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This blog turned nine years old this month. On Sunday, Salon re-published an interview with Hillary Clinton from 10 years ago. It has never been posted here before and makes for some very interesting reading!

Hillary Clinton was interviewed over the telephone by Salon [on June 14, 2007] before she flew to New Hampshire.

The first time I interviewed you was in the governor’s mansion in Little Rock in 1992. So I was tempted to ask: Anything happen in your life since then?

Oh, I don’t know. What’s new with you?

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Three days ago (seems more like a week), when I posted Silent No More!, I explained that it was no longer appropriate to the purpose of this blog to ignore the very serious and well-reasoned calls for Mme. Secretary to mount a primary challenge for the 2012 Democratic nomination for president.  This is the first of the updates.

This article, cross-posted at Salon.com ,  went viral in the news feeds and at the Hillary Clinton Facebook groups yesterday.   Here is some biographical information on the author, Matthew Dickinson.

An Open Letter to Madam Secretary: Run, Hillary, Run!

(Cross-posted at Salon.com)

And really — isn’t it time to elect a qualified woman as president? We are way behind the rest of the world in this regard.

But there’s a more important reason why Hillary should run — one that transcends party, or personal gratification, or payback, or breaking barriers. She should run for the good of the nation. She should run to prevent a rollback of healthcare, to make sure the Bush tax cuts are not renewed, to protect entitlement programs, to make sure Republicans — who are poised to regain the Senate in 2012 — don’t control all three governing institutions through 2016. It’s not about her — it’s about the future of the country.

Madam Secretary, if you are reading this — the president is a good man who happened to be very unlucky in office. He inherited problems of almost unprecedented severity. But this is no time for sentiment to cloud your judgment. You need to do what’s right.

If not now, when? If not you, who? The nation cries out for leadership. Run, Hillary, Run!

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This article by Christopher Sprigman,  a professor at the University of Virginia School of Law,  ran in today’s Chicago Tribune.   Sprigman worked for the Obama campaign in 2008.  Here is his home page.

Hillary for president

I’m not a political expert, so I don’t know if Obama can be re-elected. I only know he shouldn’t be. He has broken with the faith that has sustained Democrats since the 1930s — faith in the power of government to soften inequality, and to provide some measure of security for the old, the poor and the sick.

Hillary, I’m sorry for not listening to you back in 2008. But perhaps you’ll give me another chance. Resign as secretary of state, and run against Obama in 2012. I will work my heart out for you. And I bet that millions of other angry Democrats will be with me.

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One thing is becoming eminently clear.  The meme spun by Obama supporters back in 2007-2008 that Hillary’s supporters lacked education will not be viable this time around should she decide to run.  Buyers’ remorse is rising  in academia.   As it does,  the logo we circulated three summers ago in the run-up to the convention in Denver comes to mind.

Mme. Secretary, we respectfully submit two more powerful arguments for your consideration.  Along with this which just came in by Niall O’Dowd, Irish Central.

How Hillary Clinton might run in 2012 against Obama

by Niall O’Dowd

I was asked on a radio show in Ireland yesterday was there any way I could see Hillary Clinton running for president in 2012.

No, I said, with one small exception.

That is a 1968 scenario where a deeply unpopular president, Lyndon B. Johnson was forced out of the race after a complete outsider, Senator Gene McCarthy,ran him close in the New Hampshire primary, 49 per cent to 42 per cent.

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Oh how the Irish love you! I never dreamed anyone would fill that hole in my heart that Bobby Kennedy left, but you have Mme. Secretary. We would love to see you finally fulfill the agenda you and he share.

You knew I would not end this post without a photo of the lady in question, did you not?   Those of us who have spent the better part of our lives in classrooms do recognize the wisdom exhibited by the voters of the “Clinton Corridor” in the 2008 primaries.   Some of us always have, others are coming around.  As they do, we welcome all and sundry into the tent.

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