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I want to thank Karen for Clinton for sharing this WaPo article.  We have been here since 2008 out of loyalty to Hillary Rodham Clinton, the principles that drive her, and the work she does propelled by her ideals.  Those principles and ideals have not changed in essence over her more than 40 years of service both public and private.

Some may argue that she has altered her stance on specific issues such as LGBT rights.  I would contend that confronted with reasonable requests she has reflected upon such issues,  found no reason to exclude a swath of the population, and therefore expanded her embrace of equal rights for all.  Example below.

Hillary Clinton Grants Benefits to Same-Sex Domestic Partners of Foreign Service Personnel

Some may argue that she has taken politically convenient positions on policy such as trade agreements.  I would contend that Hillary Clinton’s metrics have always been based on what works best for Americans.  Whether discussing NAFTA, which even in 2008 she questioned while reminding her fellow Democrats on the debate podium that she was not her husband and he was not standing there right then,  or TPP today, her ruler has always been the advantage these agreements hold for Americans.

Hillary Clinton has never been one to hold to policy for idealogy’s sake.  She is a pragmatist who looks to data and evidence as the foundation of good policy.  If a policy benefits Americans, she supports it.  If a policy results in proven disadvantages, for example a dual pay-scale system based on sex, she rejects it and proposes more even-handed rules.

That is the Hillary Clinton who has been there all along.  That is the Hillary Clinton who worked hard for all Americans as a NY Senator.  That is the Hillary Clinton who, as Secretary of State, won back many friends who had been alienated by the previous administration, and that is the Hillary Clinton who once again comes to us as an applicant for the hardest job in the land – the hardest one in the world. There is and never has been anything inconsistent about her.

That is why I continue to stand by Hillary.

As Hillary’s second presidential campaign enters its second month,  some are reflecting on the past race.  Indeed that race is why this blog exists.  I went through, as did many, the five Kübler-Ross stages of grief in the wake of the Rules and Bylaws Committee decisions of May 2008: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and finally Acceptance.  During the DAB stages, I spent a lot of time at a variety of PUMA forums and blogs batting around my ball of grief with like-minded folks.  It was during the depression stage that I started posting here,  for solace (because no one on earth could possibly understand how bad I felt, so I blogged to myself).  It was when Hillary accepted  to serve as Secretary of State that I decided to shed grief and focus hard on her new job.

Having watched, very carefully and closely, her four year performance as Secretary of State and the past two years of her work as a private citizen, I remain steadfast in her corner.

Some of my/our fellow PUMAs have peeled off and gone in other directions, as the WaPo piece explains.  I, myself, still have some issues around party unity, but I have been a Dem since my first presidential election in 1968 (I went into the booth with my pen – ready to write in Jesse Jackson that time – but finally pulled the lever for HHH) and have never changed my party registration or affiliation.

I am a Hillary Clinton Democrat and proud of it!


The PUMAs are back on the prowl.Hillary Rodham Clinton’s decision to run for president has stirred up old feelings for some loyal supporters who refused to accept her defeat in the 2008 Democratic primary. When other Democrats put away their swords and rallied behind Barack Obama, the resisters responded: “Party unity, my ass!” — hence the nickname PUMAs.

After seven years in the political wilderness, some are ecstatic at the chance to help elect a candidate that they believe in, and to make history by putting the first woman in the White House. Others are excited but cautious, still haunted by the events of 2008.

And some have even turned against Clinton — instead of signing on for her presidential campaign do-over, they plan to spend this cycle working to defeat her.

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We older dudes and dudesses remember a time before Congress reset all national holidays except Independence Day to the nearest Monday to the traditional date.  Originally, Memorial Day was May 31.  Somehow it is fitting that the bookends for this week include this particular dudess finally being face to face and hand in hand with Hillary Clinton ( while being featured in Inside Chappaqua Magazine) and the fifth anniversary of the infamous meeting of the Democratic Party Rules and Bylaws Committee that reassigned and partitioned delegates Hillary had won in the 2008 primaries effectively disenfranchising primary voters in two states and handing the nomination to Barack Obama.

Two movements came to life that summer although only one remains in the spotlight.  Angry Democrats from all over the country carried signs imploring the RBC to “Count Every Vote” and countered  the intended appearance of party unity with cries of “party unity my a**.”

The PUMA movement arrived yelling and screaming as most newborns do.  On the other side of the political spectrum, a reaction brought an embryonic coalition into existence.  In the days of Barry Goldwater, many young people read his Conscience of a Conservative and argued politics  in essay assignments for school and over cafeteria lunches.  A word seldom heard anymore was one we commonly used then, reactionary.

By late summer 2008, in the wake of the Democratic National Convention where a shameful, scripted,  televised imitation of a roll call vote ended when the winner of the party’s popular vote was escorted onto the convention floor and called for the unanimous nomination of the candidate who had garnered and been gifted with a few more delegates, the other baby of the summer was coming to term.  Activist women, some angry that Barack Obama had bypassed his very well-qualified female former rival for the Veep spot – in fact would not even speak with them on the topic –  headed to the Republican Convention to have a word with their nominee, John McCain.

If you read the book, or better yet saw the movie Game Change, you know what happened next.  Sarah Palin, of shooting wolves from helicopters fame,  was drafted to the ticket in the Veep spot. By September 2008. PUMA talks shows on Blog Talk Radio and PUMA blogs began being invaded by people speaking of FEMA camps, coffins stacked stories high, blue helmets, black helicopters, and a private army while the Republican VP nominee made speeches about the Democratic nominee paling around with radicals.

There is no doubt that elements of the Tea Party were drawn from the ranks of the PUMAs.  Five years later, some who were diehard Hillary Clinton supporters have indeed turned hard against her as those early Tea Party infiltrators tried to convince us to do.  But the PUMAs have remained cohesive via Facebook groups and blogs.  We may not receive the publicity the Tea Party does.   We do not seek it,  but we are still together.  If /when our Hillary wants us, this solid core of her loyalists are already organized around her.  We have stuck by her over these six years since she so appealingly began the conversation with us.  We stayed beside her when she was robbed of her delegates, and we celebrate our anniversary together while our girl, as yet having made no commitment to a second run for the roses, continues to top the polls.


A new Quinnipiac poll out today pits her against two dynastic possible rivals,  Jeb Bush, of the more traditional Republican brand, and Rand Paul, darling of the reactionary firebrand variety that has  overtaken the party and left Congress in paralysis.  While she remains in the shade, setting up her office within the family foundation, her appeal and charisma continue to keep her in the news.

May 31, 2013 – American Voters Like Clinton Over Paul, Jeb Bush, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds;
PDF formatIn an early look at the 2016 presidential campaign, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton leads Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky 49 – 41 percent and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush 48 – 40 percent, but Vice President Joseph Biden trails Bush 44 – 38 percent and falls behind Paul 43 – 39 percent, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today.
Ms. Clinton gets a 52 – 40 percent favorability rating, down from an all-time high 61 – 34 percent in a February 8 survey by the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University. Favorability ratings for other possible 2016 presidential contenders are:
  • Biden: Negative 37 – 44 percent;
  • Paul: Positive 32 – 24 percent, with 42 percent who don’t know enough about him to form an opinion;
  • Bush: 29 – 29 percent, with 42 percent who haven’t formed an opinion.


“Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton remains the queen of the 2016 hill at this point, but the wide gap between her and some of the leading Republican contenders on favorability may be closing, as her overall favorability has taken a hit,” said Peter A. Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute.
“Her score is down substantially from her all-time high score in February. The drop in her favorability is substantial among men, Republicans and independent voters. One reason for her drop may be that 48 percent of voters blame her either a little or a lot for the death of the American ambassador in Benghazi,” Brown added.
In the hypothetical race between Clinton and Jeb Bush, she carries Democrats 92 – 3 percent, but loses Republicans 82 – 8 percent and splits independent voters 42 – 43 percent. She wins women 55 – 35 percent, but loses men 45 – 40 percent.
Clinton gets a 91 – 4 percent favorability among Democrats and a 46 – 42 percent favorability from independent voters, with a negative 18 – 77 percent favorability from Republicans. Women are favorable 59 – 32 percent, while men are negative 44 – 50 percent.
In February, she was 91 – 5 percent favorable among Democrats, negative 27 – 68 percent among Republicans and 59 – 35 percent positive among independents. She was 53 – 42 favorable among men and 68 – 27 percent favorable among women.
“If Ms. Clinton chooses not to run in 2016, the potential Democratic field could include a somewhat unpopular vice president and a number of new faces who are unknown to the vast majority of Americans,” said Brown. “The potential Republican candidates include many unknowns also. Some of them, however, lead the incumbent vice president and outscore him when it comes to overall voter favorability.”Read more >>>>

For those of us who remember this day in history, Hillary is the glue.  She is the magnet that drew us together and keeps us tight.  We have stayed with the girl we took to the dance in 2008 even though the party tore up our prom tickets.

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The Twitter account calling itself “VerifiedClinton” disappeared overnight.  We do not know exactly why.  Several of the ladies here were tweeting about the true identity of the person behind it, and his picture and the link were up on Chelsea’s Facebook page.  One way or another, that account came down.  Whether we had anything to do with it or not, it is a victory for verification at Twitter,  as well as for a security measure for public figures on Facebook.

As I pointed out a few days ago,  it is one thing to run a tribute account admitting right up front not to be HRC.   It is another to impersonate a public figure and frame your words as that person’s.  That is fraud, and it is nothing to fool around with, particularly  when you are impersonating Hillary Clinton, as  yesterday made clear.

While Hillary has many, many female loyalists,  The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantsuits is deep, broad,  and strong,  I have never found a woman at the bottom of a Hillary impersonation.  This should be the first clue to the potential impersonator that perhaps fraud is not a good idea. Even if you live with a woman, you do not have a female perspective on life. Your POV is going to be off.  Hillary’s sisters know her voice,  and we know immediately when we hear a false note in yours.   Trust me, there are many false notes.  As good an impressionist as you may think you are, we will spot you immediately based on the above never mind the security measures the popular social nets have in place,  the second reason why you should stop dead in your tracks.

Twitter has a very obvious way to signal that celebrities and public figures are who they say they are.  Using the word “verified” in your handle is a dead giveaway that you are not, especially when the blue check is missing on your banner.

When the verification is missing and the voice is off, it initiates a series of events.

1 – Hillary’s sisters notice.

2 – They consult with each other since they have stayed very tightly knit over the years.

3 – They get mad.

4 – They revert to PUMA mode. (In case you are unfamiliar,  picture an angry mountain lion whose cub is in danger.   We guard Hillary as if she were our cub, and she has a lot of mothers.)

5 – The inevitable – a pack of angry PUMA women will go after you and bring you down.

No matter how smart you think you are (and I will not publish here the stupidest thing “VerifiedClinton” did that gave him away on Chelsea’s Facebook wall), or how well you think you are imitating HRC, we will root you out.  So don’t even consider trying to impersonate the awesome and inimitable Hillary Rodham Clinton unless you don’t mind a pack of angry PUMA women at your heels.


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