategy to try to undermine her, using unlimited dark money on the one hand and taxpayer funds on the other.

This strategy will not work, but that isn’t going to stop Republicans from trying. In recent weeks, the House Select Committee on Benghazi has signaled that it will allow proceedings drag into 2016, proving that they intend to turn what was once a legitimate inquiry into a partisan exercise. Now, within days of Hillary announcing her campaign for President, we are confronted with latest in a long list of partisan books attacking the Clintons.

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