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Buzzfeed‘s Ruby Cramer is on the road following Hillary’s trek across Iowa and was kind enough to share this accounbt from yesterday.  Thank you, Ruby!

Meet “Hillary”: The Clinton Campaign Kicks Off Small

No more Madam Secretary. In Iowa, a lot of thought goes into the smallest of details to project her new platform — “champion” for everyday people.

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Thanks to Karen Finney for sharing this one from Ruby Cramer at Buzzfeed.  Might as well get a head start shooting holes in the lies.

Internal Data: Hillary Clinton Paid Women And Men Equally

A report on Clinton’s office compensation earlier this year quickly became a conservative talking point. Internal data shows she paid a dollar for dollar during her Senate tenure across all offices.

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Some folks have asked me how and when they can obtain copies of Hillary’s book in various translations and in different countries.  The best advice I can give is that you  contact the publisher, Simon & Schuster, directly for a response to that question.  One thing, however, is certain.  For now, at least, the book will not be seeing the light of day in China.

My sympathies go out to our Chinese visitors who relentlessly circumvent the Great Firewall to come here and see what Hillary is doing and saying.  We all know you were looking forward to reading this memoir.  Thank you to Ruby Cramer who sent me this for everyone’s information.

China Blocks Hillary Clinton’s Book

Distributors and publishers impose an “effective ban” on Hard Choices, which is critical of the Chinese government. “It’s outrageous and unfortunate.” posted on June 26, 2014

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Although a fiction title won the hardcover sales overall, Hillary’s account of her service as secretary of state was the most-purchased non-fiction title according to Bookscan.  Thanks again to Ruby Cramer at Buzzfeed.


Hillary Clinton’s Book Is The No. 2 Hardcover In First Week

Hard Choices sells 85,721 hard copies, according to Nielsen figures. The book topped the non-fiction list, but fell short to a sci-fi romance novel overall.

posted on June 18, 2014

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Thanks to Buzzfeed‘s Ruby Cramer, we have a verifiable record of first-week sales.  They are nowhere near as anemic as those in certain quarters have tried to characterize them  Wishful thinking on their part is my guess.  It was not possible that sales could be weak when the lines at the book signings were so long.  Now we have proof.  Thank you, Ruby!

Rock on, Hillary!


Hillary Clinton’s Book Tops Barnes & Noble Sales In First Week

Hard Choices sells 24,000 copies in its first week through B&N. posted on June 16, 2014, at 4:57 p.m.

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Just as Super PAC officially enters the language via lexicographers at Merriam-Webster,  Ruby Cramer at Buzzfeed reports the formation of yet another Super PAC for Hillary 2016.

Chris Cillizza announced the inclusion of Super PAC in the online unabridged version of the Merriam-Webster in today’s Washington Post.

‘Super PAC’ is now an official part of the English language

It’s official: ‘Super PAC’ is now in the dictionary. The Merriam-Webster online unabridged edition, to be precise.

Here’s the entry (and thanks to the Center for Public Integrity for flagging):

Super PAC, noun: a type of political action committee that is legally permitted to raise and spend larger amounts of money than the amounts allowed for a conventional PAC; specifically: an independent PAC that can accept unlimited contributions from individuals and organizations (such as corporations and labor unions) and spend unlimited amounts in support of a candidate but that cannot directly contribute money to or work directly in concert with the candidate it is supporting.

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Meanwhile, over at Buzzfeed, Ruby Cramer introduced HillaryPAC.  If you need a scorecard to keep up, Ruby simplifies the complicated topography.

Yet Another Clinton Group Materializes

Add HillaryPAC to the still growing list of groups dedicated to Hillary Clinton’s possible campaign.

The PAC’s founder has ties to the infamous “D.C. Madam” case.

posted on March 18, 2014 at 1:53pm EDT

BuzzFeed Staff

Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

There’s “Ready for Hillary,” “Hillary For The Win,” “Time for Hillary,” and the “Hillary Clinton Super PAC” — there’s even “Just Say No to Hillary,” “Defeat Hillary,” “Stop Hillary,” and the ominously titled “Hillary Project.”

Now, another political action committee, “HillaryPAC,” joins the nine existing groups dedicated exclusively to electing, or defeating, a presidential candidate who hasn’t announced her campaign, who may not even decide to run after all.

HillaryPAC, the latest pro-Hillary Clinton effort, launched on Tuesday morning with a new website and web video. Sam Deskin, the group’s founder, said HillaryPAC won’t be too different from the other outfits backing a Clinton run — particularly Ready for Hillary, the largest of the five, which focuses on building an early and extensive list of people across the country who would support and volunteer for Clinton in 2016.

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Some Ready for Hillary Super PAC events and milestones have been reported here along with some critiques.  The Facebook page, begun in November 2012,  uses memes heavily, and I registered here a personal objection to one of those which immediately struck me as sexist on a few levels.

More than a few times, the negative comments on that page have caused friends and readers to contact me.  I have no control over how that page is moderated, but the way it is moderated implies that the page administrators are more concerned with being able to boast growth in the number of  “likes” it receives than with the sincerity of those “likes.”    Rapidly headed toward 150,000 compared to Chelsea Clinton’s page,  begun in September 2011, with just under 130,000,   inarguably,  the page is being “talked about” (in Facebook terms), but is this the kind of talk Hillary supporters want to see?

Clearly, a good number of those “likers” are actually haters who come onto the page to make nasty and  disparaging comments about Hillary.    These hateful comments, rather than being deleted and their authors banned, are allowed to sit on the page,  perhaps because banning the authors would reduce the numbers?  You do not see that at Chelsea’s well-moderated page.

There are some aspects of Ready for Hillary, both the Facebook page and the website, that have caused some of us a certain reluctance to go full speed ahead on their train.

While my friends here and on Facebook represent the outer circle  of  the Hillary movement, my friend Ruby Cramer at Buzzfeed investigated attitudes within Hillary’s inner circle and found similar hesitations.

Clinton Loyalists Watch Ready For Hillary PAC Warily

Some former Clinton aides and fundraisers deride Ready for Hillary as an amateurish group of posers, but the PAC is gaining steam. “What, who are these people? These people are untested.” posted on May 13, 2013 at 9:06am EDT

This about says it all.

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Wherever she is and whatever she is doing, Hillary Clinton cannot be unaware of wildly disparate activities in her absence.  Nature abhors a vacuum, so various and sundry are filling in the blanks.

Among the more serious efforts are the Super PACs that have formed.  The most prominent of them, Ready for Hillary, hired a communications director,  as Ruby Cramer  of Buzzfeed reports.

Hillary Clinton PAC Staffs Up

Former Ohio Democratic Party communications director Seth Bringman joins “Ready for Hillary,” a source tells BuzzFeed. The first major outside group gets serious about 2016. posted on February 26, 2013 at 8:46am EST

Ruby Cramer BuzzFeed Staff

Image by Matt Rourke / Getty Images

The “Ready for Hillary” political action committee, founded late last month in support of Secretary Hillary Clinton’s possible bid for the presidency in 2016, has made its first major hire and is gearing up to expand further, a source familiar with the group tells BuzzFeed.

Seth Bringman, who served as communications director of the Ohio Democratic Party from 2009 to 2012, has joined “Ready for Hillary” in the same capacity.

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On the wild fringy margins are the myriad Twitter accounts claiming to be Hillary Clinton in some form or incarnation.  One tribute account tells us right up front that it is a parody and Hillary at Home harmlessly tweets imagined activities and meals.   Another,  lacking the blue check mark associated with legitimate celebrity Twitter accounts, calls itself “VerifiedClinton” and tweets in her name (bordering on the illegal unless it truly is HRC testing the social nets waters before unmasking herself).  That account is also associated with a decidedly anemic  “official blog” with a handful of entries all dated November 10, 2012, a half-a$$ed piece of work so atypical of anything HRC would ever do as to be laughable.  That Twitter account is strongly endorsed and promoted by the Vote_Hillary Twitter account associated with GlobalYouthJustice on Twitter and probably the work of one person behind that account and its associated blog.

Then there are the supporters Facebook pages and groups intended as organizational centers for those who will jump on board the train at a word from Hillary.  There is no pretense at these pages.  Members simply post news articles,  particularly those related to 2016 speculation and polls.

So while she is quietly hibernating,  tornadic activity surrounds her in ways that are unprecedented.   The climate in her absence is approaching critical mass,  but Hillary continues her doctor-ordered rest and recovery most silently.  We do not know whether she is paying attention to any of this.  What we do know is, as reported here,  she has signed with the New York based Harry Walker Agency to deliver speeches for up to $200,000 per.   This amounts to more per speech (when she charges, because she will not be charging for all of them, and she will donate the proceeds for some)  than she was paid per year as Secretary of State.

Long time Hillary loyalists will remember that in December 2008, as a condition of her confirmation, she agreed to a pay cut for her cabinet post from the $191,300 that was paid to Condi Rice, to Rice’s pre-raise salary rate of $186,600.  The reason for that was a Constitutional clause saying that if a member of Congress voted for an increase such as that for Secretary of State (and HRC did vote in favor of Condi’s raise) that Congress member may not then assume that post at that pay rate.

So the bottom line is that after four years on the plane and working like a dynamo, she gets to sit back and write some speeches that she will deliver from time to time for more money per appearance than she was paid per year as Secretary of State.  She is free to continue her work for women and girls either through the Clinton Foundation or one of her own should she chose.  She is the most recognizable person in the world living with one of the most powerful men who annually outshines the U.N. General Assembly with his Clinton Global Initiative and accomplishes amazing good without the annoyance of term limits.

Should she wish to give up this comfort zone, board a plane once again, and spend two years campaigning her heart out in order to face a probable eight years (including another campaign) doing the world’s hardest job, there certainly is plenty of support out there.  It will not be a cakewalk or coronation as many have predicted.  She knows how hard and nasty it will become, and we have seen that the knives are already out.  If, on the other hand,  her 40 plus years of very hard work are enough public service for her,  people who really love her will understand.

For now, while she remains quietly hidden,  long-time readers here can enjoy some satisfaction that she will be well-paid while able to enjoy quality time with her family and friends.  She sacrificed a great deal of that time as Secretary of State in service to her country.

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According to one of my friends who spends more time on Twitter than I do, this article, by my new friend, Ruby Cramer at Buzzfeed, ruffled some Dem-tweet feathers today.

Top Democrat: Hillary Clinton Would “Clear The Field” In 2016

O’Malley, Cuomo, and Biden would all make way, Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer predicts. “I don’t know that anybody would run against Hillary.” posted on February 19, 2013 at 7:06pm EST

Ruby Cramer BuzzFeed Staff

House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer predicted Tuesday that Hillary Clinton would “clear the field” of potential Democratic rivals for the 2016 presidential nomination were she to throw her hat in the ring, deterring runs for the White House from Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, and even Vice President Joe Biden.

“I don’t know that anybody would run against Hillary,” Hoyer said in an interview with BuzzFeed. “If she runs, she clears the field. If she doesn’t run, I think Cuomo is a leading candidate and O’Malley is a leading candidate.”

Asked if he believed Biden was considering a run — the vice president joked last year that 2012 wouldn’t be the last time he voted for himself — Hoyer said, “I think Joe is really thinking hard about running. If Hillary doesn’t run, Joe will run. I don’t know that Joe runs against Hillary, though.”

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If you have spent any time here at this blog at all, you know the amazing dedication Hillary Clinton invested in her position as Secretary of State over four years.  So, to borrow a phrase from Nixon, let me make one thing perfectly clear.  Hillary Clinton is not obliged to do or to say another public thing.  She is not obliged to run in 2016, and neither is she obliged to say whether or not she is running.  She is a private citizen now.

Democrats who insist that she is running, should run, or should say whether or not she will run in 2016 are missing the larger,  looming picture that is 2014.   If they continue to invest all of their energy in pushing for Hillary 2016, they will lose the House in 2014, again, and a lot of  the Democratic agenda is at stake there.

Hillary asked us, on August 26, 2008, whether we were in this for her or for the people she met and told us about that evening as as well as on the trail. At the moment, I told her on my TV set (near tears),  that I was in it for them and therefore I was in it for her.  If the House remains Republican in 2014, all of Hillary’s people – the ones she fights for – lose.  It makes no sense to push for her in 2016 and ignore 2014.  None.

So all the people who had their feathers ruffled by what Steny Hoyer said need to take a pill.  It is not even 2014 yet, and that is where your sights should be aimed.  2016 will roll around soon enough.  Let Hillary have her nap.  Before long you will see her campaigning – for her supporters who are up for election in 2014.


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