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Hillary Clinton Is Headlining A Fundraiser For First-Time Women Candidates

The 2016 presidential nominee has so far been largely in the background this election season.

Posted on September 7, 2018, at 2:17 p.m. ET

Brad Barket / Getty Images

Hillary Clinton will headline a fundraiser for five first-time women candidates next week, signaling an uptick in political activity from the former Democratic presidential nominee ahead of this year’s midterm elections.

The New York City fundraiser, slated for Sept. 12, will benefit five women viewed as some of the most compelling congressional candidates in competitive races this fall: Lauren Underwood of Illinois, Gina Ortiz Jones of Texas, Liuba Grechen Shirley of New York, Haley Stevens of Michigan, and Xochitl Torres Small of New Mexico.

Arena PAC will host the event, according to a copy of the invitation. The group provides coaching and advice to candidates running for office for the first time. The fundraiser, advertised with Clinton as its “special guest,” will be held at the home of fashion executive Lauren Santo Domingo, a New York donor who most recently hosted an event on behalf of California Sen. Kamala Harris, a potential 2020 presidential candidate.

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If you received that email from Hillary, earlier this month, asking you to sign Bill Clinton’s birthday card, maybe you did notice her name at the bottom. There has been some suspense about what would happen to the foundation, to which all the Clintons are very dedicated, both in the run up to and in the wake of the 2016 campaign.

Now that the dust has settled, blueprints for the future of the foundation and the roles the Clintons will play in it are being drafted and realized as our friend Ruby Cramer outlines here.

The Clintons at the 10th annual Clinton Global Initiative meeting in 2014. Jemal Countess / Getty Images

She hasn’t returned to the Clinton Foundation in a formal capacity. But nine months after an election that left the charity smaller in size, scope, and funding, Hillary Clinton is stepping into a new supporting role — to raise money on behalf of the organization.

The fundraising plans, confirmed by foundation spokesman Craig Minassian, bring the former candidate back into a nonprofit still adjusting to new and uncertain terrain, with Bill Clinton, 71, serving in a new role of chair, and Chelsea Clinton, 37, as vice chair.

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We all knew that Hillary would always have a home at and role in the foundation. Her initiatives with Too Small to Fail, No Ceilings, and Clean Cookstoves were tremendously successful and continue to change lives for the better.

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Congrats to Adam Parkhomenko and Emmy Ruiz! It’s like old home week with Ruby Cramer breaking this story about our friends from the campaign trail. Great to see that Dennis Cheng is also there.

Hillary Clinton Hires Two Former Campaign Aides For “Resistance” PAC

Onward Together, the group formed earlier this year, has hired Emmy Ruiz and Adam Parkhomenko, veterans of both Clinton’s presidential campaigns.

Originally posted on August 4, 2017, at 6:31 p.m.
Updated on August 4, 2017, at 8:19 p.m.

With Adam and Emmy on board, the grassroots are sure to coalesce into a mighty engine ready to roll through the upcoming contests for statehouses and Congressional and Senatorial seats. All Aboard!





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If you are an avid Hillary supporter and grassroots volunteer, you get many emails in the course of the day from various arms of the campaign asking for specific help on a variety of tasks.  One thing you are never asked to do is help Hillary prepare for the debates.  Nevertheless, I do receive random emails and messages offering exactly that kind of unsolicited assistance.  Hillary does not need our help with that.  Buzzfeed‘s Ruby Cramer‘s latest opus explains how Hillary goes on the debate stage loaded for bear, and why nothing the average or even above-average supporter could never come close to the kind of ammunition Hillary has in her arsenal.

The article treats one characteristic of Hillary’s that I like best.  It is the reason why I think she will be an awesome president: she is diligent, assiduous, leaves no stone unturned, and has a mind like a steel trap!  Read this, then watch the debate tonight.  Trump will not be ready for the incoming.  Enjoy! Be prepared to cheer!

Hillary Clinton Already Knows The Bad Thing You Said

It’s no accident that Hillary Clinton throws obscure facts, names, and comments at opponents during debates. She loves opposition research. She delights in it, personally reading every detail and methodically storing it away — part of what makes Clinton, whether in debates, or day to day on the campaign trail, “obsessive” when it comes to being prepared.

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

It was November in Iowa, and Martin O’Malley was polling at 4%.

This was not, however, about to stop Hillary Clinton from ensuring that if and when the little-known Maryland governor attacked her ties to Wall Street on the debate stage, which he did, she would be ready with a perfectly tailored response, which she was.

“Well, you know, governor,” she said, “I know that when you had the chance to appoint a commissioner for financial regulation, you chose an investment banker in 2010.”

It was with the same specificity and ease that Clinton landed one hit after the other on Donald Trump in the first debate, weaving into nearly every exchange a dredged-up quote or damning data point from nearly every period of her opponent’s life.

“And one of the worst things he said was about a woman in a beauty contest,” Clinton said by the end of the night, introducing the world to Miss Universe 1996, whom Trump once criticized for gaining weight. “He called this woman ‘Miss Piggy.’ Then he called her ‘Miss Housekeeping.’”

“Donald,” Clinton said, ready with the line. “She has a name.”

Trump put his face to the mic. “Where did you find this? Where did you find this?”

“… Her name is Alicia Machado.”

“Where did you find this?” Trump asked Clinton a third time.

The question has perplexed her opponents on the debate stage before. But for the aides who have worked with Clinton in close proximity on campaigns, the hyper-specific and obscure jab, delivered with on-the-spot precision, is their boss’ trademark. As described by current and former staffers, Clinton is a candidate who insists on being “humongously prepared,” who consumes research with “obsessive” rigor — and who, perhaps more than most elected officials, delights in the art form known by political professionals as “oppo.”

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Recently, a visitor here posed a question along with a few unsubstantiated (and untrue) comments about Hillary Clinton.  The question was, “Why support Hillary Clinton?”  The allegations were, “Hillary only wants to become President to satisfy her own selfish ambitions, and has no sincere intention to serve whatsoever.”  I did not approve the post because of the comment which is evidence-free.

I would turn the question around and ask why Hillary would put herself through this punishing process yet again.  Aside from the grueling schedule of campaign events, there is the substantial homework that comes with the territory and is executed outside the public eye and consciousness.

Like any student attending lectures, Hillary’s campaign style consists of meeting many voters one-on-one in thousands of rope line encounters and hearing  – no listening to – folks with concerns, problems, plights that they hope a candidate might be able to address if elected.  She then must take home all of this raw content and find policy answers for the problems posed in the public arena.

Yes, she has advisors for economic, domestic, and foreign policy to help her wade through the weeds, but the policy decisions are hers.  It is lonely and selfless work done out of the public eye when she is not in front of crowds and is out of camera range.  We do not see her doing this homework.  We do see the results.

Since she announced her decision to run and hit the campaign trail, we have posted her public events, speeches, and her policies and issues on these pages.  Her campaign day typically includes multiple events plus travel.  It is when she is not on the public platform that she attends to the heavy homework schedule of figuring out how she can address the problems posed on the trail. Often the result is a new initiative, a new plan based on research into the problem and how that issue can benefit from a policy proposal.  These plans come integrated with others and with a payment plan.  Hillary does not say what she will do without also telling us how she will do it and how is will be financed.

It is easy to throw accusations and slogans around.  It is easy to dismiss and insult people.  It is harder to put yourself in the boots of another and imagine the burden of caring for a disabled or autistic child, a parent with Alzheimer’s, raising a family on insufficient income, living in fear that your parent might be deported for being undocumented or fired for being gay.

Hillary Clinton’s heart has always been open to the marginalized and voiceless.  When we gather to support her it is because of her diligence.  Hillary Clinton has always been the star student in the class, not just because she is smart, but also because she does not rest on the laurels of being the smartest one in the room.  She respects everyone around her and wants to hear their stories.  She wants to use her gifts to solve the problems and make life a little easier.

Buzzfeed‘s Ruby Cramer has been on the trail with Hillary  from the word “go.” She also does her homework and took the time and trouble to conduct interviews with Hillary and her closest staff. The result, in case you missed it, is this prodigious article.  If you read nothing else published about Hillary Clinton during this primary season, you should read this.

Kieran Kesner for BuzzFeed News

In the early days of her husband’s administration, Hillary Clinton tried to start a national conversation about basic human decency, only to be mocked. In the midst of the most mean-spirited presidential campaign in memory, she talks with BuzzFeed News about the unchanged way she sees herself — and if she’ll ever be able to communicate it.

Here is another perspective from a dear friend.




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In the run-up to tomorrow night’s debate, Hillary tweeted about her merits this evening in a cryptic kind of way.  Similarly, a supporter we all know spoke to progressives about Hillary’s liberal creds without mentioning names other than Hillary’s.  Time to clutch.  We are about to go into third gear, but that does not imply a free-for-all.  Hillary is the leader and will establish the game plan.   We can be certain that will focus on policy and plans and not personally on opponents.

Without Saying His Name, Top Clinton Ally Makes The Case Against Sanders

Ahead of the first Democratic debate, David Brock casts Clinton as the party’s “real progressive” with “real plans that work” in a speech delivered in San Francisco.

His arguments remind me a lot of my own in 2008.  I have always thought of these statements more as points in her favor rather than criticisms of anyone else.  That said, I think I can safely predict that the fact that I admit to having used these arguments in 2008 is going to generate angry responses from some quarters.  Such is the burden borne by Hillary supporters who did not suddenly wake up to her in 2015 and have known her foci, goals, and objectives for decades.  Got my flak jacket on.



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On the cusp of the first Democratic debate of the season,  a little comic relief might be in order.  Thanks to Ruby Cramer at Buzzfeed for this!


Why Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Sweat

Ever. “I was constructed in a garage in Palo Alto a very long time ago.”

And on the serious side….

Hillary Clinton On Capitol Hill Sexism: Some Men “Were Just Troubling

“Yes, I have,” Clinton said, when asked if she’s ever wanted to tell a sexist male colleague to “go fuck himself,” as Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand put it last year.



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There are tens of thousands of stories like this.  Everyone who has met Hillary has had a personal moment with her.  Those of us who follow her on social media have seen this touching video.  Buzzfeed‘s Ruby Cramer shares the backstory.

Here is the video.

Published on Sep 21, 2015

While backstage at the New Hampshire Democratic Convention, Hillary met Keith Thompson. Keith told Hillary his incredible story of dedication, and how he is working part time while also being the caregiver for his mother with Alzheimer’s.

Here is the story behind it.

Voter Sees The “Real Hillary” Her Campaign Seeks To Reveal

For a supporter, it took meeting Clinton to see the “contrast” between the person and the “caricatures.” How one moment went from an intense, meaningful exchange between candidate and voter, to a story retold on Facebook, to one shared on Twitter, to a campaign video.



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Thank you Ruby Cramer and Chris Geidner as well as Karen Finney.

Justice Department Lawyers: Clinton Had Authority To Delete Personal Emails

In a court filing on Wednesday, the Justice Department argued on behalf of the State Department that there was “no question” Hillary Clinton had the authority to determine and delete personal email without supervision.

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Anita Finlay invited friends, fans, and followers to her exciting new website, this week.  Featuring interviews, op-eds, and news from all corners of 2016Land, it promises to be a go-to spot for all who want to stay informed on this exciting election cycle.

Subscribe free to my new website — great articles & video in an inviting new format. Go to http://www.anitafinlay.com and get my latest on Hillary, social, political and pop culture in your inbox!


Current offerings there include an interview with feminist filmmaker and writer Jennifer Hall Lee whose article at The Broad Side this week, took the weepy press corps to task for tantrums rivaling the one little Claudia Chaudhary threw in front of President Obama this week.


Hillary’s Listening Tour Makes Media Angry. Poor Babies!

Younger, hipper and less traditional media members, like Buzzfeed’s Ruby Cramer,  totally get what a listening tour is, are patiently following this phase of the campaign,  and know that ultimately, when Hillary has listened for awhile, she will unveil a message that will pack a wallop.

Hillary is organized, deliberate, and methodical.  During this listening phase she is taking it all in. Before long, she will explain how she, as POTUS, plans to address the concerns she is hearing from Americans.  I do not expect that to be a one-word solution.   It is a big reason why I love her.

Finally, earlier today in characteristic cordial fashion, Hillary welcomed Martin O.Malley to the arena.



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