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I want to thank Karen for Clinton for sharing this WaPo article.  We have been here since 2008 out of loyalty to Hillary Rodham Clinton, the principles that drive her, and the work she does propelled by her ideals.  Those principles and ideals have not changed in essence over her more than 40 years of service both public and private.

Some may argue that she has altered her stance on specific issues such as LGBT rights.  I would contend that confronted with reasonable requests she has reflected upon such issues,  found no reason to exclude a swath of the population, and therefore expanded her embrace of equal rights for all.  Example below.

Hillary Clinton Grants Benefits to Same-Sex Domestic Partners of Foreign Service Personnel

Some may argue that she has taken politically convenient positions on policy such as trade agreements.  I would contend that Hillary Clinton’s metrics have always been based on what works best for Americans.  Whether discussing NAFTA, which even in 2008 she questioned while reminding her fellow Democrats on the debate podium that she was not her husband and he was not standing there right then,  or TPP today, her ruler has always been the advantage these agreements hold for Americans.

Hillary Clinton has never been one to hold to policy for idealogy’s sake.  She is a pragmatist who looks to data and evidence as the foundation of good policy.  If a policy benefits Americans, she supports it.  If a policy results in proven disadvantages, for example a dual pay-scale system based on sex, she rejects it and proposes more even-handed rules.

That is the Hillary Clinton who has been there all along.  That is the Hillary Clinton who worked hard for all Americans as a NY Senator.  That is the Hillary Clinton who, as Secretary of State, won back many friends who had been alienated by the previous administration, and that is the Hillary Clinton who once again comes to us as an applicant for the hardest job in the land – the hardest one in the world. There is and never has been anything inconsistent about her.

That is why I continue to stand by Hillary.

As Hillary’s second presidential campaign enters its second month,  some are reflecting on the past race.  Indeed that race is why this blog exists.  I went through, as did many, the five Kübler-Ross stages of grief in the wake of the Rules and Bylaws Committee decisions of May 2008: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and finally Acceptance.  During the DAB stages, I spent a lot of time at a variety of PUMA forums and blogs batting around my ball of grief with like-minded folks.  It was during the depression stage that I started posting here,  for solace (because no one on earth could possibly understand how bad I felt, so I blogged to myself).  It was when Hillary accepted  to serve as Secretary of State that I decided to shed grief and focus hard on her new job.

Having watched, very carefully and closely, her four year performance as Secretary of State and the past two years of her work as a private citizen, I remain steadfast in her corner.

Some of my/our fellow PUMAs have peeled off and gone in other directions, as the WaPo piece explains.  I, myself, still have some issues around party unity, but I have been a Dem since my first presidential election in 1968 (I went into the booth with my pen – ready to write in Jesse Jackson that time – but finally pulled the lever for HHH) and have never changed my party registration or affiliation.

I am a Hillary Clinton Democrat and proud of it!


The PUMAs are back on the prowl.Hillary Rodham Clinton’s decision to run for president has stirred up old feelings for some loyal supporters who refused to accept her defeat in the 2008 Democratic primary. When other Democrats put away their swords and rallied behind Barack Obama, the resisters responded: “Party unity, my ass!” — hence the nickname PUMAs.

After seven years in the political wilderness, some are ecstatic at the chance to help elect a candidate that they believe in, and to make history by putting the first woman in the White House. Others are excited but cautious, still haunted by the events of 2008.

And some have even turned against Clinton — instead of signing on for her presidential campaign do-over, they plan to spend this cycle working to defeat her.

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A voice was stilled this morning,  a voice that spoke up for disenfranchised voters, a voice that spoke her mind and the minds of others.

Harriet Christian was irrepressible, dedicated, driven.  She stood up for her rights and those of the voiceless.  Always ready for a good time, she loved and was rollicking fun.  This photo is from her Facebook page thanks to Deborah Schutt, and she was, of course, speaking – the way we will always remember her.

All St. Peter has to do is to click on the Youtube above to learn who is at the gate and where she is from since she spells it all out very clearly.   My guess is that she is hanging out at that gate having a cigarette, giving him an earful, and making him laugh.

Bye, Harriet.  We will miss you!  Thank you for all you did.  (((HUGS)))

(You may leave memories and condolences for family and friends at her Facebook page.)

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As Hillary Clinton commences her long, complex, and busy months of departure from the State Department where she has distinguished herself well beyond the expectations of some, others of us pause today in remembrance of the shameful anniversary we mark on this date. Over the past year or so this blog has taken on the character of a relatively tightly controlled chronicle of  Hillary Clinton’s work as Secretary of State, straying infrequently into the realm of opinion. That has been but a phase in a long evolution here  that has been fashioned partially by history and events and partially by feedback from readers and friends.

Originally, this was a PUMA blog, and a grand majority of  followers in the United States identify themselves as PUMAs – whether they remain registered Democrats or have converted, as it were.  It began in August 2008 hosted by Blogger and was migrated to WordPress a few months later.  (A Blogger counterpart remains.)   If you are a PUMA,  you are well aware of the significance of today’s date in the history of the Democratic Party.  So, even while our intrepid, indefatigable SOS busies herself and us with another ambitious whirlwind tour, we take a moment here to remember our roots.

PUMA – Party Unity My A$$  –  can trace its inception to this date in 2008,  the date of an infamous decision by the party’s Rules and Bylaws Committee that effectively disenfranchised many thousands of voters in state primaries who had cast their ballots for Hillary Rodham Clinton.  Whether you were one of those voters or not, if you became a PUMA on that day,  Still4Hill the blog would like to provide you with a moment of remembrance.  If we do not remember, we risk repeating the past.  We should always remember.

Even if you have not visited in awhile, you might want to take a peek at what some of the original PUMA bloggers have to say about this anniversary.

From No Quarter:

Current Article

P.U.M.A. Day 2012 – Some of Us Will Never Forget – OPEN THREAD

By Steve_in_KC on May 31, 2012 at 1:30 AM in Current Affairs

Four years ago today, Barack Obama was running for the office of President of the United States.  The difference four years ago was that he had an opponent who was also seeking to be the nominee for the Democratic Party in the general election.  Of course, that opponent was then-Senator Hillary Clinton, who is now the U.S. Secretary of State and one of the most popular public figures in American politics.

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From myiq2xu (whom many will remember from The Confluence) now blogging at The Crawdad Hole:

It’s RBC Day

Posted on May 31, 2012 by myiq2xu

Today is the day we mourn the death of democracy in the Democratic party. On this day in 2008 the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee effectively stole the nomination from Hillary Clinton and gave it to Barack Obama.

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Finally, our dear friend Uppity Woman!

You know what died on this day. It’s embedded in your mind.

Posted on May 31, 2012 by Uppity Woman

……..and look how well it’s all worked out for us wimminz.

Hell, look how well it’s all worked out for our entire country…

May 31, 2008

Democrats on this forum all know what this day means.

This is an open thread. Let it rip.

Tell them We Have Not Forgotten and Never Will

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I will end this with a favorite quote from Borges:

“The past is indestructible. Sooner or later things turn up. One of the things that turns up is a plan to destroy the past.” -Jorge Luis Borges

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